Writing Update

Hi Everyone,

It has been an amazing few months. Remember that big Skulls and Chaos Bleeds book I was telling you about? Well, Master (The Skulls & Chaos Bleeds) has been submitted to Evernight. I have to wait for them to make a decision, but my fingers are crossed that they like it. I started Master a couple of months ago, and I’ve only just finished. I hope to have some good news to share soon.

Also, Bedding the Babysitter, a quick read is now available for pre-order. 🙂

bedding-the-babysitter-evernightpublishing-Jayaheer2016-finalimagePre-order: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (AU) / Amazon (CA)


Elise has always had a crush on the Jon Ross for as long as she could remember. He’s a divorced father, and she loved babysitting for him. His twins were adorable, and she just couldn’t deny him. At twenty-one, and home from college, she is surprised to get the call asking for her to babysit his twins once again. She can’t say no, and she can’t wait to see him.

            Jon has always liked Elise, but after her graduation, he couldn’t help but admit he had feelings for her that went beyond being appropriate. Seeing her again, only heightens his need for her. He can no longer deny himself.  

            Can their love really survive? Is it a taste of the forbidden that is driving them? What will the rest of their families think when the truth comes out?