Soldiers of Wrath MC News

Hi all,

I know it has been a long time again since I last posted but I’ve been really busy. I’m still waiting for a cover for Alex but the moment I get one, I’ll show it off to you I promise. Now, I do have some exciting news to share with you.

Jenika Snow and I have set a release date for, Hard as Steel (Soldiers of Wrath MC 3). This book is going to be releasing on April 30th and please check on Amazon as we’re setting this up for a pre-order. We’re hoping for it to go up for pre-order at the end of this week.

Here is the Goodreads link:

photoEloise has kept her desires in the dark her entire life. Not sure if she should feel ashamed over her need to have a sexual relationship that consists of pain, she focuses on keeping to herself and knowing that she could never have what she really wants.

Steel is a member of The Soldiers of Wrath MC. He is a man that takes what he wants when he wants it, and is never denied. But he wants Eloise, and her refusal to give herself to him makes Steel want her even more. He’s determined to break the composed and collected exterior that she carries.

When Hanson, Eloise’s boss, attacks her it’s Steel that comes and rescues her. Steel feels something more for the woman that’s seemed to turn his world upside down in such a short time.

But Hanson isn’t about to be put in his place, or lay down without a fight. He’ll show Eloise and Steel that he’ll take what he wants regardless of any threat.

Can Eloise give herself to Steel fully, or will her fear for what she really wants hold her back? And can Steel finally allow himself to commit to a woman, and show her that what she wants is exactly what he desires to give her?