New Release: Their Juicy Woman

Product Description Casey, Parker, and Shawn Smith have grown up in a family with two fathers. They’ve never really fitted in, but they didn’t care to either. Owning a ranch, they don’t have time to mess around, so when they decide on a woman, she is the only one who matters. When her mother diesContinue reading “New Release: Their Juicy Woman”

New Release: The Biker’s Desire (Curvy Women Wanted)

Product Description Curvy Women Wanted, 6 Rock has watched Adele Sparks for some time now. She’s a cleaner, and there’s not one thing he doesn’t know about her. Anyone who comes to his clubhouse, he has checked out, and she’s squeaky clean. Adele’s not like any woman he’s ever known. She doesn’t try to flirtContinue reading “New Release: The Biker’s Desire (Curvy Women Wanted)”

Giving it to the Man-Whore (Saints and Sinners MC)

Product Description Saints and Sinners MC, 5 For a long time, Melissa and Pea enjoyed the pleasures of an open relationship. They have found a life that brings them together. They are friends, lovers, along with being husband and wife, and now they’ve agreed to be faithful!  Mel is pregnant. Her relationship with Pea is inContinue reading “Giving it to the Man-Whore (Saints and Sinners MC)”