New Release: He Wants Her (Curvy Women Wanted)


Sally Bright has worked hard to make her bakery a place for people to enjoy good food. Then out of the blue, Hank Owens decides to come back to town and open up a bakery across the street from her.

Hank is sexier than she remembered, but he’s also the competition. She isn’t going to fall for him, not ever. He has no intention of putting Sally out of business, and what he really wants to do is get her into bed.

She’s drawn to him, and there’s no denying the attraction. It feels right to be in his arms, his bed, and his life. One moment, they’re enemies, the next, they’re in a relationship.

Hank wants a wife, a family, and he wants it all with Sally. Will she be able to handle his proposal?


“I didn’t know what I was expecting.”

He snorted. “Oh, please. I know what people think. I’ve read the papers and stuff online. I know they all know I’m wealthy. Why not go and pick a house with twenty-five bedrooms, six kitchens, and all that. Believe it or not, Sally Bright, I’m a simple man at heart. I don’t want a museum. I wanted a home.”

“You know a lot of women would fall for that line.”

“Not you?”

“Oh, I’m a sucker for it. You sound sexy and like a feeling kind of man.”

He chuckled. “I’m telling you the truth.”

“And I do believe you. I know you don’t have anything to hide or to gain. This is your idea of a family home?” She had to give it to him, it was one hell of a home. It wasn’t small, but it would be perfect to raise a family in, which was what she imagined he was going for.


“And you want a family?”

“Yes. Don’t you?”

“If you want this so much, why don’t you already have a family?”

He popped the lids off the beers and handed one to her. She took it from him and had a couple of sips. It was nice, tangy. She looked toward him, waiting.

“You want to know why?” he asked.


“Money can’t buy everything. Sure, I can get the woman, the kids. I can have it all here, but it would all be fake. I’m not interested in fake. Never have been. I’m interested in real. That’s all I care about.”


“Yes. Real. I’ve yet to meet the right woman who wants to settle down. Have fun. Enjoy life. Kids. That’s what I want.”

“What about your health?”

“The reason I’m here is because of my health. I’ve got to slow down or I’d end up dead. I know you’d love to see that, me being your competition and all, but it’s not going to happen.”

“I don’t want you dead. Don’t say anything like that. Your health is important, far more than any silly competition.”

“Then can you help a sick man?”

She pressed her lips together, trying to contain her words. “What?” She squeezed out.

“Will you fuck this very sick man?”

“You’ve got a dirty mouth on you.”

He sank his fingers into her hair, tilting her head back. She looked up into his eyes, waiting for what he was going to say next.

He ran his thumb across her lip. “Do you have any idea what you do to me?”

“I’ve got a rough idea.”

“You drive me so fucking crazy.”

“Good,” she said.

She cried out as he took possession of her mouth. In the next second, her beer bottle was removed from her grip and he had her standing, kissing her deeply.

His hand left her hair and moved down her body to cup her ass. She moaned and he picked her up, carrying her toward the stairs.

“I’m too heavy,” she said.

“Shut the fuck up.”

“The city certainly didn’t clean up your mouth, did it?”

“No, I’m as dirty as I’ve ever been.”

He kicked open a door and dropped her onto the bed. He followed her straight down. His hands went to her hips, keeping her in place as he ravished her mouth.

She moaned his name, not wanting him to stop.

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New Release: Bred by the MC VP (Breeding Season, 6) – With Stacey Espino


Sable was born into the Hell’s Slaves MC. Her mother and sister are club whores, so her future is already mapped out. But nobody knows her secrets—one of them being her lifelong infatuation with the club’s VP. He’s older, rougher, and would never consider her type for his old lady—but it doesn’t stop her from dreaming.

Dog is second in command and takes his job seriously. Loyalty means everything to him. When it comes to Sable, it’s hard for him to play by the rules. She’s young and sweet with big brown eyes that intoxicate him. When Forge sends her away from the club to gather intel on a local cop, he can’t get her off his mind. He worries about her safety, and even more, about another man’s hands on what he considers his.

Will he disobey his Prez in the name of love or will he keep up his hardened walls and look the other way?


Why did he care? At any point over the years, he could have come to her room at the club and she wouldn’t have refused him. Not Dog. But he didn’t want her, in fact, he barely tolerated her.

But he was here when he shouldn’t be, passionate and jealous. What did it mean? Club men were territorial, in general. He was the only one besides Forge who knew this was all fake, so he probably couldn’t stand the thought of a dirty cop enjoying pussy that belonged to the club.

That was the only explanation.

“It’s a sacrifice Forge is willing to make.”

“Not me,” he said.

He ran the backs of his fingers along her arm. For years, the scent of his cologne drove her wild. It was unique to him, and even now, her body reacted. The stubble on his face was coming in, and she craved to scrape her nails over it.

“Because I’m club property.”

Dog gave a slight shake of his head, not losing eye contact. “You belong to me.”

She breathed in a barely audible gasp.

“I don’t want Hank touching you. Not a fucking finger. If he tries anything, you call me. Understand?”

“Forge wouldn’t approve. That’s not part of the plan.”

“That’s not what I asked you. Do you understand?”

She nodded, not willing to argue with the VP. Since she was a child, the chain of command had been drilled into her, and it was a difficult habit to shake.

His blue eyes had always been one of his dominant features, but the way he stared at her right now unraveled her.

God, she wanted to touch him, to wear his cut, to feel his lips against hers.

“Say it.”

“I’ll call you if the cop tries anything.”

“Good girl.”

She loved when he said that to her in his rough, masculine voice. It made her all kinds of crazy. His gaze roved down her body. She was only wearing an oversized pajama t-shirt. Not the sexiest thing she owned, but it still barely covered her body. She swore he was going to rip it off her body, to force her to the bed and fuck the virginity right out of her.

Instead, he grabbed a handful of her hair in his fist, leaned closer, and took a deep breath. He exhaled on a near growl, a deep gravely sound that made her pussy wet.

“Don’t tell Forge I was here.”


“Keep it between us.”

She didn’t like secrets like this. If the prez found out, she’d be exiled or worse. Even Dog was putting himself at risk. Why? Sable was loyal to the club. It was her home and all she knew. The only reason she’d agreed to this was because Forge requested it, but also because Dog had been pushing her away. She felt it was her only option.

“Why are you doing this? You’re playing a dangerous game.”

“You’re my girl, Sable. You’ve always been mine.”

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New Release: Cocky Billionaire


image0 (2)

Caleb Turner is used to getting everything he wants out of life. When his father gives him an ultimatum, to settle down or lose his place in the company, there is only one person to turn to. His cleaner can pretend to be his girlfriend, he’ll work an engagement and then he’d dump her once he had everything. It’s perfect.

Lauren doesn’t like Caleb. She also hates lying. His proposition is awful, but when he tells her how fragile his father’s health is, she can’t help but try to support him.

Caleb, the cocky, arrogant billionaire is a completely different person when he’s around his family. She can’t hate him.

However, it was supposed to be one weekend as his girlfriend, which suddenly turns into an engagement, and what was more … she kind of slept with him.

Now she has his parents organizing a wedding, living with the billionaire himself, and then of course, her own feelings. She’s falling for him. She wants this marriage to be real.

But what will she do when she realizes the truth? Caleb lied to her. But does he love her? Can she give herself to a man who has been none to toss people aside when he’s done with them?


He hadn’t told her about any kind of fake engagement.



Finishing her water, she kept a smile on her face as she entered the living room once again.

She grabbed Caleb’s hand. “I just need a word with Caleb. Excuse us.”

She was tempted to take him outside, but instead, she opted for the safety of their bedroom. Just when she thought he was a genuine guy and she’d gotten him all wrong, he had to go and prove her mistaken. Engaged?

“What’s going on?” he asked.

She didn’t speak or give him any reason as to why she was dragging him away from his family.

Inside, she was fuming. He’d told his family they were engaged to be married. Freaking engaged, and that was news to her. Big fucking news.

She didn’t like to curse but around Caleb, he seemed to be bringing out the worst of her. Slamming the door closed, she turned on him and glared. “Are you freaking kidding me right now?”

“I have no idea what I’m supposed to have done.”

“Engaged? When were you going to tell me about that little snippet of information, huh?” she asked. “This is supposed to be one weekend. Now we’re engaged?”

“And who the hell told you that?”


“As if you’re going to listen to him.”

“I know you’ve got some serious issue with your sister’s husband and I get it. You’re protective but he got the information from Cassie, who got it from your father. Now tell me why he would think we’re engaged?” She glared at him, waiting for an answer.

“I told him.”


“It was what he wanted to hear.”

“Caleb, these lies, they’re building. They’re escalating. Don’t you see that?”

“I see it, but so what?”

“So what? This is your life. Your family’s life. My life. This was supposed to be one weekend with the occasional visit while I was at your place and now it’s becoming something more. It’s becoming a relationship and they’re going to expect so much more that we can’t give. They’ll want kids and they’ll want a marriage.” All she could see was her life playing out as one big lie, and here she was thinking how nice he was. The cocky asshole had to go and make this even harder for her.

“And you know what, I’ll give it to them. You’re not with anyone else so you can help me.”

“Ugh! You are so frustrating.”

“You think I don’t see what is going on here. You happen to like my family, so what’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is the fact they’re your family. Your loved ones, and one day I may want to find someone for myself. Someone who will love me, and you want the same kind of love as your parents.”

“I don’t believe in it. What they have comes once in a lifetime. You’re pissed at me, I get it, but I’ll give you a good life. I’ll make every single one of your dreams come true. You can hate me all you want but you agreed to this and now I’m not letting you back out.”

“I want to hit you.”

He stepped closer. “Do it.”

They were both panting hard.

She wanted to slap that look right off his face as if he knew he’d won. He hadn’t won. She wasn’t going to marry this man. Right now, she didn’t even like him.

Lauren didn’t know what happened or how she had even fallen, but within the next second, his lips were on hers, her arms were wrapped around his neck, and he had her pressed against the wall.

He took hold of her hands, locking them above her head, holding them in place. His lips trailed a hot path down her neck, sucking on her pulse, driving her wild.

All anger and thoughts left her, so what remained was this overwhelming need to be with him, to feel him inside her.

Need took over.

She hated him and yet, he’d gotten under her skin and she wanted him. This was a big mistake, but she didn’t care. It certainly wasn’t acting. This was real to her. Even angry, she couldn’t help but like him a little bit. Maybe even more than a little bit. He was an asshole but he also owned that part of himself.

She pulled out of his hold and removed his shirt, followed by his pants. He attacked her clothes, tearing them to shreds in his need to get them off.

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