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He intended to screw the enemy, not fall for her…

Jesse Jenkins is not the kind of man to settle down or follow rules. He does what he likes, and who he likes, whenever he likes. When the President of the Demons MC asks him for a favor, he figures it shouldn’t be too hard at all. Just seduce the rival president’s daughter, get the information they need, and get out.

Piper Rix doesn’t trust men easily and being the Hell’s Charter MC President’s daughter doesn’t help with her trust issues, either. She’s remained a virgin because no man wants a fat woman, and that’s how she sees herself. So when Jesse starts spending time with her, she’s suspicious of his intentions.

When Piper finds out the truth about being used, she’s heartbroken. But Jessie’s never been one to give up. He’s discovered his pretend feelings have become very real and he’s determined to claim the woman he loves for his own.

This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing.

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking


The romance novels she’d been reading were of the erotic variety. His talk didn’t offend her but excited her.

“I know what you’re thinking. I did my research on those books, Piper. You’re a hot woman at heart. You just need the right man to bring out your dirty side.” He stroked her clit, and she shuddered in his arms, unused to being touched by fingers other than her own.

“Jesse,” she said, gasping for breath.

“If you’re scared, tell me to stop. I’d never force you against your will.”

“I don’t want you to stop.”

Once again he spun her to face him.

“Good, because I don’t want to stop. You’re mine now, baby.”

She liked the idea of being owned by him.

“No other man knows your body. Only I want that pleasure, do you understand?”


“Good. Sit down on the sofa.”

Stepping away from him, confused by his order, Piper took a seat on the sofa like he told her.

She stared up the length of him, watching as he tore his shirt off, revealing the many tattoos decorating his body. His arms were covered in different designs, and his body was like a landscape of hell. The designs were perfect, not revolting.

“Why did you get these,” she asked, reaching out to touch his chest. Heat radiated off him, and the electricity from the touch made her gasp.

“I love getting ink. Haven’t you ever thought about it, getting ink on your body?” he asked.

Piper shook her head. Letting anyone see her body was not high on her list of things to do by a certain age.

“We’ll take care of that. I own you now. You’re mine.”

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