The Laird’s Future Bride by Hazel Gower + giveaway

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With Great pleasure I get to introduce the wonderful, Hazel Gower and she’s giving away TWO E-BOOKS of her latest release. Please leave a comment for a chance to enter.

The Laird’s Future Bride by Hazel Gower

Hazel Gower's Cover Art

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF
In book one of the MacLeod Clan: In a world where “different” can be a death sentence, Clan MacLeod is special. By protecting all paranormal people, in return they receive the ability to recognize their soul mate.
Holly is on holiday in Scotland with plans of attending a Valentine’s Day sixteenth-century period weekend party at the MacLeod castle. When she arrives, lightning surrounds her taking her back in time to the fifteen hundreds and face to face with Duncan MacLeod.
Duncan, Laird of the MacLeod clan, has met his soul mate, and he’s not letting her get away. The only problem with this is the competition for Holly’s affection from his brother, Callam. With the constant feuding between his neighboring clans, and the trouble he has convincing Holly to stay married to him in his time, have Duncan unsure if he will ever have a happily ever after.
Will Holly sacrifice everything to be with a man her soul recognizes? Will she give up on returning to a world she is familiar with, or stay for the unknown, and a chance at true love.
Come to Scotland and join the MacLeod Clan in a time where the warrior men had honor, strength, and the ability to steal a woman’s heart.

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“Well, Holly, I dinna ken how to tell ye this without having ye think I’m crazy or running out of here, but here it goes. This is me mother, Magan MacLeod. She has brought ye from wherever ye’re from to me home in Scotland in the year of our Lord fifteen eighty. I am Duncan MacLeod, Laird of the MacLeods. I’m twenty and eleven and the oldest child. I have a brother who is out training me men now. I should be there with him, but am here trying to figure out what to do. Are ye from this time? Or from a different time?”
Holly could feel her whole body going numb. For some reason, she knew Duncan wasn’t playing a game or re-enacting; he was telling the truth. She looked around the room with its wooden table and chairs by the fire on the far side of the wall and a tiny round hole that looked to be a window.
She needed to sit down. Ignoring Duncan’s question, Holly moved to the closest seat and sat. “Oh, my freaking God. I’ve lost my mind.” Holly started to cry, stopping when she felt Magan’s hand settle on her shoulder and pat her.
“There now, lass, it’s not that bad. Me son is a powerful laird. He can provide ye with anything ye want. Ye’ll be happy here.”
Holly couldn’t help the hysterical giggle that slipped through. “Oh, lady, you have no idea what you have done. Where you have brought me from. If I hadn’t seen the sparks of lightning come from your hands myself, I would think you crazy and this all a re-enactment.” Holly wiped her face with the long sleeves of her dress and looked up into Magan’s bright green eyes. “I am in Scotland on holiday with my best friend, Jane. This holiday was her idea before we started university. I think she was trying to cheer me up. My parents died in a car accident almost a year ago. A car is a big metal object with wheels that takes us places. I am eighteen, nineteen in three weeks’ time. I live in Australia, which is a twenty-four hour flight around the other half of the world. Oh, and I’m from the year twenty fourteen.”
Duncan started yelling at his mother in a language Holly didn’t understand. Magan yelled back until finally Duncan quietened, and they spoke calmly for a while. Holly knew she should say something, but she was still trying to wrap her head around what she’d seen and what she’d been told. She could feel Duncan’s gaze bore into her as he spoke to his mother.
The talking in another language stopped, and Duncan spoke in English. “Me mother is going to explain some things to ye, and we have figured out a backstory that ye need to remember to tell to people. Ye’re now Lady Holly Drake, a distant cousin of me mother sister’s husband in England. And…me betrothed.”

19 thoughts on “The Laird’s Future Bride by Hazel Gower + giveaway

  1. Kathleen Engelman says:

    This was an amazing book!! The character development was so in-depth that you were with them the whole way. The love that grows between Duncan and Holly is so tangible, just like the tension between brothers. The twists and turns in the book kept it interesting and made it a hard book to put down. By the end I was ready for a deep breath and on my sit waiting for the next one with Jane!

  2. RKO chica says:

    I love your books! I actually got hooked on your books when ot came as a suggestion as a book recommendation from Amazon. Since then I try to get every book you have released.

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