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BillionaireProtector-evernightpubishing-JayAher2015-finalimageTitle: Billionaire Protector

Series: Billionaire Bikers MC

Company: Evernight Publishing

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By day they wore business suits, and commanded billion dollar businesses. At night, the suits were gone, and they were in leather.

Ten billionaires, one lethal club with a mission.

Russ is a self-made billionaire. He plays hard, and has helped to form the exclusive Billionaire Bikers MC. They have a mission, to help the victims of trafficking. When one of those missions puts Anna Little in his path, Russ’s life is changed forever.

Anna witnessed her best friend die, and when she discovers the man who saved her is in fact a billionaire, she’s uneasy. She has come from nothing, and believed she is nothing. How can she have a friendship with him?

He’s not a man to lose. Russ will have Anna. He will love and protect her. Now, he just has to prove to her they have a future.

billionaire-beast-Evernightpublishing-JayAheer2016-smallpreviewTitle: Billionaire Beast

Series: BBMC

Release Date: May 3rd

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Richard ‘The Beast’ Bruce has a problem. He can’t get his super-efficient PA off his mind. He doesn’t believe in crossing the line with an employee but he wants her.

            Temperance is intrigued by her boss. Not only is he a successful billionaire, it’s his life as a biker, trying to save victims of human trafficking. Working together late one night, the fire between them burns brighter than ever before, and once it is over, Temperance runs.

            Not used to chasing a woman, Richard is not prepared for the best friend, Jay, who is also in love with her. He will not give up on Temperance without a fight, neither will Jay. With no other choice, Richard comes to a more amicable agreement. He and Jay will share Temperance. She has loved Jay a long time, and she also has feelings for Richard. There’s no way sharing two men would ever be simple, however, both men are determined to show her how good it can be.  

            What will happen when of the MC, tries to destroy them. Can Richard save everyone, and have the two people he has come to care about?

            The club started on a mission, and that is not about to die quickly. He must help make a decision for the club, and for the protection of those he loves.

Billionaire-Hero-evernightpublishing-Sept2017Title: Billionaire Hero

Series: Billionaire Bikers MC

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Expected: Late September


Lewis Cox has devoted his entire life to hunting the girl that was kidnapped by traffickers. Now that she’s safe, he knows there’s no way he can stop. Even though Mandy is safe, and back in his life, he can’t let other women live through what she had.

She’d been raped, beaten, tortured, and left to die. The memory of Lewis had helped her throughout her life. Now that she’s free, Lewis is helping her take her freedom back. Education, free will, everything she had missed out on while she’d been enslaved was now hers. Her life has been tainted. She’s seen and done things no one should ever have to.

Mandy’s life is in danger, and the Billionaire Bikers MC decides the only way to protect her is to keep her out of sight. Alone with Lewis on his island, she doesn’t know if she can keep her feelings locked up.

Could he love a girl that has been through hell? Lewis’s guilt threatens to swallow him whole. He is in love with Mandy, and wants nothing more than to give her the life she deserves.

When the monster from her past comes back, it’s up to Lewis to save her again. Can he be her hero a second time?





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  1. When will the book about Lewis and Mandy be Out? Can’t wait!!
    Ps. I ❤ Russ

    Thank You Sam for the Good Spin in your books!

  2. I’ve just finished reading the first book and going to read the second. Is there hope that their is going to be a third book? Or is it put on hold? While we wait do you recommend any books similar to these?

      1. Hmmm that’s difficult to say I like a verity from romance, paranormal, mafia and bikers kind of books. I like the whole hero type of books.

  3. Hi Sam,

    Could you please let us know when the next book in this series is coming out.

    Thank You

    Amy S

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