Votes Are In

Evernight Publishing Readers’ Choice Awards

On December 1st the winners of the Evernight Readers’ choice awards was announced, you can find all of the results here:

Here are the badges that I was voted in and won or was a runner up. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who voted for me. I really do appreciate it and hope to bring you more stories you’ll love in the future. 🙂

EP Award RunnerUp_SeriesEP Award RunnerUp_MayDecEP Award RunnerUp_KissEP Award Winner_RubenesqueEP Award Winner_ParaEP Award Winner_holidayEP Award Winner_FavAuthorEP Award Winner_BestBookEP Award Winner_BDSMEP Award Winner_BadBoyEP Award Winner Badge_Classic

16 thoughts on “Votes Are In

  1. belindaegreen says:

    Congratulations Sam! I voted and it does my heart good to see you won in so many categories! You obviously have a huge following! You are an amazing author. The consistent quality, creativity, and imagination is what keeps me a fan and coming back for more. I have almost all of your books and working toward getting them all. 😉

    All I can say is well deserved and keep up the great work!

    Congrats again! Enjoy the accolades!

    Belinda G

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