As Look Would Have It Cover Reveal

It’s Cover Reveal day. 

Jenika Snow and I have some sexy hotness heading your way on March 18th! 

As look would have it.When Felicity is nearly run over, it’s Hawk that’s there to catch her before she falls…literally.

He’s strong, handsome, and smart, and gives back to the community. Hawk’s everything a woman would want, but he’s also her competition.

They come from two rivaling companies so that should mean there’s no way they can be together. But it seemed fate had other plans.

Because as luck would have it, once Hawk has her, he’s not letting her go.

*official blurb to come.

Facebook Disabled My Account

Hi Everyone,

So, I’ve let Jenika and Stacey know that my account has been disabled, and I figured to let others know that maybe doesn’t have Facebook or if you do and can no longer get into my group, I’ll drop a quick post here.

Someone reported my account as trying to be someone else (I was sleeping), during that process, my account was disabled.

Until further notice, I will have to give all updates here until I can get my account back.

Thank you.