Cover Art Reveal

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First, here are all the links for the last, Taking of Clara instalment. I don’t know if I’ll be writing another but if I do, it will not be in different books but in a small book. Anyway, here is the links and cover.

Taking of Clara Book 3 cover

With the return of Clara’s father, Matthew must make a decision to protect her. Her father is intent on using her to settle all of his debts. Matthew will not let his woman be used as a pawn.

Once her father is out of the picture, Clara wants to give Matthew everything he desires but she’s afraid of what he wants. After a party showing her exactly what he wants from her, Clara needs to make a choice. She can either give herself over to him to become his sub or leave.

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Gavin’s Submissives will be releasing this Thursday on the 13th. Here is the cover and blurb.


Heidi has finally left her abusive husband after several years of unhappiness. She moves back to Creek Valley to be with her friend, Landon. However, she can’t be with Landon because he’s in a serious relationship with Gavin.

Gavin is a Dom and he doesn’t like to share. When his lover tells him about Heidi and her submissive side he’s intrigued by her but he can live without a woman in his life, as long as Landon is with him.

From the moment all three meet up the chemistry between them sizzles. Gavin sees Heidi’s submissive side and her fear of him. When all of her protective walls break down, neither of them are prepared for Landon’s decision. How can someone in love chose between the two people he loves?

Can Landon fix what he has broken? And can Gavin handle having two submissives under his care?