New Release: Giving it to the Monster

Giving it to the Monster (Saints and Sinners MC)


Saints and Sinners MC, 4

There has only ever been one woman Saint has ever loved, and she left him because he was turning into a monster. To lead the Saint and Sinners MC, he had to follow his dad’s rules. So Saint let Natasha go and embraced the club. At last, with his dad dead and gone, Saint was able to turn the club into something to be proud of, but he had lost the person who meant the most to him. 

Then one night, Natasha returns to Sinners’ Corner. She falls into Saint’s arms, broken and bloody, and he has the chance to save her. 

Natasha has always loved Saint, and walking away from him was the hardest thing she ever did. Now, though, the only person she can trust is Saint, the man she once ran from. She knows he’ll take care of her and help her keep her abusive husband away. Finally, Natasha sees past the monster Saint portrays to the man he’s become. 

Is there a chance for them to have the future she always wanted, a future they both planned? Can two heartbroken souls finally find the happiness they deserve?

Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys



After returning home one evening with a text from Saint letting her know he was going to be late, she went into her bedroom, and took the items out of the bag. Staring at them on the bed, she took a deep breath, and removed the outer packaging.

“So far, so good.”

Touching the silicone dildo, she noticed how firm and textured it felt. It was nowhere near the feel of a real cock, nor did it arouse her like a real one.

Still, it had been a long time since she’d had sex, and being around Saint was making her hornier than any other time in her life.

“Ugh, it should be easy. So easy. So damn easy.”

Removing her clothing, she lay out on the bed, and calmed herself down. Resting her hands on her stomach, she started to caress up to touch her breasts. Pinching her nipples, she cupped her tits, squeezing them together. Closing her eyes, she imagined it was Saint. It was always Saint, and it had never stopped being him.

She pictured him entering the room, and seeing her. He’d come over to the bed, and she’d see his rock hard cock pressing against the front of his pants. He’d take it out and demand that she suck it. Once she opened her lips, and had him in her mouth, he’d touch her. He would start with his fingers on her nipple, tweaking the hard bud, moving to the next one. Saint would pinch her, creating a little bite of pain, and soothing it out with his hands. Down his fingers would go, and her own hands matched what he was doing.

Sliding her fingers between her thighs, she imagined his hands, two fingers sliding in deep.

She was wet. Getting her fingers slick, she drew them up, teasing her clit.

Grabbing the dildo, she licked the tip, and sucked it into her mouth before pressing it between her thighs. Circling her clit, she dropped it down, and slowly started to ease it inside her.

“Holy fuck,” Saint said.

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Guest: Lea Bronsen

Hi and thank you so much for hosting the third and last book of the Hot Model Mine trilogy!




After sexy cover model Yushka proposed, life is more turbulent than ever for erotic romance author Andrea. He is expecting a baby with his ex-girlfriend, who says she doesn’t want to keep it. How will Andrea’s sons take upcoming life changes? To make things more complicated, her ex goes to great lengths to coax her back, and one of her sons’ girlfriend is a tad too interested in Andrea’s young and very handsome fiancé…

On the writing front, Andrea anxiously awaits news on her latest manuscript submission, and she has to decide whether to accept her publisher’s offer to model in a sexy photo shoot—the same kind she and Yushka did in Cannes—in the hopes of making a new “Cover Photo of the Year”. Considering the erotic poses the previous photographer demanded, can Andrea model with another guy other than Yushka?



We enter a hall so big the tiniest sound echoes. It’s quite humbling. I shrink in my clothes and barely dare to breathe. Dark wood furniture towers over us, with a mix of contradictory smells—orchid-scented sanitizer and old dust—filling the space.

Shoes clamping on a hardwood floor, we follow the tall, silver-haired man into a living room with exquisite furniture, gold-framed mirrors, and classic paintings on the walls. Heavy velvet curtains adorn the windows, and an impressive floor-to-ceiling library on one side has to contain literary curiosities from every part of the world. Marveling, I study each magnificent object.

The man stops and glares across the room, his facial expression clearly one of annoyance. What an oppressive atmosphere.

Yushka stands beside him and stares in the same direction.

I follow their gaze. A young and strikingly beautiful woman is half-seated on a green velvet couch with her legs folded underneath her. Dark doe eyes and pink lips stand out in a pale, oval face. A waterfall of rich, glowing auburn-colored hair contrasts with her white dress. She looks cast in a scene from the Russian classic Doctor Zhivago. Beneath full breasts, a pregnant belly protrudes, far too round and big for her frail frame. Jekaterina?

My chest tightens. The more I look at her, the more her beauty takes my breath away. She’s the woman Yushka was in love with last year. The one he slept with and impregnated.

Her gaze is riveted on him, the recognition and warmth fiery.

I shoot him a glance. His features are tight, as if he’s trying to hide his reaction, but he doesn’t take his gaze off her. This is exactly what I feared. They’ve had feelings for each other. Maybe meeting now will revive them. He has fallen for her once, so why would he not fall for her again?

I feel bad, nauseous, want to get out of here. But she’s carrying the baby girl I’m going to call mine very soon. I need to overcome my unease. Hopefully, once the formalities are done, this is the only time we’ll have to meet.

She tells him a few words in Russian, her voice the cooing of a turtledove.

Yushka replies calmly, but his throat sounds choked. He grabs my hand, palm sweaty, and leads me to a sofa opposite hers. His discomfort is more than clear in his features. He tears his gaze from her and searches me, his expression vibrating with an intensity I seldom see. It hits me—he’s afraid.

I squeeze his hand. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes,” he replies instantly, but his tension is palpable.

My chest tightens to a painful level. What is he so nervous about? From his interaction with Jekaterina, this has nothing to do with the baby. It’s about them, their relationship, and me. Is he afraid he’ll have to choose between us?

Goodness, I’m delirious. I sit very still, take small, shallow breaths, and pray for everything to be all right. Then bolt out of this house after the arrangements are resolved.

Jekaterina addresses me, her dark pupils glimmering. “You’re very beautiful. Are you a model, too?”

I’m as taken aback by her speaking a fluent English as I am by her compliment, and need a few seconds to shake myself. “Um, no, I’m not.”

She raises a brow. “That’s funny. I would’ve sworn you were a model. So how did you two meet?”

“At an author conference.”

Yushka clears his throat. “Andrea writes books, and I’m featured on the cover of her last one.”

“Oh, how exciting.” Her lips curve upward. I can’t decide whether it’s a genuine smile or she’s faking it.

“Yes,” he continues. “That’s why we … uh … were bound to meet. They had organized a Meet-and-Greet for authors and cover models of their books.” Why does he sound like he’s trying to make an excuse?

She flutters her long lashes at me. “What kind of books do you write?”

Before I can answer, her father walks over to a cabinet and picks up a bunch of papers. “All right, enough chit-chat.” His voice booms like thunder.


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About the other books in the series


The Perfect Shoot (book #1)

When Andrea Johnson, writing as author Cindy Vega, signed up for a Meet & Greet with the cover model of her latest book, she didn’t expect sparks to fly. Yushka is dangerously good-looking and too young for her. But their connection is instantaneous, and during a photo shoot with the two, the photographer picks up on their growing attraction. Seeing the potential for THE cover photo of the century, he decides to push their comfort limits…

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Mine to Love (book #2)

The writing conference in sunny Cannes was fantastical, a dream. Back at home, reality catches up with author Andrea Johnson and the sexy cover model of her book, Yushka. With tough working schedules, challenging family relations, and seductive temptation from all sides, the couple’s explosive romance is put to the test. Will their love be strong enough to have a future?

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About the author

Lea Bronsen

I like my reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strive to give my own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city crime drama with my debut novel Wild Hearted, I divide my writing time between psychological thriller, suspense romance, and erotic dark/contemporary romance.

I love to hear from my readers! Write to or meet me on:

Website / Lea’s Crazy Nights Blog / Facebook profile / Facebook page / Twitter / Amazon


Mirror Image Seduction

Mirror Image Seduction
MFM shifters
By Tamsin Baker and Khloe Wren
Dylan and Ryan are cheetah shapeshifter twins. They never expected to be the first of their siblings to find their mate. So they weren’t looking when they scented her at their local pub, but they knew instantly that Lacey was destined to be theirs. Unfortunately, she’s a reporter chasing the story behind a mysterious rescue of a young boy by ‘big spotty cats’.
Lacey is a debut journalist working her first big story. Getting to the bottom of this ‘wild cats in the Grampians’ story could be the big break she’s been waiting for. The story leads her to a set of gorgeous twins that make her heart race. Their electric chemistry pulls her in, and by the time she learns they’re shapeshifters and the cats responsible for the rescue, she’s torn on how to report it.
But her story isn’t the only thing she has to worry about. Lacey’s ex isn’t ready to let her go, and when he sees her with her new men, he takes drastic measures to get her back.
The hair on the back of her neck had begun to tingle, and in a rush Lacey grabbed her bag and looked towards the exit. She’d come out to the bar, hoping to ask someone about the mysterious Ryan and Dylan. She hadn’t expected to run into them both here, or to be turning tail and running in the opposite direction as soon as she found what she’d been looking for.
She hunched over, trying to make herself smaller as she snuck out of the booth. She couldn’t resist once last glance at the twins before she left. On a gasp she nearly tripped when she saw both of their intense gazes were on her.
She squeaked and moved faster, her heart pounding against her ribs. She shoved open the door and burst out into the warm night air, gulping oxygen into her burning lungs.
Oh shit. They’d seen her staring at them.
Oh pull yourself together. With how good they looked, it wouldn’t be the first time they’d had someone, especially a woman staring at them.
Just as she stepped from the concrete footpath onto the parking lot, something growled near her ear moments before large hands gripped her hips and twisted her around so she was facing the side wall of the bar. Her handbag landed at her feet, and she raised her palms to push against the brick wall to prevent her face slamming into the solid surface.
“No! Stop! Let me go!” She screamed as the man behind her pinned her body against the rough bricks with his and placed his hands over hers, lacing their fingers together.
Adrenaline was pumping through her system, making her heart pound and sweat bead on her forehead. She should have been fighting, screaming for help, but some perverse instinct inside her craved more. It made her want to push back against the strong body pinning her in place.
“Where you goin’, beautiful?”
His voice was so deep that his words were barely more than a garbled growl, but she somehow understood what he’d said. The hairs on her neck rose once more, in response to the depth of possession that radiated from his tone.
“You’re scaring her, Dylan. Cut it out.”
Lacey panted as she looked toward the new voice. Like his twin, Ryan was gorgeous and sexy, but considerably calmer and more in control.
Unlike her, or the man behind her.
“He’s not … scaring me.”
Strong desire, like she’d never experienced before, raced through her system. Just like what happened in her favorite romance novels, it was instant, electric and all consuming. Fire was in her blood, lighting her up from the inside out, centering in her pussy and taking root there.
Dylan nipped at her ear, and she moaned, letting her eyes slide shut as another, stronger, wave of arousal flowed through her. Her knees began to collapse on her, but before she could fall to the ground, a thick muscular arm whipped around her waist and held her tight against a hard hot body. Dylan’s erection now pressed into the cleft of her ass in a way that made her instinctively arch back into his embrace while whimpering a little.
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Author bio’s:
Tamsin Baker loves everything erotic. Her books can be long, short and everything in between, but they’ll all be fast paced with snappy dialogue and lots of sex. No Tamsin Baker book is the same except there won’t be a lot of angst in as she wants her books to be everything that a fictional world can be- full of happy ever afters, dirty words and sweet love. ‘Love is love’ and she tries to show that in a range of sub genre’s, from m/m contemporary to paranormal ménage. She has a need to shock people and bring up embarrassing topics at the most inappropriate times.

Khloe Wren started writing her first novel in high school, until it mysteriously disappeared from the family computer (her older brother was the lead suspect but nothing was ever proved). She didn’t put pen to paper again after that for a number of years but she did keep reading. Khloe has always loved all things paranormal: sexy vampires and sultry shifters have always been her favourites. So when she picked up writing again, it seemed only natural she would write paranormal romance.
Khloe grew up in the Adelaide Hills before her parents moved the family to country South Australia when she was a teen. As a young adult Khloe moved to Melbourne. After a few years she missed the fresh air and space of country living so moved back. Khloe currently lives in the Murraylands, South Australia with her incredibly patient husband and two young daughters. When she’s not sitting at her laptop writing, she’s spending time with family or friends, kicking butt at karate or feeding her addictions of reading, eating chocolate and drinking Coke.

New Release: Bastard Boss

Bastard Boss (Standalone)


Product Description

Xavier Leigh is a man who knows what he wants. He’s determined, successful, and he’s the head of a billion-dollar company. The only thing he doesn’t have is an heir. He wants a child, he wants a family, and the only woman suitable is Anya, his sexy red-headed PA. 

When Xavier propositions her, Anya can’t be sure if he’s serious or not. She wants a child, but she always imagined being in a loving relationship. He lets her know there wouldn’t be anyone else for either of them. If she agrees, she’d belong to him. 

To most people Xavier is a bastard, a ruthless man that will go after what he wants. Anya knows the truth. Xavier is a man who can love, who yearns for a family and someone to love him. Can they create a lasting future together?

Be Warned: anal sex


There was no way he was getting fucking hard if there wasn’t anything there. “How about we take a chance? Are you willing to … experiment?”




He leaned back in the chair and patted his lap. “Come and have a seat.”


“Are you serious?”


“Yep. Come and sit with me. It’s a way to find out. You’re going to have to get used to being touched. We’re going to have to do it to get pregnant.”


She took a breath. “Fine.”


Getting to her feet, she stood in front of him. Keeping his gaze locked on hers, he caressed her knees, and slowly lifted her skirt up, helping her straddle his lap.


“This feels … nice.”


“Nice is good,” he said.


His cock was ready to burst through the seam of his pants. He was so damn turned on, and she was only straddling his lap.


“How long has it been?” he asked.


“A long time.”




“Yes, at least a year.”


He hadn’t been with someone in some time. Had this been happening to him longer than he first thought? When he’d known Anya was going out on a date, it had affected him. He had made life difficult for her, being a complete bastard until she had to cancel several dates.


Running his hands up the back of her thighs, he couldn’t help but love the fact she belonged to him.


Not yet.




“What are you thinking?” she asked.


“You wouldn’t like it if I told you.”


She chuckled. “That makes me kind of scared.”


“Nothing to be afraid of.” He cupped her ass, squeezing the round cheeks, and moaning as he did. “You’ve got a really nice ass.”


She giggled. “This is weird. I don’t know much about you other than what I’ve learned about the company.”


“Ask anything you want.”


“Did you know you wanted kids when you were younger?”


“No. I didn’t think I’d want them. I grew up in foster care. I wouldn’t risk doing that.”


“Oh, were foster homes rough?”


“Some were, some weren’t. Depends on the people, the group of kids. It’s not just about dumping a load of kids in one place and hoping they would get along.”


“I don’t imagine it is.”


“How were your parents?”


“They were lovely. They only had me, and they had me quite late. I love them. They support me in every single decision I make.”


“And you told them about me?”


“Yeah, I did.”




“They are happy about it. If I’m happy then they are happy. They want grandkids.”


Her parents were going to get the biggest gift basket in the world as far as he was concerned.


“How is this little experiment supposed to work?” she asked.


He sank his fingers into her hair, and pulled her down. Locking his lips against hers, he closed his eyes, moaning. Her hands went to his shoulders, her nails sinking into the fabric of his shirt. Caressing down her back, he pulled her shirt out from the top band of her skirt. He didn’t break from the kiss once, sliding his tongue across her lips, opening her up.


“Fuck, baby, you’re so damn hot,” he said.


“This isn’t happening.”


“Oh, it is. Tell me you’re not wet. Tell me you don’t feel this, too, and I’ll leave. I won’t ask you again.”


She whimpered. “I can’t. I want to say I don’t care, but I can’t.”


He slid his other hand underneath her skirt, and touched her panty covered pussy. She cried out, but he felt the evidence of her arousal. Her panties were soaking wet.


“This is evidence that we’re going to be good together.” He took one of her hands, and placed it against his cock. “That’s what you do to me, and you’ve been doing that to me for a long time.”

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Bastard Boss Pre-Order

Hi Everyone,

I’m hard at work writing Pixie’s story. I can’t believe we’re into September already. Halloween and Christmas are just around the corner, and other festivities. I won’t complain. I love this time of year lol. It’s the summer I’m not overly fond of.

I can’t stay and chat. I hope you’re all okay.

Bastard Boss is a standalone.

Bastard-Boss-EvernightPublishing-2016He wants a baby, and he’s found the perfect woman to give it to him.

Pre-Order Links: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (AU) / Amazon (CA)


Xavier Leigh is a man who knows what he wants. He’s determined, successful, and is the head of a billion-dollar business. The only thing he doesn’t have, is a baby, an heir. He wants a child, he wants a family, and the only woman suitable is, Anya, his sexy red headed PA.
When Xavier propositions her, Anya can’t be sure if he’s serious or not. She wants a child, but she always imagined being in a loving relationship. He lets her know that there wouldn’t be anyone else for either of them. If she agrees, she belongs to him. They will make this baby together, and a family.
Taking some time to think it over, Anya accepts.
But Xavier doesn’t stop at a baby. Within no time they’re married, and already starting out in their baby making. Xavier wants Anya. It’s like a passion burning inside him, constantly building when it comes to his fiery red head.
The passion between them is like fire. Anya knows without a doubt that her feelings for him are deepening. To most people he’s a bastard, a ruthless man that will go after what he wants. She knows the truth. Xavier is a man who can love, who yearns for a family, and someone to love him.
She is that woman, and she is going to make sure he feels the same for her.