Twisted In Chains Cover Reveal

Hey Everyone,

I’ve got a brand new cover reveal for you today, and this is for a completely different story from me. This is what I’ve referred to as my mindfuck book. I’ve done super dark, twisty, and angsty. This is a complete standalone, over 90,000 words and 300 + pages.

I totally loved writing this story, and I really hope you guys fall in love with Skye and Noah just as I did.

Old prison rusted metal bars cell lock with dark and bright in the jail

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Warning: this is the mindfuck book and is not like my other books.


Skye and Noah have been taken. They’re trapped and at the mercy of strangers. To survive they must count on each other—only, they’re not friends. They are worlds apart, but they must do whatever it takes to survive their new, brutal world.

Noah is not used to being at anyone’s mercy. He’s always been strong. Something is wrong, though, and he can’t fight his way out of the shithole he’s been forced into. The men who have him know he’s weak, and when they make him hurt Skye, he has no choice but to do their bidding, or she will face even worse at their hands.

They have only one chance at escape, but the instant they taste freedom, both know their lives will never be the same again. They were chained up, abused, humiliated, and they know people paid for the privilege to see them. How can they move on from this?

Is there any way for them to have a normal life? They’re twisted. They’re fucked up.

And there’s no one else they can turn to but each other.

**This is a dark book with many triggers.

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