Porn Star Available for Pre-Order

Hi all,

Just stopping by to let you know that the pre-order for, Porn Star, is now available at Amazon. This book is released on July 6th, and it is a standalone. 🙂

pornstar1lPre-Order Links: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (AU) / Amazon (CA)

Jason is known as Bone Harder, a porn star with a ten inch dick, and very successful. After ten years in the business, he’s finding himself wanting more. For once, he wants to be with a woman who doesn’t know what he does. When he meets Sydney, all of his prayers are answered.

He lies about who he is, but he never expected to fall in love. Sydney doesn’t care that Jason is a PA for a porn star. She loves being around him, and in a short time their feelings for each other develop and change.

However, what happens when the truth is revealed? Can Sydney accept Jason as a porn star in her life? Can she ever trust him again? Will Jason give up the porn star life to take a chance with Sydney?