Why The Genre Change?

Yesterday saw the release of Hope (2225), a brand new series based in the future. Most of my stories have been set in the present and with fictional towns where I control what goes on. However, as an author I’ve been growing a little restless and wanted to have a complete change.

Looking through my notebooks I discovered the notes I’d made about this story and new in my heart I needed to write it. There are elements within the story that I love, like the dominant male but the circumstances around their story is completely different. I never thought I was a big futuristic, dystopia fan but when I look back at the movies (through research) I’ve watched, I love it. Hunger Games, The Fifth Element, The Matrix, Mad Max are to mention a few of the movies around.

So, why have I decided to have a change? Purely and simply, it was what I needed to write at the time. This does not mean that my contemporary, erotic romance stories are going to stop. In fact, I feel the need to write all different styles of stories. The writer inside me hates being confined to one box and this was the first step out of my comfort zone. I like to test myself as a reader and as a writer. Hope was a massive test for me and, fingers crossed, I hope it is well received.

I don’t know if you’ll like Hope but it was what I had to do at the time of writing it and I’m thankful to my editor at Evernight for working with me during this new direction I’ve taken.

I want to say a thank you to you lovely readers for your continued support with my writing. I adore all of you.

Coming up next:

Trapped Between Two Alphas (April 25th)

Desire (May 13th)

I’ll keep posting regular updates as they become available. Have a wonderful Thursday.

Sam 🙂

3 thoughts on “Why The Genre Change?

  1. MMS says:

    Must say I was a bit disappointed to see this genre from u. I love your contemps and menages. But I guess there are a lot of others out there with diff tastes. Will wait for next contemps but till then I have The Taking of Clara. Thanks for the update. When I saw “Hope” for one moment I thought OMG one more goes supernatural – but u have restored my faith in you !!!

    All the very best Keep the good ones rolling in Meher

    • Hi MMS,

      This was a complete change for me but one I really wanted to do. I love contemporary stories and there will be plenty more on the way 🙂

      Thank you for having faith. I promise to deliver.


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