New Release: Virgin Lovers

Virgin Lovers


Product Description

When Kelly wakes up in a forest with no recollection of how she got there, she knows she’s been picked by the pack elders to be mated. What she can’t believe is that they’ve assigned her a guy she can’t stand. Drake. The one guy who has spent his whole life making her feel like crap is there alone with her. 

Drake has done everything to push Kelly away, and it was the biggest mistake of his life. He realizes that now, and this time alone means something to him. He has a chance to start over, to prove to Kelly that he’s the guy for her. Drake has a secret: the only person he’s ever wanted is Kelly. He’s a virgin—and so is she. 

One year together. Alone, destined to be mates. The clock is ticking as these two virgins become lovers, but can they be more? Is there more than a physical connection between them? Or is that all they can ever have?




Drake was trying to focus on the book in his hand, but he was distracted. The island where they were had a nice little free flowing waterfall. He wore a pair of swimming boxers, and the costume that Kelly was wearing kept distracting him.

They had been alone now for one week. One week of walking through the forest together, playing the odd board game they had found, watching some movies, and then of course eating dinner, sleeping together.

Those rare moments in the late hours of the night were his favorite. Kelly always fell asleep before he did, and as such, he got the chance to watch her sleep, and to be himself. He’d reach out and stroke the hair from her face, and just bask in the time she wasn’t cursing at him. She had every right to. He’d been a horrible bastard to her.

She didn’t snore, and she looked so peaceful in sleep.

“What are you doing?” he asked, seeing Kelly on one of the rocks that was protruding out of the water.

“Playing around. Jumping from rock to rock.”

“You know you’re going to hurt yourself. It’s not fucking funny.”

“It is. I think it’s hilarious,” she said.

His heart jumped as she did. Her arms went straight out, balancing.

“You’ve got to stop that!”

“It’s fine. I’m not going to hurt myself, see.” She jumped again, and this time any reading he intended to do was done. He ran into the water, and stood in front of her, holding his hands up to stop her from making the next jump.

“Move out of the way,” she said.

“Hell no. I don’t know if we can have medical assistance here, and seeing as we can only heal during a change into wolf form, I’m not willing to risk you trying to tear my heart out.”

“I’m not going to hurt you, and I’m fine.”

“I mean it, Kelly. I won’t let you risk your life like that.”

She rolled her eyes and folded her arms. “Are you for real right now? You’re going to be a buzz kill.”

Climbing onto the stone, Drake stared at her. “I’m right here. You want a buzz, let’s have a buzz. You’ve got five seconds’ head start or I’m coming for you, and when I do, I’m going to kiss that smart mouth.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Try me. I would dare, and I will be running. One!”

“This is not even funny. You’ve been reading your damn book!”


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Something A Bit Different

Hi Everyone,

How are you all? I’m really busy right now. I’m currently finishing up edits for Steven (The Skulls). If you follow me on Facebook, then you’ll have seen the tears that I already posted about him. It’s getting so close to the next generation of Skulls. I don’t know if I’m ready to let them go. I know I will, and I know Simon and Tabitha will only wait so long. My muse is working me hard. I’ve finished up Mel and Pea’s story from Saints and Sinners MC. Yep, that was an interesting story, but I have to say, Pea has taken the place of favorite hero from the series.

I’m also working on a MFMM story. Why have one alpha male when you can have three? I sometimes get greedy with all of this, and I just have to have more than one hero. It needs to be done lol.

So, the something different? It’s a story about two virgins becoming lovers! I know this is totally new and different. I couldn’t stop thinking about these two, and they even invaded my dreams. There was nothing I could do to stop it. Anyway, it’s available for pre-order now at Amazon, and here is the sexy cover.


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Virgin Lovers

When Kelly wakes up in a forest with no recollection with how she got there. She knows she’s been picked to be mated. What she cannot believe is that they have sent her a guy she cannot stand, Drake. The guy who has spent his whole like making her feel like crap, is there alone with her.

Drake has done everything to push Kelly away, and it was the biggest mistake of his life. Even as he was cruel, he wished he could take the words back, but he couldn’t. This time alone means something to him. He has a chance to start over, to prove to Kelly that he’s the guy for her.

He has a secret. The only person Drake has ever wanted was Kelly. He’s a virgin, and so is she.

One year together.

Alone, destined to be mates.

The clock is ticking as these two virgins become lovers.

Can they be more?

New Release: Chubby Chaser

Chubby Chaser (Standalone)


Product Description

The first time Cole saw Elena was at the tender age of eight. He knew then that she was the love of his life. Cole was always looking out for Elena, and with his obsession came the name that he was teased with, “Chubby Chaser”. It seems like everything is fighting against him, but when Elena loses her job at the library, Cole sees his chance to hire her—and finally make her his. 

Cole was the popular guy in school, and now he’s the real handyman who owns the local DIY story. Elena is accident prone, but at least she gets to have sneak peeks at her hot boss. 

Elena doesn’t expect Cole to ask her out on a date, but when he does, that date goes from bad, to worse, to the best pleasure she’s ever known. Finding out that Cole was called a chubby chaser is hard for Elena, and all her old insecurities come back.

But now that Cole has her, he’s not letting go. He just has to show her he means it.

Be Warned: anal sex



“I think you’re beautiful.”

Elena loved his words more than she thought possible. After Tiffany, she felt ugly, like she shouldn’t be on this date with him. The problem now was the fact he was still her boss.

“This is crossing a line, don’t you think? You think I’m beautiful, and you’re my boss.”

“Bosses have eyes as well. We’re not blind. I said you’re beautiful, and I mean it.” He leaned in close, and kissed her lips once again. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.”

“This is so weird,” she said.

He chuckled. “Tell me about it. I had this great romance planned out. I was going to take you out dancing tonight, show you my moves. Then more dates were to follow.”

“More dates? This isn’t a one time thing?”

“No. It’s not.” The hand on her hip moved up, and he sank his hand into her hair, and she couldn’t look away, nor did she want to. She wanted his kiss once again. “Tell me, Elena, do you want me to stop?”

She shook her head. “No.”

“Good, because I don’t want to.”

Chubby Chaser. That was his name in high school. Whenever he was around, she’d always looked toward him, and he’d always been staring at her. Was she the reason he was called that? Tiffany had said as much. Cole didn’t seem to mind though. Elena didn’t like it, as it was just another way of calling her fat, and now she didn’t want to even think about it. Would being a bigger girl follow her everywhere? Big, fat, chubby, large, pie-face—they were all things she’d been called.

No! She wasn’t going to dwell on those names. They were not important to her. Not now, not ever.

Even as she thought it, she knew she was lying to herself. Those words would haunt her for the rest of her life. But for tonight, she was going to try to not think about them again.

They danced, and Elena couldn’t get rid that stomach twisting feeling. “I need some air,” she said, pulling away from him.

She didn’t wait around, or stop. Instead, she kept on going, leaving the bar, and moving as far away from anyone as was possible. Rounding the building, she was near the trash bins, but the noise was slightly less. Leaning against the wall, she released several breaths and closed her eyes. This was not what she expected. She hated how Tiffany could get into her head, and make her feel things that she had longed to forget.

“Did I scare you?” Cole asked, and she opened her eyes to find him standing, watching her.

“No. You didn’t.”

“You’re looking a little out of it.”

“I want to go home.”

“Is it too hard for you to think that I wanted you here just because I did? This wasn’t for anyone else but for myself. Tiffany’s a fucking bitch. Always has been. Don’t let what she said affect this, hurt us.” He stepped toward her, so close that it was next to impossible to look away. Cole trapped her between his hard body and the wall, his arms resting on either side of her head. “Look at me, Elena.”

She did. “Why were you called that?”

“You know why I was.” He reached out to stroke a curl from her face. “Because no matter what, I was always enthralled by you. They saw that I wanted you, but I kept my distance. That is what I’ve always done. I’ve always kept my distance.”

“You’ve never said anything.”

“There was never a right time to say something, Elena. You were behind me in school. Then there was college, and then you were dating, or I was dating.”

“I had no idea you even looked at me,” she said.

“Always. I’ll always look at you.”

“Did you hate me?”

“How could I hate you?” he asked.

“For being called that name?” Shaking her head, she tried to leave, but he wouldn’t let her. “No. I’m not even going to think about this. I thought I was the bigger person, but it hurts.”

This wasn’t just about him being called chubby chaser. This was about her, and what she’d been called just because she had a little more weight than everyone else.

Cole cupped her face, and slammed his lips against hers. He moved forward, kicking her legs open, and moving so that his cock was pressed against her pussy. The way he moved, the command of his body, had her aching for more. One of his hands left her face, and he cupped her thigh, drawing her leg up. The dress stopped her from lifting her thigh too high, and Cole growled in frustration as he moved down, shoving her dress up until it was at her waist. She was neither fighting nor helping. In fact, she was in a little shock, and incredibly aroused at how he was acting. She wanted him to, and there was no fight from her. The last thing she wanted to do was fight.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to do this?” he asked, breaking the kiss, and moving down to her neck. 

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New Release: Charming Asshole (Killer of Kings) co-written with Stacey Espino

Charming Asshole (Killer of Kings) co-written with Stacey Espino


Killer of Kings, 3

He’s a killer. She’s raising his son. He’s coming back for both of them.

June’s used to living life in survival mode. With no family support or husband, it’s been up to her to raise her ten-year-old son on her own. It’s not easy, especially when she has a living reminder of the only man she ever loved. But that asshole walked out on her without warning, leaving her brokenhearted and pregnant. When he reappears back into her life a decade later, she’s no longer a naive young girl, and not ready to throw herself into his arms—no matter how tempting that might be.

Killian’s biggest regret in life is falling in love on the job. It wasn’t supposed to happen, and the only honorable thing he could do was walk away. Everything he’d told June was a lie, and she deserved better than a hitman for hire. When they cross paths years later, he’s blindsided when he discovers he’s a father. It’s a challenge to earn June’s love and trust after the lies and disappearing act, but he’s not letting her go this time. He’ll prove to her in more ways than one that she’s his woman. When an unknown threat puts a hit out on Killian’s new family, the Irish assassin is ready to send them all to hell in the name of love.



When the bed dipped beside June, she jumped out, gasping. She held her hands into fists, ready to hurt anyone who came near her.
“It’s me, baby. It’s me,” Killian said.
“Yes. It’s me. There’s no one else around. It’s just me.”
“Thank God!” She jumped on the bed, and threw her arms around his neck. “I thought you were dead. I thought that something bad had happened to you because I didn’t get to go to Boss.”
The moment he touched her, she moaned in a good way. Ten years without his touch, and she was desperate to feel his hands on her.
“Nothing can happen to you,” she said. “Do you hear me? Nothing.”
“I won’t let anything happen to me, baby. I promise. I love you so much.” He breathed her in, and she closed her eyes.
“Does Bain know you’re here?”
“Yeah, he nearly shot one of my nuts off. He’s so damn bad at times.”
“Don’t try to make a joke. I can’t handle a joke right now.”
“Hey.” He cupped her chin. “Everything is going to be okay. I promise.” He pressed a kiss to her lips, and she felt like she was drowning. Her pussy was on fire, and she craved his touch more than her next breath.
When she made to push him to the bed, Killian took control, and pressed her against the mattress. He moved between her thighs, and she gasped. His cock was hard as he thrust it against her core.
“I just wanted to hold you.”
“I want you to make love to me, Killian. Please.” She tugged on his shirt, and as he began to take clothes off her body, she did the same with him, needing his bare skin next to hers.
When they were both naked, Killian kissed her once again, only this time he didn’t linger on her lips. He kissed to her neck, then to breasts, sucking one nipple and then the other. She arched up as the sensation of his lips on her tits went straight to her clit.
“Your body is fucking beautiful, baby. So beautiful.”
Down his lips went, stroking over her stomach before going to her mound. He held her legs spread, and then his tongue slid between her slit. He stroked her clit, gliding down to plunge inside her.
He held the lips of her pussy open, and when she glanced down, he was staring up at her.
“You taste so good.”
“Oh, wow, you feel amazing,” she said. “You’re so good at this.”
“I could live between your legs.”
When he thrust his tongue again inside her, she cried out. It felt great, but she needed his big cock so much more. They had been apart for too long, and they were making up for lost time. Their feelings for each other were the same, but now it was more, deeper. She had no idea she could feel this way about anyone, especially not for Killian.
“I love you, baby,” he said. “I want you to come on my tongue.”
She fisted the blankets beneath her, and as he circled her clit, stroking over the highly sensitive bud, she couldn’t control her orgasm, or prolong it. She hurtled straight to that beautiful place of raw bliss, crying out his name, and giving him everything he ever wanted.
The pleasure rushed through her body, leaving her panting.
Before she had finished, Killian moved over her. She saw him quickly roll on a rubber, and then he was inside her—deep and hard. He took hold of her hands, pressing them above her head as he slammed every inch of his dick to the hilt.
They both groaned.
“You’re all mine. All fucking mine.”


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Cover Reveal & Paperback News

Hi everyone,

My muse has been working me hard just lately lol. So sorry for all of the releases. I’ve had all of these ideas, and I just had to get them out.  I wanted to say a big thank you for all of your wonderful reviews, comments, and messages with regards to Fat Mate. Hearing your feedback is the best feeling in the world.

Fat Mate was a book that was hard to write as I took some of my own thoughts, my own feelings especially when it comes to image. I’m a big girl, full-figured, and have been all my life. Names have followed me everywhere, and within my books I can give my heroines the chance to stand up. I hope I didn’t upset or offend anyone, as that was not my intention. It’s also not my intention with Chubby Chaser, which is scheduled for release July 24th. I hope you like the cover.


The first time Cole saw Elena was at the tender age of eight. He knew then that she was the love of his life. Cole was always looking out for Elena, and with his obsession came the name that he was teased with, chubby chaser. Everything is fighting against him, but when Elena loses her job at the library, Cole sees his chance to finally make her his.

Cole was the popular guy in school, and now he’s the real handyman who owns the local DIY story. Elena is accident prone, but at least she gets to have sneak peeks at her boss. He’s the silent, brooding type, but that is okay for her. She loves to talk, or at least when she’s nervous, she can talk the house down.

Never did she expect Cole to ask her out on a date, or for that date to go from bad, to worse, to the best pleasure she has ever known. Finding out that Cole was called a Chubby Chaser isn’t comforting news to Elena, but then, she doesn’t care. She’s been comfortable in her curves, and neither of them are in high school anymore.
Now that Cole has her, he’s not letting go. She will belong to him in every way that counts.

In Other News

Did you enjoy, Fat, Bully No More, and Ugly? If so, you can now have them in one paperback.

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**3 Books in 1** FAT: Elsa Quinn has been bullied for being fat all her life. On the start of her new year of school, she makes a decision. She is going to lose weight. Elsa joins a gym out of town to ensure it’s top secret. Noah Stewart lives for exercise. When he wants to relax, he works out, pumps weights, and runs to clear his head. After an embarrassing scene by his crazed ex, Noah decides to exercise in a gym a town over. When he meets Elsa, it seems too good to be true. He can’t let her out of his life when he knows he can help her—even though she’s already perfect to him. Striking up a deal, he’ll help Elsa get in shape, and in return she will keep his new gym a secret. Day after day, week after week, it’s hard for Noah to not see how beautiful Elsa is. He’s struggling to keep his hands to himself, and when he finally claims her, he doesn’t want to keep it a secret. Noah wants the world to know Elsa belongs to him. What will happen when their peers find out? Will Elsa be too scared to stay with Noah? Will he let her go when he sees what his ex does to her? BULLY NO MORE: Fat. Cow. Chubby. Chunky. Those were just a few names Kurt had called her growing up. He was her bully, and he didn’t care. One chemistry assignment changed everything. Kim refused to give in to him, so he had no choice but to leave. Ten years later, Kim’s stubbornness gives him the chance to show her that he’s no longer her bully. Kim didn’t like asking for help, but Kurt made an offer she couldn’t refuse. She didn’t want to be the girl that fell for the man who hurt her. She was stronger than that. Kurt was not that guy anymore, and no matter how much she tried to fight the boy, this was a man. Can two complete opposites find love? Can Kurt prove that he’s no longer a bully, and is in fact the perfect guy for her? Will Kim take that chance? UGLY: In every element of her life, even before she was born, Blake Carson has failed. She isn’t a boy, she isn’t pretty, she doesn’t fit in—she is ugly. That is what she believes. All of her faults make her ugly. Then he comes along. Logan Black has met ugly head on, and lived to tell the tale. Now he has moved to West County, to get away from both his father and the pain of the past. He never expected to meet his future, but there she sits in the cafeteria at school, accepting everyone’s judgment, and worse, believing them. But Logan knows she isn’t ugly. She isn’t a failure, and he is about to show her another way. He is determined to be her friend—and more. Then a fight brings his father to town, and Logan runs, taking Blake with him. But they can’t run forever, and when an accident leaves them no choice, they have to head home and face the consequences of what they did. Can their love survive the real ugly in the world?


Fat Mate (The Alpha Shifter Collection)


Product Description

The Alpha Shifter Collection, 8

All Zadie Cox has ever wanted was to find a mate, fall in love, and have lots of kids. The problem is … no one wants her. The pack doesn’t care for a woman with curves, and no man wants “a fat mate”, which is what they’ve called her. 

Dante Locker hates pack politics. When he’s invited on a month long visit to a neighboring pack, he knows there’s a catch. The alpha has a daughter—but there’s no way Dante’s mating with her. Then the moment he enters the town square, the redhead with the killer curves grabs his attention. He wants her, and Dante’s a rich alpha, a businessman, and he always gets what he wants. 

No man has ever wanted Zadie, but there’s something about this new alpha. The way he walks, talks … and his devotion calls not only to her wolf, but to her. Can Zadie leave the pack that she has called home? Will she fall in love with Dante? Or is this just a month-long fling?



“You can’t run away from me for the rest of the month.”

“I have no intention of running, Dante. This was a big mistake.”

“No, it wasn’t. You and I both know it wasn’t. Don’t be a coward, and stop trying to pretend you don’t feel this, too.”

She finally looked him in the eye. “What do you want me to say? My body just reacted, and it scared me.”

“No. I want you to admit that you’re turned on by me. That the thought of me touching you, licking you, arouses you.” He paused, giving his words a chance to sink in. “Because I know that I do. From the first moment, I saw you a couple of days ago, I knew I wanted you.” He gripped her hip tightly. “And if you feel anything for me, or want to feel then you will ditch this party, and you will meet me at my cottage in thirty minutes.” He pulled away from her, leaving her on the dancefloor, as he said his goodbyes to Bethany, and told his sister to find another place to stay that night.

When he was sure no one was watching, he slipped away, and made his way back toward his cottage. No one was around, and he and Zadie would have privacy. Entering his home, he poured himself a glass of water, and waited.

Time passed. The clock on the wall seeming to mock him as it ticked on by, letting him know that time was running out. When twenty minutes passed, the door to the cottage opened, and there she was, in the kitchen.

“I don’t know what is happening here. I don’t get it. I don’t understand it, and it frightens me, more than anything.” She fisted her hands at her side. “All of my life I’ve been made aware that I’m undesir—”

“My dick is rock hard right now,” he said, cutting her off. “Some men think your curves are less attractive. I think they’re fucking fools. Your tits, I can’t wait to have them bouncing above me as I fuck you hard. Your ass, I want it nestled against my cock as I pound you. Your thighs, I want them wrapped around my waist, claiming me as I want to do to you.” He left the kitchen, and advanced toward her. He stopped only when he was right in front of her, and there was no way to escape, or at least no escape from him. He moved her backward until she was against the wall, and he placed his hands on either side of her, trapping her. “I’m getting tired of you thinking that you’re not attractive, when every single time I look at you, I think of only the dirty things I want to do to you. It should be illegal.”

Her chest was rising and falling with her breathing. The dress she wore molded to her tits and waist, and flared out over her hips.

Putting his fingers at her knee, he slowly began to lift them up, going underneath her skirt. The lemon scent was coming off her in waves, and making his mouth water for a single taste of her. 


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New Release: Plus-Sized Perfection

Plus-Sized Perfection


Product Description

The moment Hunter Reynolds sees Payton Hicks’s ass, he knows he has to have her. He’s partial to a woman with a nice set of thighs and tits, and he makes it his mission to find everything about her.

Being a plus-size model, Payton is used to being ridiculed and turned away. She doesn’t mind, but when she meets Hunter, she’s surprised by how much she wants him. Still, that doesn’t matter. She’s never succumbed to a guy just because he makes her hot. But when an opportunity to model for an exclusive fashion designer comes her way, Payton can’t turn it down, even if the offer is from Hunter’s company.

He loved her ass; now he loves her mind. Payton has gotten under his skin, and the moment he takes her, there is no turning back. Hunter will not risk losing the only woman he has ever loved. As far as he is concerned, Payton is perfect. One day, she’ll be his wife, in his bed, and the mother of his child.

All he has to do is convince her it’s what she wants as well.

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking



Hunter pressed Payton up against the gate, sinking his fingers into her hair, and claiming those perfect lips. Her hand went to his chest, and he expected her to push him away, but she didn’t. Her fingers gripped his shirt tightly, and she released a little moan, giving him the advantage that he needed.

Plundering his tongue into her mouth, he pressed his body against hers, loving how soft she was. She was already driving him crazy, but he knew what he wanted. When some whistles broke through the haze, he pulled back, and stared into her blue eyes.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since the first time I met you.”

Her cheeks were a beautiful shade of pink. “That was some kiss you were saving up.”

“Were you offended by what I want?”

“The lots of hot sex?”

He nodded.

“No. I wasn’t offended. It was nice to meet someone who didn’t take their time, or try to manipulate me.” She leaned her head against the gate, and he still had his hand in her hair. “I don’t do love, Hunter.”

“Good. Neither do I. My work is what is important to me.”

“Then we agree on those things at least.” The smile had his gut twisting. “Also, no sex in the office, and I don’t share.”

He tilted his head to the side, and stroked her cheek. “Are you telling me that you want to fuck me, Payton?”

“I’m giving you my conditions. Do you have any of your own?” she asked. “No sharing, no office sex. Work is work, this is pleasure.” Her hand went to the center of his chest, and began to move down to his stomach, and stopping. “Again, this is all up to you.”

“No sharing, I can do. There’s no woman in my life, and you have to do the same.”


“Weekends are mine!”

“I can deal with that. I’m trying to find Rick a partner, so it’ll work. Anything else.”

“I don’t want you wearing panties.” This caused her to laugh.

“I like wearing panties.”

“I want to be able to touch you.”

She looked past his shoulder, and around them, and leaned in close so that her lips were right next to his ear. “What makes you think I’m wearing any now?” she said. 


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