Evernight Publishing Celebrating Nine Years!

Hi Everyone,   Just a quick post to say that I’ve got a little giveaway in celebration of Evernight Publishing’s nine year mark. I’ve been with them for seven of those years and absolutely love them. Head on over to the link below for details on how to enter. https://evernightpublishing.blogspot.com/2019/10/surprise-box-giveaway-author-post-by.html Thank you all so much.Continue reading “Evernight Publishing Celebrating Nine Years!”

New Release: Asshole Husband

Five years ago, Wolfe Montgomery made a mistake. His young wife learned the truth of how he’d lied and manipulated her to get what he wanted. She left him—and he didn’t chase after her. Now she is back, demanding a divorce. Gone is his sweet, placid wife, and in her place is a woman fightingContinue reading “New Release: Asshole Husband”