With Sadness

Hi everyone,

I have waited as long as possible for this post but it’s something I can’t put off anymore. Earlier this week I was notified by one of my publisher’s (Secret Cravings Publishing) that they were closing their doors. This past week, my books from this publisher have slowly been taken down from all distribution sites.

I find this a really sad post as I recall this company starting up. It seems surreal that I will be saying goodbye to them.

So, what happens now? I’m waiting for the rights of the stories to be returned to me. Once the rights have been returned, I will go through the stories, and try to find homes for them elsewhere.

Thank you to everyone who has loved my books, and I will list the titles here. If you have purchased them, I believe you are fine, and they shouldn’t be removed from your devices.

Titles: A Wild Older Woman / Trust Me / Ryan’s Christmas Miracle /  Taken by the Boss: The Taking of Clara, 1, 2, and 3 / Extreme: Not Damaged / Under the Dom’s Care / Her Dom by Christmas / Men in Control: Bend to his Will / Guilty Cravings

I will keep you all updated on what I plan to do.

Sam 🙂

11 thoughts on “With Sadness

  1. oceanjade says:

    Sorry to hear about Secret Cravings. I’ve unfortunately had several books disappear from my device that were on your email listing of books. I hope the rights get returned to you soon so we’re able to enjoy all of those great titles again. Everything will all work out. Love your books Sam!!

  2. Donna says:

    Omg thats so sad. Hope it doesnt stop you from publishing your books. Love all of them. Dont even read what they are about because I know it Will be great.

  3. Julie in Northern California says:

    Dear Sam, I am sorry to hear your sad report regarding the loss of this publisher but I appreciate you always looking out for your readers.

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