Guest: Zoey Marcel + Giveaway

It’s with great pleasure for me to introduce Zoey Marcel to my blog today. She’s doing a giveaway of a PDF e-book of any of her books, so go and have a look at what she’s got to offer. Simply leave a comment below for a chance to win.

Hello and welcome to my blog. It’s lovely to have you here today.

Thank you for having me, Sam! It’s good to be here. 🙂

Please tell us about yourself.

I’m an author of erotic romance and dark erotica. I live in the Pacific Northwest and am a wife and mother. I love dogs and I’m addicted to coffee. Caffeine and good music fuel my writing. I love long drives, seeing new places, and reading up on health and fitness.

SC: I’m with you on long drives but health and fitness, not so much LOL. 

Do you write full time?

I try to, but it’s hard sometimes with a two year old running around squealing with joy. LOL

SC: You got to fit the writing in when you can. Sounds like an active two year old. 🙂

What got you started writing?

I started when I was eight because I knew I wanted to be an author someday. I began my first serious novel, Where the Rebel Flag Still Waves, at fourteen and rewrote it a bunch of times. Now it’s pure erotica instead of the chaste story it originally was.

SC: That’s wonderful to hear. I’ve loved writing all my life and it’s nice to know others out there are the same.

What words would best describe your books?

I hate repetition, so I try to vary the love scenes and the words I use. My favourite types of heroes are alphas and tortured heroes. I like to write different types of heroines. Sometimes sweet and quiet, other times fiery ad full of spunk. I write about different body sizes, too. The heroines rang from curvy, slender, BBW, and athletic. I’m of the opinion that there is beauty in different body types, so I try to portray that in my books.

I like to push boundaries, both in the sex scenes and also the subject matter. My erotic romances aren’t as intense as my erotica, but I love to explore the dark side sometimes and write about different aspects of the human psyche.

SC: I’m so looking forward to reading your books. They all sound amazing and my TBR list is constantly growing.

What are you working on now?

Right now I have a few things started. I’m mostly working on a spin-off serial to the Men of McKenna Downs serial that came out recently. These spin-off books are about Danielle and her six men. I’m having fun with it. 🙂 Basically it’s cowboys, Doms, and some badasses thrown in. It’s set in a fictitious town in South Dakota.

The main characters seem with it, but some of the side characters are angsty little things. LOL We’ll see what happens.

SC: I look forward to hearing more about them.

Tell us about your book here.

My latest book is Green Broke Woman (Masters of Black Dragon 1). It’s MFMMMM ménage BDSM and cowboys with suspense.


Masters of Black Dragon, 1

Kayla Sanders has loved the three Langley brothers since childhood, but her youth and innocence keep them from acting on their feelings for her. Undaunted, she goes to California and seeks the help of Hugh Randall, a Dom, to train her in BDSM so she will be the submissive woman the Langleys want. 

She never counted on falling for the Dom who trains her or on falling for Virgil Paisley, the hot cowboy in a white Stetson who comes to her aid when duty calls Hugh away mysteriously. 

When Kayla returns to Kentucky, Travis, Keith, and Jake Langley profess their love to her. But a predator from Kayla’s past wants her back, and when she least expects it Hugh and Virgil walk back into her life. All five men want her, but none of them are willing to back down. Will she have to choose from among all of them, or is there another way?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFMMMM), BDSM, double vaginal penetration, caning, spanking



“Get on top of him, Kayla,” Jake ordered. “I want you to suck his neck purple while I stretch you.”

Kayla straddled Virgil and leaned forward, running her fingers through his soft locks as she lavished kisses on his neck.

Jake’s lube-covered fingers slipping into her anus was an uncomfortable invasion. “You’re so tight, I wonder if I’ll even fit.”

“Jesus, Jake, give it a rest,” Keith commented.

“How many fingers do you reckon I can shove up here?” Jake asked.

She clenched her hindquarters in apprehension.

“Ugh! Quit screwing around, Jake. I want action,” Virgil complained. “She’s so wet, it’s killing me.”

“I can’t help it. You feel so warm and good and manly.” She snuggled into him as Jake massaged her sphincter muscles into complacency. He rubbed her anus and nuzzled her back like an affectionate cat.

“Start sucking, subbie. I told you to give him a hickey,” Jake reminded her.

She gathered Virgil’s skin into her mouth, sucking his neck hard and sensually, spurred on by his enthralled noises.

“Let me see.” Jake yanked her head up by her hair, cock stiffening against her back when she let out a breathy gasp over his roughness. “That’s a real nice hickey, baby. You did good. Virgil, get up. Once I’m situated, you can come back.”

He helped Kayla sit up, and Virgil got off the couch. Jake laid her back down on the couch on her stomach.

“Breathe and push out.”

She did as he ordered. Once his cockhead popped past her tight ring of muscles, the pain evaporated into a mere unpleasant memory. Now there was only discomfort and impossible fullness. The couch was wide enough that he could roll with Kayla, so he lay on his back and she was impaled on his cock with her back against his chest and her bottom smashed against his groin. The movement before Jake situated himself caused them discomfort that subsided once they were in position.

Virgil climbed onto the couch, looking enraptured and horny as he walked on his knees between her splayed thighs. Jake propped one of her legs up over the back of the couch and held the other open wide for Virgil, who smeared lubricant in her pussy folds.

Travis knelt and swept her up in a spine-tingling kiss she never wanted to end.

Kayla squealed in his mouth when she felt Virgil pierce into her vagina with his enormous erection. The thing stretched and filled her so completely it drowned out every thought and stole her breath. Travis swallowed her cry as Virgil sank deeper into her pussy, slowly, moaning in sweet agony.

Travis groaned into the kiss, and the buzzing vibrated in her mouth, inciting a whimper.

Virgil’s cock rubbed against something inside of her, making her eyes water as an unprecedented rush of pleasure flooded her senses. The sweltering stiffness of Jake’s penis rubbed against that same place from behind. How could she possibly survive a dual assault on her G-spot?

Keith got on the couch and stood on his knees at an angle from her face. The wide couch enabled him to sit between the back of it and her. “You suck on me and use your hand to play with Travis. Concentrate on rhythm, but not if it’s gonna stress you out. We’ll enjoy you regardless. We just want you to feel what we do to you.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Travis stood and fisted the root of his dick, giving her a naughty smile.

The blushing plum-head of Keith’s cock knocked at her eager lips, sliding past her teeth when she opened her mouth for him. The decadent taste of hot man made the blood simmer in her veins.

A hot, fat erection pushed into her hand, and she held onto Travis, wanting to please him.

Jake screwed into her ass. Virgil drilled into her cunt. Keith stroked into her mouth while Travis thrust gently into her hand. Four cocks using her body. Four sinfully appetizing cowboys that wanted to touch her, love her, and pleasure her. She’d never felt so full, so feverish with lust, and so surrounded in her life.

Keith pulled his cock out of her mouth, sounding breathless and driven as the other three men pumped their erections faster in her cunt, ass, and hand.

“Say you belong with us,” Keith demanded.


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Three to five interesting facts about yourself or your writing. This can be your series, characters or even down to what you do in your down time.

  1. I’m obsessed with the Irish accent and reading up on Ireland. Liam Neeson is my favourite actor. He has such a beautiful voice and is very talented.
  2. I live the BDSM lifestyle, not 24/7, but that experience along with research has helped to add to my writing.
  3. I love the rain even more than sunshine. Seattle is my dream city. I liked Hawaii, but I could totally see myself living in Seattle.
  4. I have an addiction to fitness DVDs, jeans, and designer perfume. I can’t stop. LOL
  5. Three countries I haven’t been to that I’d love to visit the most are Italy, Australia, and Ireland



Thank you again so much for having me here, Sam! It’s been a pleasure. 🙂