Now Available For Pre-Order

Hi everyone,

I’ve been really busy writing stories, and I can say that the next book in my Dirty Fuckers MC has now been accepted by Evernight. I’m now working on a brand new book in a brand new series. What do you think of super alpha heroes that have a very strong possessive side? Well, I’m going to be working with something like that lol.

How is the start of your 2016 going?

So, my next book, The Alpha’s Virgin Witch is now available for pre-order. This book is part of, The Alpha Shifter Collection, but each book can be read as a standalone.

thealphasvirginwitchPre-Order Links: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (AU) / Amazon (CA)

Though not a wolf herself, Lucy has always been part of the wolf pack. Years after discovering she’s a witch, Lucy’s ready to go and find others of her kind. The only way to do that is to leave the only family she has ever known.

Caleb is the Alpha’s son, and one day he’ll take over as ruler of the pack. Lucy has always interested and intrigued him, and now that she is planning to leave the pack, he realizes that he cannot allow her to leave. He strikes a bargain with her—he’ll give her everything she has ever craved, and in return she stays. Together they explore the attraction between them, and Lucy starts to practice with her magic.

However, strangely, Lucy has the abilities of both a witch and a warlock. When she almost kills one of the pack females, the truth is revealed about who she is, and the danger she poses to everyone. Caleb will do everything in his power to keep Lucy safe. She is his mate, the one female that calls to his wolf, and he refuses to lose her.

When witches and warlocks come to destroy Lucy, she has to make a choice. Is her love for Caleb strong enough to sacrifice herself and her magic? Will she survive when put to the test?