New Release: Claiming His Prize (Killer of Kings) Co-Written with Stacey Espino

Product Description Killer of Kings, 5 He never planned to take her… There was something about the waitress with the black eye. She made him remember where he came from, and he knew he couldn’t stand back and do nothing. Chains kidnapped her, locked her away for her own damn good. He killed the bastardContinue reading “New Release: Claiming His Prize (Killer of Kings) Co-Written with Stacey Espino”

New Release: Convict (Curvy Women Wanted)

Product Description Curvy Women Wanted, 10 Ryker’s escaped prison to prove his innocence, but before he can do that, he needs a safe place to hide. When a curvy woman makes her way toward her car in a secluded section of a parking lot, he sees the perfect opportunity. Holding her at gunpoint, he forcesContinue reading “New Release: Convict (Curvy Women Wanted)”

New Release: Daddy’s Boss

Product Description Lori Kinsley is tired of trying to save her father. He gets into one mess after another, and it’s only because she promised her dying mother that she’d keep an eye on him that Lori helps him. He’s now stolen from one of the most dangerous men in the city, Dawg Hampshire, andContinue reading “New Release: Daddy’s Boss”

New Release: Falling for the Jerk (Falling in Love)

Product Description Falling in Love, 2 Dale and Molly have a rough history. They dated in high school, and when Molly turned up pregnant, everyone rejected her. What the town of Winters Fall doesn’t know is Dale’s the father of both of her children.  Dale keeps trying to do the right thing, but at everyContinue reading “New Release: Falling for the Jerk (Falling in Love)”