Clifford Arbor


Clifford ARborTitle: The Seduction of Raven Peters

Series: Clifford Arbor

Company: Rebel Ink Press

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Harley Banks and Jackson Cole live in Clifford Arbor, a quaint seaside town where couples with three partners are the norm.  The problem is, they’re missing their third. Hoping to find the woman meant only for them, Harley and Jackson embark on a ride of seduction as they try to convince their delectable new resident, Raven Peters, just how good life can be with two men.

Falling in love has never been so tasty and rarely does it happen so quickly. Can anyone say one week-romance? In Clifford Arbor, anything is possible and anything can happen. In fact, one-week in Clifford Arbor can hold a lifetime of promise.



CliffArb2_CoverTitle: Savouring Emily

Series: Clifford Arbor

Company: Rebel Ink Press

Buy and Excerpt links: Amazon (UK) / Amazon (US) / Barnes and Noble


Emily Sampson wants Lawrence Dobson with a passion she can’t explain. One night at a party, she leaves with his friend, Chase Spencer, only to discover the secret of her family and Clifford Arbor. Clifford Arbor has couples where two men are the norm. Scared, Emily spends the night in a motel with Chase and loses her virginity and heart to him.

Five years later Chase has never forgotten the one girl who owns his heart. When she comes home, he intends to keep her with him.

Emily has a secret. On the revelation of her mother and two fathers, she sees an opportunity to fulfill her one true desire. She wants a future with Lawrence and Chase and now she has the chance to get it.


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