New Release: Keep Her From Harm (The Denton Family Legacy)

Keep her From Harm (The Denton Family Legacy)


Product Description

The Denton Family Legacy, 4

Damian Denton lost the mother of his child because he could never love her. That guilt won’t go away, and he can feel it eating away at his soul no matter what he does. His only hope is to find someone deadly enough to kill him.

Mia Banks doesn’t want to ask Ivan, the father of her child, for help, but she has no choice. If she wants to survive, she will have to beg him. But when a man crashes into Ivan’s office, her life changes forever.

The moment Damian sees the beautiful Mia, he knows without a doubt that she belongs to him. Taking Mia and her son away, Damian is determined to do everything different. He’s not going to scare Mia with who he is or who his family is.

But with the revelation of a secret brother the Dentons are no longer united. They are separated, and that makes them weak. There is someone waiting to rid the world of Dentons for good, with this fresh danger, can Damian keep Mia and their children safe? 



“You’re back.” He held her tightly, his mouth pressed against her neck. She closed her eyes, basking in his arms wrapped around her. “I was so worried.”

“I’m out, but it’s not over, not by a long shot.”

She pulled away, and he cupped her cheek, staring into her eyes. Mia stared into his brown ones, and then she looked at his neck, and at his shirt. “You’re covered in blood.”

“We didn’t kill those girls.”

“I know. They, erm, they showed the bodies once. I think they’ve stopped showing them now, but I recognized the damage that had been done.” She frowned. “There was a woman a couple of years ago. She had the same marks and stuff. She was dumped in a park near where I lived. I told the lawyer, and Lewis, all of this information. I hope it can help.”

“I can’t keep this shit from you. I wanted it to be different, but like all things that is related to my life, it’s fucked up. I’ve run myself a bath.”

“I can sit with you. Let me know when you’re decent.” She was just so happy to have him back. The past couple of days had been the hardest of her life. She had found herself waking in the middle of the night, and missing his presence. He didn’t know that she’d caught him watching her sleep. Sometimes he fell asleep, and she would lie in the bed, watching him.

When it came to Damian he inspired feelings she had believed were dead. She would stand in the shower, washing her body, and she’d touch her shoulder or her stomach where Damian had touched or grazed, and she’d feel a stirring, a tingle that awakened her entire body, making her want his touch again.

She waited for his call, and it came seconds later. Entering the bathroom, she froze as she caught sight of his naked body. She had known his was a large, muscular man, just not as big as he actually was. His shoulders were large, thick, and there were several tattoos up and down his arms. Her mouth went dry.

Feeling like a moron, and getting aroused just by seeing his naked chest, she forced herself to take a seat. Rubbing her hands together, she smiled.

“You like what you see?” he asked.

Her cheeks heated. “Please, don’t.”

“It’s nice to know that you like what you see.” He winked at her. “I certainly love what I see. Love it when you wear jeans.”


“It shows your ass off to perfection. Whenever I see you bend over, it’s hard to not just stare.”

“Because it’s huge?”

“No, because it’s sexy as fuck, and makes me think of doing stuff that you’re not ready for.”

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