Goodbye 2017

Hi everyone,

First, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for me in the Evernight Publishing’s Readers choice awards.

I won,  Favorite Evernight author, Book of the year (Broken Bastard, co-written with Stacey Espino), Best BBW/ Rubenesque with The Nanny and the Playboy, and Dark romance with the Lawless Anthology.

2017 winner

I have talked a great deal about 2017 on Facebook, and how I’ve struggled a great deal this year with self-doubt and insecurity, and I made a vow to cut out all negativity, so I’m not going to dwell on that here. I want to say a big thank you to all of my readers for an amazing year.

So, what does 2018 have in store? It has a lot actually lol. I’m going for positivity, which means all this year it will be brand new releases. I’ve shelved all of my old books where the rights have been reverted back to me, and that is how it’s going to stay for some time. I feel too much time was spent on old releases this past year, and that’s not going to happen again.

What to expect? More Skulls. I want to write Tabitha and Simon’s story, and so my main focus will be that series. I will be working on many more books as I do need a break in between series books just to help me focus more.

More MC, more sexy alphas, more older heroes, and strong heroines, sexy neighbors, lawless men, deadly men, and pretty much whatever takes my fancy. I love to write, so just expect the unexpected lol. I will have my curvy women because that is totally my thing ;-). If you follow me on Facebook, expect more food pictures as well as I intend to be more adventurous in the kitchen. Would you like to see any of my food pictures here?

Wishing you all an amazing 2018, and I hope you’ll join me in the coming year.

Here is the first book of 2018, releasing January 9th.

Dirty-Mechanic-evernightpublishing-DEC2017-ADirty Mechanic (Hard and Ready)

Tyler Hard has wanted Eliza for a long time. But taking over his father’s business, building his home, and most of all not knowing what she wanted, meant he never acted on his feelings for her. When she accidentally leaves her diary after dropping her car off to be repaired, he has no intention of reading it—but the temptation is too much, and now at last he has the key to her desires.

Eliza has always had a crush on the town mechanic. He’d been the star guy in high school, and featured in all of her fantasies. She was the frumpy librarian. There was no way any guy would ever fall for her…

The moment Tyler touches her, Eliza can’t deny the attraction that sizzles between them. After years of yearning for him, he’s in her bed, and showing her all kinds of dirty things that she has only imagined. Each day she falls in love with him a little more.

But what will happen when she discovers the diary that he’s been reading? Can she trust him again? Was their romance ever real?

Love you all.