Pre-Order for Killer In Him

Hi Everyone,

I’m hard at work on the next Skulls and Chaos Bleeds book, and I’m hoping to have it done very soon. I’m not going to lie, this book is going to be intense and emotional.

Coming out of my writing cave, I wanted to tell you that, Killer in Him is now available for pre-order.

Killer-in-him-evernight-oublishing-Jayaheer2016-finalimageReleasing April 20th

Pre-Order Links: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (AU) / Amazon (CA)

            Joy Lewis has just walked into a nightmare. Entering her friend’s home, Joy is met with her dead body, and the guy Joy had been renting a room to, stood over it. He killed her, and now, he must kill her.

            Ben has broken all the rules with his latest target. Joy was a distraction and now that she is a witness, he can’t let her go. Taking her away, he hides her away on his island. She can scream, run, and no one will hear her. She’s trapped with him, with only the use of a diary to spill her secrets.

            The attraction to Ben started long before she saw him as a killer. How can she want a man who kills people for money? Joy can’t deny her attraction. Alone together on an island, there’s no way she can keep him away for long, and what’s worse, she doesn’t want to. 

            Nothing can last, and even though Joy has gotten under his skin, he will not change the man he’s become. He’s a killer, and there’s no room for Joy. Their time together is coming to an end, but can their love be enough to keep them together?

            Can Joy accept Ben as a Killer? Can Ben turn his back on a life that has given him purpose? No one will win, but both will be broken. Is there any way to have a future with a killer?