Virgin-Lovers-evernightpublishing-JULY2017Title: Virgin Lovers


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When Kelly wakes up in a forest with no recollection with how she got there. She knows she’s been picked to be mated. What she cannot believe is that they have sent her a guy she cannot stand, Drake. The guy who has spent his whole like making her feel like crap, is there alone with her.

Drake has done everything to push Kelly away, and it was the biggest mistake of his life. Even as he was cruel, he wished he could take the words back, but he couldn’t. This time alone means something to him. He has a chance to start over, to prove to Kelly that he’s the guy for her.

He has a secret. The only person Drake has ever wanted was Kelly. He’s a virgin, and so is she.

One year together.

Alone, destined to be mates.

The clock is ticking as these two virgins become lovers.

Can they be more?

The Harder they fallTitle: The Harder they Fall

Series: Soldiers of Wrath

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Weasel never said staying away from Renee, the sister of Vengeance, a fellow Patch of the Soldiers of Wrath MC, would be easy. But he did it because that’s the right thing to do. At least he thought it was.

He didn’t care that the club looked down at her because of some bullshit concerning Vengeance and words that had been said. Weasel didn’t care because he wanted her, and had for a long time.

Now that she was back in town and staying for the unforeseeable future, he didn’t know if he was strong enough to stay away. Especially when he just made a deal with her that would have her moving into his place.

That was a temptation he may never be strong enough to curb … one he didn’t know if he would deny himself.


Renee knew coming to see her brother Vengeance unannounced might not have been the best idea. She’d said horrible things to him, offended the MC by those words, and she also would see Weasel.

The man she’d been secretly in love with.

Not letting her heart fall any harder than it has for Weasel is easier said than done.

Especially when the truth comes out.

Renee needs to figure out if she can handle what’s thrown at her, or if running away is the best option.

stevenTitle: Steven

Series: The Skulls

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The Skulls Family Tree and What has happened so far, Click HERE.


Sally has been adopted by The Skulls since she was fifteen years old. The moment she first saw Steven, a club brother, her crush began. However, for the longest time, she fought it. She knew he was a little embarrassed, and so she kept him at arms-length. After an attack took her leg, it has been a struggle.

Steven was used to women falling at his feet. Once he would relish to see a woman there, any woman. Nearly losing Sally woke him up, and now he can’t imagine life without her. The biggest problem is, she’s Whizz’s adopted daughter. There is an age gap between them. She’s part of The Skulls kids, even though she’s in college, and old enough to make her own decisions.

When Drew, her friend makes his intentions known, Sally knows there’s no competition. It has been Steven. It will always be Steven.

Neither of them can deny their attraction. It’s there, always close to the surface, and Steven can’t take not having her.            How can they be together when everything seems intent on tearing them apart? Can her friend Drew prove that he’s the one for her? Can she break Drew’s heart? What will Sally do when she realizes her past is coming back to haunt her, and that it was Steven that opened the door?

Fucker-next-door-evernightpublishing-AUG2017Title: Fucker Next Door


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Cassie Love cannot stand her next door neighbor. Slade Coal has absolutely no respect for personal boundaries. He’s her next door neighbor, and colleague. He’s also the smoking hot deputy that is so popular in town. All the women love him, but not her. Nope.

Slade has his eye on his sexy, curvy neighbor. She’s so prim and proper that all she does is make him want to dirty her up a little. He’ll just have to settle for teasing her. Slade doesn’t do relationships, or love.

When Slade and Cassie have a do-over, their hatred is turned and they find themselves actually have a lot in common, and so their friendship is born. Without realizing it, Slade helps to heal Cassie’s broken heart, and in doing so, awakens the woman she has kept buried deep.

What happens when their friendship changes and they include a little benefit into the mix. Slade loves to get dirty, and Cassie wants to experience something hot.

From friends with benefits to down the aisle? Is it possible?


This has some steamy scenes, and be warned what can happen with some chocolate and hazelnut spread. This is one sexy deputy who can handle himself.

29 thoughts on “OUT NOW

  1. Saha says:

    Hey I love Alex he is actually the best of all the skulls even tho the treated him badly love it can’t wait for the next one
    You are an amazing writer

    • Hi Gwen,

      Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc, have a longer acceptance period for erotic romance, which is why they take so long. I’m so sorry for the wait. I do check each site daily for my releases to show.


  2. daphnne says:

    When will bully no more be released? I really loved “fat” and can’t wait to know kurt and kim’s story.

  3. Silvana says:

    Is there anyway you can have your books available to buy on Kobo e-reader faster? Your books are never available to purchase when you say they are. 🙁

    • Kobo does take a long time to get the books there. Have you checked out Evernight’s main site? They have different formats that could work for the Kobo. Would you like me to ask which one would work best?

  4. Lyly says:

    Hi! Sam Crescent, I was wonder Is there any book about William and Cara from the Book “She’s Mine ” because it will me really interesting to read about their relationship.
    Thank for your hard work!

  5. Mahi says:

    hi Sam
    I am really interested in a story about Tab and Simon (Devil and Tiny children) and i want to know that do you have any plans on writing their story soon?

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