New Release: Virgin For Sale (Yummy Virgins)

Yummy Virgins, 1 Faye I needed the money. My sister’s medical bills were mounting, and I needed lots of money—fast. The only thing I had was my virginity, and I knew just the place to sell it. I never expected to have the night of my life, but that’s what I did. I don’t knowContinue reading “New Release: Virgin For Sale (Yummy Virgins)”

New Release: El Diablo (Killer of Kings)

Killer of Kings, 6 Is the devil capable of love? Xavier doesn’t do trust. He breaks. He kills. After living through hell, he’s transformed himself into El Diablo, the baddest motherfucker around. His only weakness is the sister he lost as a child—the one Boss promises to help him locate. The only catch is heContinue reading “New Release: El Diablo (Killer of Kings)”

New Release: Street King (Full-Length)

I own this city. It belongs to me. The only thing I want is Hannah Ray. She’s my ray of sunshine. I don’t deserve her. I’ll take her. Keep her. Because that’s the kind of monster I am. West Gallo is not a good man. Having risen up from the gutter, he is undefeated andContinue reading “New Release: Street King (Full-Length)”