Knuckles Is Coming

Hi Everyone,

I debated the title of this post for like a second. Anything dirty comes to mind at the title, is purely coincidence lol. Anyway, it has been a long time since we had a Trojan, and Knuckles will be with us SO SOON. July 18th, and here is his cover.

trustTitle: Trust

Series: Trojans MC


From the first moment Knuckles saw Beth, he wanted her. He saw the demons in her eyes, and the fear. There was no one else that would ever have the patience for a woman like Beth. She was broken and it would take time for her to heal. With time, he waited, being the constant in her life, waiting for the time that she’d be strong enough to give him a chance.

            That time is now.

            She has wanted Knuckles for a long time, and what has made her love him, is the patience that he has shown. Beth trusts Knuckles and even though he has a reputation for being a Dominant man, she’s not afraid of him.

            Even though Daisy is breathing down his neck, Knuckles knows he’s the best man to love, and to take care of Beth. Out of everyone in her life, Knuckles is the only one that treats her normally. She will fight her brother, and anyone who doubts her. She will be Knuckles’s old lady for the rest of her life.

            Even as an outside source draws in a new threat, nothing can stop them from coming together. Knuckles will protect her with his very life.