Update And Cover Reveal

Hi Everyone,

We’re nearly at the end of July and it has been some time since I posted. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my writing and editing cave as these longer books take me on some very exciting and new journey’s. I’ve got another full Length coming soon, Four Kings Empire: Axton. I’m so excited about this one as it is a lot different to some of the stories I’ve already wrote. More will come on that shortly.

I’m currently writing about a very super, sexy, stalker hero. I couldn’t find a book that I was looking for so rather than be disappointed, I’ve got to writing my own. I’m in the need of some really strong alphas that can fall for their woman. 🙂

On the MC front. I’m doing something scary and out of my comfort zone, I’ve started a group on Facebook that is devoted to my MC books (series + standalones). Over the years I’ve had readers ask for me to do a group devoted to my own MC and I finally did it. I’m terrified but I’ll see how it goes.

Just a note. Since all the GDPR stuff, I’ve been scared to post, it freaked me out that much. I promise you, this won’t just be a place to cover or New release dump. I’ll start sharing more recipes and goodies soon.

Right, what’s actually happening next?

I’ve got a new Shifter book coming, July 27th.

Bullied by the Alpha


Abused and expelled from her pack from being fat, Cassie has to find a new alpha, one that is willing to take her with her flaws. She has heard of an alpha with a bad temper surrounded by myths. He was expelled from his own pack and created his own in some mysterious way. She must now rely on him to accept her.

Abel has never been able to submit to another alpha. With no other choice, he was removed from his own pack, and formed his own. Every single person he takes has some flaw that has been rejected by others. He doesn’t see flaws, just beauty.

When he first sees Cassie, he knows he wants her. He sees the darkness inside her. She has a strength that terrifies her, and he has no choice but to use every single means possible to make her crack.

Only by pushing her is he able to get under her skin and to unleash the power that Cassie holds. Now that he knows what he’s dealing with, Abel is determined to help her control her strength, and to also accept it.

Working closely with the curvy woman, Abel’s needs come flooding him once again. He’s the alpha, meant to be strong. No woman has ever been able to handle him. Has he found that woman in Cassie?

Can she handle his brand of control? His need to protect?

This contains anal play and anal sex.