New Release: One Chance (Friends, Men, and Secrets)

One Chance (Friends, Men, and Secrets)


Friends, Men, and Secrets, 3

Ashley hates Jonathan with a passion. In high school he hurt and humiliated her, and there is no way she is ever going to leave herself vulnerable to a man again. She just never expected to see him again. Now he’s her boss, and she has to keep the distance between them. She has to—for her own sanity. 

Jonathan’s biggest regret was hurting Ashley in high school, and now he would do anything to win back her trust. When she pushes him, he can’t hold back, and demands she give him four months. If he can’t get her to fall for him in four months, he’ll back off and she’ll never have to see him again. 

Taking the deal, Ashley never expects to fall in love again, nor does she expect to crave his touch. This is Jonathan’s one chance to win back the woman he loves. Will Ashley give in, or will he fail to win her back? 

Be Warned: anal play


The elevator opened, and they both walked to his room. He let them in, placed her bag on the floor beside the coat rail, and closed the door.

“Would you like a tour?” he asked.

“No.” She closed the small distance between them, wrapping her arms around his neck, and pulling him down. Jonathan was never to be outdone, and he pressed her against the door, sinking his fingers into her hair, and ravishing her mouth. With his other hand, he did the same thing that he had done back at the locker room, hiking her thigh over his hip. He started to rock against her.

It wasn’t enough. Their clothes were in the way, and he wanted her naked beneath him, not against the door.

She gripped the hair at the nape of his neck, tugging his head back. “You’re not the one in charge this time. I’m not a virgin anymore, Jonathan.”

“I know.” He dropped her leg, and cupped her ass instead. “I want to fuck you, Ash.”

Ashley dropped her hands and pulled out of his grip.

He growled, not liking the fact she left his arms. When he finally had her caught, he was never going to let her get away.

“You want to fuck me?” She cocked her hip to the side, placing her hand over it. The move was rather sensual, and turned him on.


She yanked the Flirt shirt over her head, and threw it at him. He caught the shirt, and groaned as her tits called to him. His cock thickened, causing him slight pain in his trousers, which seemed to be a permanent state for him.

Next came her jeans, and she threw them at him. Jonathan sidestepped them, removing his own shirt.

Ashley paused, and her gaze stayed on him.

Jonathan took his time. He’d noticed her staring at odd times at the club, and he liked it.

“Do you like what you see?” he asked.


Chuckling, he dropped the shirt to the floor, and let her have her fill.

“You still work out?”


She wore a black lacy bra with a matching thong, and his mouth watered for the chance to remove them with his teeth.

Ashley took a step toward him, and placed her hand on his stomach. Her touch brought him to life. The graze of her fingers was like little pulses of lightning, shaking his world.

“You’re hard to the touch,” she said.

Her hand moved from his stomach, going up his chest to rest over his heart.

Unable to bear not touching her, he placed his hand on her back, and tugged her forward. There was a lot of pulling and tugging between them. 

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