Pretty Covers

Hi Everyone,

First, I want to say a big thank you to all those that took a chance on Twisted in Chains. The feedback has been incredible and to know you enjoyed the story, means the world to me. It was dark, twisted, and completely different from my other books, but a story I really needed to write.

Moving on, I’ve got a couple of brand new releases and their covers are just amazing.

Chasing Bunny

Coming April 21st


It shouldn’t have been as complicated as it was.

Stay away from his employee, the one woman he wanted more than anything else.


But Brice had wanted Bunny for the past two years. He’d watched her … craved her. And despite the fact he was used to getting what he wanted, the one thing he desired but couldn’t have was her.

But two years was a long time to wait for the one thing you desperately needed in life. And Brice was done waiting.

He was ready to finally make Bunny his, even if that meant chasing her until she realized they belonged together.

Falling for the Bully

Series: Falling in love

Expected release: April 24th


Max Carter was an asshole as a teenager. He did stupid things and one of them was hurting Aria Smith. As a grown man, he has to own up to his mistakes, and now he has to prove to her, he’s changed. When he discovers she’s going on a date with some stranger, jealousy fills him. She’s too young and sweet to take care of herself.

            Aria’s first mistake was getting drunk. Her second one was not deleting her internet history. Her third mistake, agreeing to use Max for all her sexy desires. He’s an asshole. One she’s been determined to avoid. But it’s the little things. How he walks her to work and back home every single day. The touches as he’s near. Aria is not invisible to him, at least not anymore.

            He sees her.

            It was only supposed to be a bit of fun. Their friends were never supposed to find out. However, they can’t hide their feelings for one another, at least Max can’t. For him, it’s not about fucking, he’s in love with her. Only now, he’s got to make her fall for him.

            The only problem? He may have gotten her pregnant as they had a little malfunction with one condom, which he didn’t tell her about.

            He can only hope Aria will forgive him, because he wants nothing more than to dedicate his life to her and her alone.

            This single man is ready to settle down and become a husband and a father but will his woman give him the time of day?

            This is the concluding part in the Falling in love series.