New Release: Something Sweet (Curvy Women Wanted)

Something Sweet (Curvy Women Wanted) Curvy Women Wanted, 1 Camden has sworn off women. After having his heart broken, and his dreams crushed, he’d rather focus on his work, and not women. However, his closest friends won’t let him hide. They have a woman for him, and they intend to set him up.  Alyssa doesn’tContinue reading “New Release: Something Sweet (Curvy Women Wanted)”

New Release: The Enemy’s Daughter

The Enemy’s Daughter (Standalone) Product Description Alaric Patterson is a powerful man, but he has just lost the most important deal of his life to his long term rival. Alaric is tired of fighting, so he comes up with a plan. His enemy has a daughter, a very plain woman. Alaric is going to findContinue reading “New Release: The Enemy’s Daughter”

New Release: Ashamed (The Family, 3)

Ashamed (The Family, 3) The Family, 3 Luiz has a secret. Seven years ago he got a girl pregnant, and they had a beautiful baby girl together. But his father sent men to kill Luiz’s only tie to anything outside The Family. Too late to save his baby’s mother, Luiz got there just in timeContinue reading “New Release: Ashamed (The Family, 3)”

New Release: Falling Under

Falling Under (Standalone) GR TBR: CSP website: Amazon US:… Amazon UK: Amazon AU: Amazon CA: B&N: iTunes: kobo: Sometimes falling under is the only way to reach the top. Olivia has lived a life of privilege, but she’s always stayed grounded, and known she’s not betterContinue reading “New Release: Falling Under”