Surprise Novella Release

Hi all,

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed any updates. Jenika and I have released a surprise Soldiers of Wrath novella, Ruin and Rise 4.5.

Here are all the details.

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Sometimes falling into the ruin doesn’t mean you can’t rise from the ashes.

Shakes and Daniella went through hell to find their happiness, but it didn’t come without a price. To keep Daniella, Shakes had to lose a part of himself.

Can they really rise from the ashes and not get burned?
But then Daniella and Shakes’ life gets turned upside down again when an unexpected pregnancy strains the already volatile relationship Shakes has with Daniella’s father, Zeke.

And where does Shakes’ fate lie with the only family he’s ever had…The Soldiers of Wrath?