Curse’s Claim Cover Art Reveal

Hi all,

I’ve just received a cover for Curse’s Claim and I will show that off in a moment. I wanted to bring you up to speed on everything I’m doing. I’ve signed a contract for Blind Devotion (Pussy’s story) and his is part of the Chaos Bleeds crew. No matter how much I tried to think of a title for Pussy, all I saw was noise from Amazon and other sites lol.

So, Curse’s Claim comes next, then Butch, followed by, Blind Devotion. I will have release dates after editing but I imagine in the next two months they will all be released. I’m working on quite a big book at the moment. This will probably be the biggest book I’ve ever wrote and my MC clubs will not be the same again.

curses-claimComing July 1st, Curse’s Claim. What do you think?

Curse rarely deals with complicated women. Chaos Bleeds is the only place where his loyalty lies. He loves women and he certainly loves to give them a good time. Nothing was ever going to change him or force him to want anything more than what he had, then he met Mia and everything changed.


Mia cannot think about the future. Between caring for her mother and trying to take care of all of her medical bills, she doesn’t have time for anyone else. Her past holds her back. She did something awful to protect her friend but she doesn’t know how long she can handle Curse’s seduction.


He will not take no for an answer and is determined to claim this complicated woman for his own. When Mia is attacked and Curse kills the man to protect her, they have no choice but to rely on each other.


However, this kill is about to set off a turn of events that’s going to land Chaos Bleeds in further trouble.

New Release: His Woman

His Woman


Product Description

Drake Solomon has wanted Rachel ever since she returned to Crest Hill from the city. He’s intrigued by the spark of innocence in her eyes but also the shocking pain that flashes back at him. However, the dark-skinned beauty will not give him the time of day. But Drake is determined to do whatever it takes to claim her. 

Rachel is not looking for love. She’s been burned by love once before, and she’s not looking to repeat the experience. Drake makes her nervous. He makes her yearn for something like her parents had, and she just knows that love never works out. 

But to get to Rachel, Drake has to face her overprotective father and his shotgun. Drake is determined to do everything to claim his woman, even if he has to look down the barrel of a gun to claim his prize.

Be Warned: spanking



Sliding his fingers up her thigh, Drake stared into her eyes waiting for her to tell him to stop. She licked her lips and then swallowed. Her lips parted, and he saw she started to pant. Moving that last little inch up her leg, he cupped her sex with his bare palm. The heat of her soaked his palm. She was so turned on and needy. Did she even know what an orgasm felt like?

“Are you still with me, baby doll?”

“Yes, I’m still here.” The words took her a few seconds to speak, and she kept closing her eyes, arching up against his touch.

“Do you want me to stop?”


Chuckling, he pressed his lips to hers. Plunging his tongue into her mouth, he slid a finger through her creamy slit.

“Fuck, you’re so wet.”

“Is that good?”

“More than good. You’re ready for my cock.”

Cream flooded his fingers, and he slid them up to circle her clit. She jumped in his arms at the smallest touch.

“You like me talking dirty?”

“I don’t know.”

“Baby, you’re flooding my fingers. You like me talking dirty.” He pinched her clit, shushed her as she cried out, then stroked the nub. “Did you think about me last night?”


“Good, I thought about you. I thought about getting you to my house. The moment you’re there I’m never letting you go. There’s so much I want to do to you,” he said.

“Like what?”

“Put it this way, Rachel, I’m going to have you screaming and begging for me not to stop. Everything I do to you will have you craving me just a little bit more.”

“I don’t know what to say or do.” She gripped his shoulder, sinking her nails into the flesh.

Gazing down at her chest, he saw the hard buds of her nipples poking against the fabric. Her milk chocolate skin was so soft to the touch. Drake wanted her to melt against him and to give every part of herself to his pleasure.

Getting back home was going to be a nightmare. He was rock hard, and the zipper was uncomfortable against his flesh. Ignoring his own pain and need, he focused on her.

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He intended to screw the enemy, not fall for her…

Jesse Jenkins is not the kind of man to settle down or follow rules. He does what he likes, and who he likes, whenever he likes. When the President of the Demons MC asks him for a favor, he figures it shouldn’t be too hard at all. Just seduce the rival president’s daughter, get the information they need, and get out.

Piper Rix doesn’t trust men easily and being the Hell’s Charter MC President’s daughter doesn’t help with her trust issues, either. She’s remained a virgin because no man wants a fat woman, and that’s how she sees herself. So when Jesse starts spending time with her, she’s suspicious of his intentions.

When Piper finds out the truth about being used, she’s heartbroken. But Jessie’s never been one to give up. He’s discovered his pretend feelings have become very real and he’s determined to claim the woman he loves for his own.


Tensing, Jesse waited for what was about to come his way. He knew there was a chance he wasn’t going to like it.

“You’re the only person we know who can get close to this woman and get the information we need.”

A picture of a chestnut-haired fat girl stared at him. Well, she wasn’t fat, just not slender. She wore a pair of jeans and a shirt that were clearly three times too big for her. He noticed she wasn’t smiling at all. In fact, she looked sad as she talked to someone.

“This is the Piper Rix. She’s the daughter of John, the President of the Hell’s Charter. They keep her close and she’s one of the few women who knows club business.”

“You want me to infiltrate the Hell’s Charter?” Jesse asked, disgusted.

“No, we want you to get into her pants and find out everything she knew about Junior.”

Laughing, Jesse lifted the photo and couldn’t help the kick in the gut he got. There was something about the woman in the picture that struck him to the core. No, he wasn’t going to do it.

“I doubt she knows anything about Junior.” Throwing the picture onto the desk, he stared at Charley.

“She knows everything about the club. Her father adores her and never allows her to go too far from home.” Charley picked up the picture. “I know she’s not much to look at but we need you to do this.”

“They’ve not attacked us, have they?” Jesse asked, sitting back.

“No, and I want to keep it that way. I want them to stay out of our business and we stay out of theirs. You will do this or I’ll kick your ass out of my club.” Charley made the threat while smiling.

“Fine, what do you want me to do?”

“She spends mornings reading at this coffee shop.” Charley pulled another picture out of a file and pointed. “Go there tomorrow morning. Don’t be interested in the club life. Be interested in her. You’ll also need to use your apartment.”

“What the fuck?”

“No women. We need you to get her to fall in love with you. You’ll not be coming here and you won’t be having any women. Also, we’ve put you down for work at Western’s mechanic shop. He’s got a place for you.”

Staring at his boss, Jesse wondered if it was some kind of prank.

“We’re counting on you, Jesse.”

Great, there was nothing he could do or say. Picking up the picture, he stared at the woman he was about to get to fall in love with him. Crap, he’d never tried with a woman before. How was he going to make this work?

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What’s Going On?

Hi all.

I’m checking in again. I know, I know, I rarely check in these days but I can tell you that the men in my head keep me away. It’s a good way to be kept away, handsome, sexy, dominant men who want my attention *sigh*. See, I’m off again in fairy tale land lol.

Right, to business, I’m currently editing Curse’s Claim and I need to change some things around as Butch took me by surprise. Now, I can tell you that Butch has been accepted so here is the order they’re coming in so far.

1) Curse’s Claim


LOL, that’s it at the moment. If Pussy gets accepted then he will be next and then I’m leading into something big that I’m keeping to myself. It’s going to be a challenge to get what I want out of the books but I’m going to do it.

Alongside Chaos Bleeds and The Skulls, I’m writing other stuff and I want your input. What other series would you like to see me complete? It can be anything, The Owners, The Alpha Shifter Collection, you name it, let me know 🙂

Okay, you know what I’m working on and I’m working my butt off to get them done. Let me show you my lovely new cover art. This is for my first interracial story and is releasing June 17th. Let me know what you think.

his-womanDrake Solomon has wanted Rachel ever since she’s returned to Crest Hill from the city. He’s intrigued by the spark of innocence in her eyes but also the shocking pain that flashes back at him. However, the darker skinned beauty will not give him the time of day. He’ll do whatever it takes to claim her.


Rachel is not looking for love. She’s been burned by love once before and she’s not looking to repeat the experience. Drake makes her nervous. He makes her yearn for something like her parents had.


But, to get to Rachel he has to face her father and his shot gun. Drake is determined to do everything to claim his woman, even look down the barrel of a gun to claim his prize.

New Release: The First Moon (The Pack Claims a Mate)

The First Moon (The Pack Claims a Mate)


The Pack Claims a Mate, 2

The laws of the moon state each alpha must pick a mate before the age of thirty-five. If no mate has been chosen for the alpha and his pack then the beast takes control for eternity. 

The claiming has started. Roy must get Kitty to trust him, to bring her back for the good of the pack.

Kitty never expected wolves to be real, let alone mating with not one but six. The brothers have all invaded her heart, and now she must give a part of herself to each. Can she survive the coming moons when all of them will walk away?

Be Warned: public exhibition, menage mating (MFMMMMM)


She bit her lip, staring into his eyes and knew she was completely lost forever. Why was she fighting him? What did she hope to gain by keeping herself back from him? Nothing.

Give in.

“All my brothers will fall for you. They want you to be happy.”

“No,” she said, pressing her finger against his lips. “If you want me to do this then you’ve got to stop talking about them. I’ve wasted two weeks of complaining about your oldest brother. Don’t let me waste another moment complaining about anything else.” She leaned forward to press her lips against his. They were firm to the touch. If Roy took her mind away from the pain, she wouldn’t start thinking about Tom and what he did.

The scent of the forests invaded her senses as she looked at him. Her heart thumped against her chest. This was the life she’d chosen. Each of the Snow brothers was to be given a chance to mate with her, to be what she needed.

Kitty needed to realize she wasn’t in the city anymore. The dating rules no longer apply. They were werewolves for fuck’s sake.

“We’ve got two weeks left, Kitty. Give me those two weeks.”

“I’ve wasted so much time.”

He shook his head. “Then don’t let us waste another moment.” Roy took possession of her lips.

Melting against his touch, she circled his neck as one of his hands caressed up her body to hold onto her breast.

Crying out, she flung her head back as he kissed down her body. He tugged on the shirt she wore, exposing her breasts.

“Such beautiful tits,” he said.

In one quick tug, he tore at the shirt and bra she wore, leaving her naked. The fresh air breezed over her skin making it a heady experience.

“Let me take you back to the cabin,” he said. 

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