Cover Reveal: The Love of My Bully

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I’ve got a very sexy cover reveal coming to you now, oh yeah, coming your way and available wide (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc) on March 17th, a full length novel, The Love of My Bully. 🙂 I’m so excited about this. I will be keeping an eye out for pre-orders. What do you think to the cover?


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Here is the unedited/ not finalized blurb: 

The moment Prudence and Drake meet, it is only hatred. She only knows cruelty at the hands of the boy she doesn’t even know. For years it fuels, but rather than quiver or shy away, she stands up and fights. Drake will never get her to bow down.

Drake can’t stand the woman who has come into his town, and who doesn’t care about his wealth and position. No one can touch him. He owns the town and he will own Prudence, or trash as he thinks of her.

The fire burns so bright.

Their hatred for one another fuels a passion neither can deny.

He hates her, she despises him, but there’s no stopping their need.

She should walk away but the moment his lips touch hers, she’s trapped. There is no stopping it.

However, they are both from different worlds and there is no way they can come together. Never to love, never to fight, never to be as one.

But Drake is not the kind of man to lose the woman he loves. He didn’t want to love Pru, but he does, and now there’s no stopping it.

He will fight for her, for their future, even if it means losing everything he thought had value.

There is only one value and that is owning Pru’s heart.

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Did you enjoy To Awaken a Monster? If so, I’ll be showing off the full cover for Taken by a Monster. 🙂


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Love is not easy. It’s hard, painful, and this is how ours started, but it’s certainly not how it’s going to end.

For Preacher, taking care of his club is all he’s known. He fought for his position, and he’ll keep it at all costs. He may be a shit father to his son, Bishop, but he doesn’t need to be a father to run the club.

Robin is the daughter of the VP. She knows her place within the club is closely tied to Preacher’s son. They’ve been best friends forever, but she doesn’t want a future with Bishop. She doesn’t know what she does want, though.

When one of the club women is determined to ruin her life, Robin doesn’t see it coming. Now she’s pregnant, and the father—she doesn’t know how to tell him, because the truth could ruin the entire club.

When Preacher learns the truth of what happened, he has to handle it, even with a cop breathing down his neck, waiting for the perfect moment to take him out.

But nothing goes according to plan. Not with the pregnancy, not with Robin. He doesn’t believe in love, but Robin has awakened something within him, and he can’t stop it. He wants it, even if … love is never easy.