It Has Been Too Long

Hello Everyone,

First I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I had every intention of getting on here and posting you all an update but I didn’t get the chance at all. Time was flying by and I was playing catch up at all times. The big day itself was amazing. I spent it with family and it was a memorable one.

Unfortunately, the 27th I came down with a sickness bug but I’m feeling fine now, so it wasn’t food poisoning. I was starting to worry about it. All is fine and I’m getting ready to start my writing back up. Tomorrow is the last day of 2013 and as I look back over this year it truly has been fantastic, magic and truly amazing. I’ve got all my wonderful readers and publishers to thank for the year I’ve had. I hope the coming year is the start of many wonderful things as I’ve got many stories, series planned.

Now, I’m currently working on Tiny’s story but I now have the cover art for Nash. What do you think?

Nash will be released January 3rd.

nash1mThe biggest mistake he’s ever made could get him killed.

The Skulls have a set of rules and Nash has broken one of them, he’s using drugs. Since Sophia’s rejection, Nash has been spiraling out of control. When he puts Eva’s life in danger it’s up to Lash to save him from himself.

Sophia never realized the protection The Skulls offered her until she’s attacked. Lash saved her but with an ultimatum. She helps save his brother or he makes it known she’s not under Skull protection.

Her feelings for Nash have always been her downfall. They come close together through his pain and Sophia realizes she cannot run any longer. However, The Skulls enemies are far and wide. Someone is plotting against the club in the hope to take control of the town and they’re going to start with Nash. Can he stay strong as his life and that of his woman is put at risk?


What are your plans for 2014? Do you have anything exciting coming up or are you looking forward to something special happening?