New Cover Art

Hi all,

It has been a long time since I brought you up to speed on what I’m up to, so I’m going to do that and then show you my new cover art. First, I want to thank you all for your wonderful support for, The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds. Your words of enjoyment mean so much to me, and it’s why I keep on writing.

I’ve been asked who I’m going to be doing stories for. I can tell you I’m currently writing Butch and then I’ll be doing Pussy’s story (his title will be changed because of his name). So far I’ve got story plans for Alex, Steven, Blaine, and Whizz, along with several other characters that will be introduced. For Chaos Bleeds, I’ve got Pussy and Death lined up. I will have more but I haven’t developed them as yet. I hope this helps for your ideas.

Now, releasing June 2nd. Book two in my The Pack Claims a Mate series. What do you think?

thefirstmoonThe claiming has started and now Roy must get Kitty to trust him. With his brother and Alpha starting the mating, he’s broken her heart. It’s up to him to bring her back so the pack can survive without their wolf taking over.


Kitty never expected wolves to be real, let alone mating with not one but six. The brothers have each invaded her heart, and now she must give a part of herself to each. Can she survive the coming moons when all of them will walk away?