Pre-Order Love In Black And White

Hi all,

A few months ago I started a special project with a couple of other authors at Secret Cravings Publishing. We came together for an IR (interracial) boxset. Well I can tell you it’s now ready for pre-order. I’m so excited to be sharing this all with you. The hard work has paid off.

Black&White Box Set_smallPre-Order Links: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (AU) / Amazon (CA) / Bookstrand / All Romance E-Books / Secrect Cravings Publishing

The Reunion – Jamallah Bergman

It all comes to this she thought…..her 20th high school reunion.

Successful lawyer Mackenzie Harper dreaded the day that she got the invite for her class reunion, it only brought upon bad memories of a time in her life that she had long tried to forget but often never could. Memories of being called ‘Mack Attack’ by her peers because of her weight and hateful rumors that often plagued her young life. But that wasn’t until the day she was asked to tutor the one guy that meant everything to her when she was a teen.

David Ashbury had it all back in high school….the popular linebacker had the eye of every girl he came across and was the buddy of every guy in his school. Then one day he finds out that the only way to pass History is if he got tutored by the girl everyone calls ‘Mack Attack’. Even though he never believed the rumors about her, David eventually broke her shy shell and the two became fast friends.

Guilty Cravings – Sam Crescent

From the first moment Henry saw April, he wanted her but he was dating her best friend. He didn’t want to lose her so he did everything to ignore his feelings for April and continued to be with the wrong woman.

When the car crash that kills her friend, and injures April making it impossible for her to work, she’s surprised when Henry offers to help. She only went to him to offer him comfort. For as long as she’s known him, April has been attracted to him. She’d never betray her friend.

Over time their feelings for each other are revealed, but can Henry and April overcome the guilt, to finally take what they’ve both be craving?

On the Way to Heaven – Stacy-Deanne

When Trina Flack dies and ends up in the afterlife, she is shocked to learn she’ll have to perform a task to get into Heaven. Her task consists of helping Neil Styles, a single father of three little girls; move on from the death of his wife.

Neil has all but given up on life, but just when Trina feels hope is lost, Neil begins to open up to her. While guiding Neil, Trina must fight a deep attraction for him because if she acts on her feelings, she forfeits her chance to go to Heaven. This becomes even harder to bear when Neil develops romantic feelings for her as well.

Trina thought her mission was to help Neil get back on track, but she ends up learning the biggest lesson of her life in the process; that not even death can stop true love.

First Love – Lena Hart

When Jake Landon comes to Sabrina Monroe’s rescue on her first day on the job, the two develop a sudden attraction that neither can ignore. While Jake sets out to win her over, Sabrina’s focus is on her new career in Chicago’s top marketing firm—not on the attractive IT tech. Or so she keeps telling herself.

As the seductive pull of Jake’s charm draws Sabrina unwittingly close, she is powerless to stop herself from breaking her self-imposed rule: never date someone she works with. Yet as Sabrina and Jake grow close, tension and frustration begin to flare between them and Sabrina must decide if she is willing to release her inhibitions and give love a chance.

Indulgence – Mahalia Levey

Zoey Gray lives for the chocolate recipes she drums up. Sole Owner of Indulgence, a sweet shop that draws customers from far and wide. Her thriving business has surpassed her wildest dreams…though she longs for the right man to tickle her taste buds. Life couldn’t be better until the shop next to her is sold and a new pastry shop emerges.

Khristos Trakis loves his sister. When she begs him to buy her the spot next to a trendy popular sweet shop to open a Greek pastry bakery, he’s prepared to tell his darling sibling no, until he catches a glimpse of a woman and how she interacts with her patrons. Mesmerized by her enchanting face and curvaceous figure, he recants his decision for the opportunity to meet the breathtaking woman wanting to be the recipient of her bright as a ray of sunshine smile.

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