New Release: The Alpha’s Virgin Prize (Mated For Life) co-written Stacey Espino


Mated for Life

Mated for Life, 1

Bethany’s used to being invisible to men … until Caleb walks into her diner.

He’s nothing like the other woodsmen in their small town—he’s solid muscle and has an intensity in his eyes that takes her breath away. And for some reason he believes they’re meant for each other. Who is she to complain?

Caleb nearly gave up on the mating call. After turning forty without a mate, Bethany’s scent takes him by surprise. Now he has to convince a human to believe in werewolves while battling an encroaching bear sleuth with his pack. First he has to brush up on human dating customs, which isn’t easy for a man who’s spent most of his life as a wolf.

Once Caleb claims his woman, the other men in his pack are free to find their own mates. It sounds simple enough, but convincing the curvy waitress he wants her for more than one night proves more difficult than he expected.

Be Warned: anal sex



“Don’t be skittish. I won’t hurt you, Bethany.”


He spoke her name slowly, deliciously. “I don’t know you.”


Although she could envision numerous X-rated scenarios with Caleb, she was completely inexperienced when it came to men and didn’t know where to start. One of her lifelong fears was being dumped and rejected, so guys looking for a one-night stand were not her type. No matter how irresistible. She wouldn’t be able to handle the emotional aftermath.


Caleb raised an eyebrow. “I saved your life. Or don’t you remember?”


She couldn’t help but smile. “Right. How could I forget.”


The entire world faded away, leaving just the two of them, the lone light from the diner and a connection she hoped wasn’t one-sided. He looked into her eyes like she was something special, and she started to believe it. It was a high she’d never experienced. Maybe the whole love-at-first-sight thing wasn’t so farfetched because, right now, she felt like fate had brought them together.


“Let me buy you jewels.”


Bethany snorted then stopped herself when he didn’t laugh along. His shoulders were squared, his jaw strong. The man was serious.


“Is that how men around here flirt?” Maybe it was. This town was so far off the grid, it was nothing like she’d ever experienced.


“Sorry, I meant, let me date you. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since I had you in my arms.”


She wouldn’t waste a chance to date a man like Caleb. He was raw, untapped masculinity. He probably had no clue how beautiful he was. She hated the conceited pretty boys in the city.


“A date?”


“Well, a second date. I considered the coffee you bought me to be the first one.” Now he smirked, a barely-there smirk, but it made her pussy clench. Something devilish swirled in those gray eyes, and she hoped she was making the right decision.


“I can see that.” She bit her bottom lip, impossibly attracted to this man.


“Tell me what you want, and I’ll do it,” he said. “I’m new to dating.”


You’re new to dating?”


“Why is that surprising?”


She shrugged. “Never mind.”


“No, really, please tell me,” he said.


Bethany would probably embarrass herself at some point if they went on a date. Better for him to see what he was getting into before they made plans. “Well, you’re like a nine and I’m more like a three.”


He narrowed his eyes. “A nine and a three…”


She waited for him to say something, preferably to make her feel better. It seemed to take forever until he spoke again.


“Sorry, I’ve got nothing. Is it a riddle?”


She couldn’t help but giggle, trying her best not to let it out. This town was something else. It was refreshing to be around a down-to-earth man not tainted by the world.


“I mean you’re a nine out of ten, and I’m a three out of ten. You could do a lot better, so I can’t help but feel suspicious.”


“In that case, you’re a ten out of ten, Bethany. I’ve never seen a woman more beautiful or desirable in my forty years. I’ll do everything in my power to make this work.”


Her breath caught. She’d been good at gauging fake people in her life, and he sounded sincere. Should she mention the huge age gap? She wouldn’t offer that she was only twenty-five just yet.

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New Release: Slave Girl


Raphael Giavanni fucked up, stealing a slave girl from his father. If he finds out, they’ll both be killed. Despite the high risks, Raphael will keep her and do everything in his power to take care of her, even it means going to war with his father.

Born into nothing, she’s to be used at the whims of her master. However, Raphael is different. He doesn’t cause pain, and for the first time in her life, she feels safe. He even names her—Elenore.

She is the only woman he’s ever wanted, but the longer he keeps her, the higher the chances his father will find her. Their survival isn’t guaranteed, but she won’t hesitate to sacrifice everything for him.

When Elenore is taken, it’s time for the Family to have a new boss.



“Elenore, you don’t know what you’re saying.”

“I do. I want you to fuck me.”

He pulled away but she grabbed his hand and placed it between her thighs.

“I’m not stupid. I know what I ask. If … if one day you don’t come home and I’m found, I’d at least like to have this choice of who takes me.”

“Elenore, you won’t be taken.”

“Look what happened yesterday. Your father isn’t a good man. You’re precious to him, but he always told me he could father other children.”

“I know,” he said.

“If he ever doubts your loyalty, you’ll die. Please, Raphael. All of my life I’ve had choices taken from me. I can’t read or write, or know the time. I’m nothing. I’m no one, but right now, I would love nothing more than to be your Elenore.”

“You are my Elenore.”

“Then please, show me how good it can be. How it doesn’t always have to hurt.”

He should climb out of bed as if nothing happened. As if she didn’t look at him with those big, brown eyes, and beg him sweetly to be more, to have more.

Instead, he pulled the blanket away from her body. “If I do anything you don’t like, you’ll tell me to stop.”

“You’re not going to do anything wrong. I know it.”

He eased her shirt up over her head. She lifted her arms and he tossed it aside, running his hands up her body. She had nice, big tits, a small waist, and thick hips. He caressed down her body, cupping those hips, feeling them in his palm, more than a handful but something to hold on to.

He’d be a liar if he didn’t admit to wanting this woman. He did. She was like an addiction he couldn’t get rid of. All he wanted was to drown in every single part of her.

He moved between her spread legs, tugging down the pants that molded to her hips. He pulled them off her in one easy stroke and spread her open. She didn’t wear any underwear. He still needed to go shopping for her.

Her legs were flat to the bed and he lifted them up so he could put his hands on her knees and spread them open. Her pussy looked slick already.

Slowly, he stroked her knees then glided down, going to her pussy but not touching her. He stroked over her fine hairs before pulling back.

He wasn’t going to fuck her this morning. He was going to show her something else.

Kissing her knee, he followed the path between her thighs, hovering over her pussy.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m going to taste you.”

“Men don’t do that.”

“No, men like my father don’t do that, but I’m not my father. You’re going to have to trust me. Do you?”

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New Release: The Bully’s Nanny (The Nannies)

The Bully’s Nanny

When his wife leaves him with a four-year-old, Drew Gold doesn’t know how to cope. His home’s a mess, he sleeps when his kid does, and he hasn’t been working. His brother suggests a live-in nanny.

The person to answer his call? Callie Stewart, a girl from his past. The one he used to bully, and now she’s here offering him salvation. She should walk away from him, but she’s not cruel. Taking care of his kid will be a breeze, but will she be able to handle living with her bully?

Drew likes her curves, her smile, her laugh. He doesn’t know how he failed to notice her before, but there’s no doubt he wants her. When an argument between them escalates, the fire burns brighter than ever. One touch is all it takes for both of them to get burned.

Everything Callie thought she knew about Drew comes crashing down around her when his wife comes back to town. Now Callie needs to fight more than ever for the love of her man. He should stand up and fight, but will he realize he’s not in this alone?



After closing the door, she picked up a couple of Meghan’s toys and took them upstairs to her room.

Drew wasn’t home. Callum had let her know he’d been dealing with a couple of last-minute problems and would be home as soon as he finished. She hoped he didn’t return until after she’d gone to bed. This was their first time alone. She wasn’t afraid of him or anything. Just nervous.

The tension between them had been mounting.

She didn’t know if she was going crazy imagining something that wasn’t really there, or the only one to feel it. Drew never made any inappropriate moves or said anything to give her cause for concern.

She walked back downstairs and paused as the door opened. Drew entered as she came to the bottom.

“Callum already came to pick up Meghan.”

“I bet she was excited,” he said.

“Yep. She packed two bags to go for an overnight stay.” She laughed. No matter what she tried to say to Meghan about it being one night, the young girl knew her own mind and what she wanted. Who was she to refuse? “How are you?” she asked.

“It has been a long day. I need something to eat.”

“I’ll go and serve you up.”

“Actually, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Okay.” She walked into the kitchen and pulled out the pasta casserole she’d been keeping warm. It was only a small casserole and she’d eaten her portion.

“I don’t want you taking Meghan to the park anymore.”

Of all the statements he could make, that hadn’t been the one she’d been expecting.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. I don’t want her there. It’s not safe.”

She paused in serving him up. “How is it not safe? I was there.”

“And clearly you weren’t keeping an eye on her if you allowed a boy to bully her.”

“The boy didn’t bully her. Meghan got up and she came over to me. I was going to talk to the boy’s parent, but she asked me not to.”

“And you take your orders from a four-year-old?”

“Yes, I’m a nanny.”

“Wrong. I’m your boss. You take your orders from me. You will not take my daughter to the park anymore. There’s no way I will allow her to be bullied.”

She couldn’t help it, she burst out laughing. “Seriously, you’re going to get defensive because your daughter encountered a bully? Do you even know what she did to retaliate?”

“I don’t care.”

“Well, tough, because seeing as I’m still dealing with a type of bully right now, I’ll tell you. She walked right up to that boy, and she climbed the ropes, proving to him that he couldn’t push her down. He could tell her she couldn’t do anything, but with her head held high, she proved to him that she damn well could. You don’t have to back down from bullies, nor do you hide from them. You prove what they say and what they do mean nothing to you.”

“Is that what you’re trying to tell me now? Huh, I mean nothing to you?”

“What’s it like, Drew? One day you’re going to have to realize there are going to be guys just like you, only this time, your daughter could be the target. How does that feel?” Callie asked.

He stepped around the counter, advancing toward her.

She took a step back until she hit the wall, hindering her escape. What was she doing? This wasn’t professional. This was her past clouding her judgment. Pissing her off. She shouldn’t even be allowing it to get in the way, but she was.

She hated it. Fuck.

Drew slammed his arms down on either side of her head. “And what if my girl is the next Tilly, and it’s someone like you that she picks on? What then?”

“You’re an asshole.”

“Yeah, well, let me keep up with the tradition.” Before she knew what the hell was going on, his fingers were in her hair, he pulled the strands back, and his lips were on hers.


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