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Hi all,


Killer is just over two days away and I’ll post all the links up the moment they are available. I’ve also had Ripper’s Torment contracted with Evernight Publishing and it’s scheduled for a May release. I hope this is good news for you all. Today, I’ve got some new cover art to show off. I absolutely love this cover and this is the first book in a series. All books will be standalone and I’m working on the other two after I finish with Zero’s story.

What do you think?

NotDamaged_MEDRyan runs his club, Extreme, with an iron fist. Nothing gets passed him not even the woman who brushes off other men’s advances. He sees the pain reflected in her eyes and knows he has to help her.

Jesse has gone through more than her fair share of pain but she needs help to feel. A drunken night makes her reveal her problems to a family friend, who is also a Dominant. He offers to give her what she needs but their friendship goes no further. There is no emotion between them.

When Ryan takes over her care, the chemistry is explosive. Their feelings for each other grows deeper, heading toward love. Jesse’s insecurities threatens everything they’ve got. Can Ryan prove to Jesse he’s not going anywhere? What’s more, can he show her, she’s not damaged, but perfect?

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. belindaegreen says:

    I love the cover. Looks to be an interesting series. Can’t wait for the release of Killer and Ripper either. A lot of wonderful books Sam! Keep on sending them out and I’ll keep buying. 🙂

    Belinda G

  2. love the cover and blurb!!! I absolutely agree with belinaegreen, keep writing and sending them out and I will keep buying!
    Do you have a possible release day yet for this new series?

  3. Killer….this is the one I have been waiting for!!!!!! I have read and re-read the books in this series several times. They just keep getting better and better!!! Cannot WAIT to read this one! Have yet to be disappointed in any read and believe me…I have read each release and love each and every series!!!!

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