New Release: The Taking of Clara

The Taking of Clara


Clara is in desperate need of money. When an ad catches her in the local newspaper for a physical companion, she has no choice but to answer. She never expected the man responsible for the ad to be her boss but she has no choice.

Matthew Johnson has watched Clara for some time. He sees the submissive inside her and wants her for himself.

She has two choices; walk away and risk the debts crashing around her or become his mistress for him to control.

Adult Excerpt

“The advert holds a lot of restraint. The newspaper required a quick, simple but brief description. Don’t mistake me, Clara. I will fuck you.” He caught her attention. She stared at him. The shock on her face evident in the way her lips parted. There were other signs. He saw the budding of her nipples. The unmistakable dilation of her eyes showing her arousal. He noted the flush of her cheeks as well. Each were a sign he recognized for her arousal.

    He knew she’d be wet. Her body responded to him in ways she didn’t understand. Her body knew what he wanted more than her mind. In time she’d understand what he wanted completely. Until then, he’d find great pleasure in teaching her what he desired. He’d spend all the time with her to show her how great they’d be together.
    “Are you a virgin?” he asked.
    “Why do you need to know?”
    “You’ve entered into an agreement with me, Clara. I want to know everything about you including who you fucked.”
    She gazed round the café for several moments before shaking her head. “I’m not a virgin.”
    “I want the date of your last sexual encounter?”
    “The night I lost my virginity at eighteen.” Her response came quick without hesitation. He reached over the table to grasp her hand. She went to pull away but he stopped her by holding onto her hand tighter. “Let go.”
                “No.” Her resistance lasted a few seconds before she went limp in his hand. “Why haven’t you had any another sexual experience?”
    “After the first bad experience, I never wanted to relive another,” she said. Her attitude came up like a force field that protected her. Clara hadn’t experienced much pleasure in her short life. He couldn’t wait to get her to submit to him completely.     “Yet, you apply for a job where you’re expected to fuck at will?”
    “I need the money. This is the easiest way for me to get it.”
    Matthew smiled. “I’ll make that first time become nothing more than a bitter memory.”
    “How do you know?” she asked.
    “Because I know what I’m capable of. I’ll have you screaming and begging for my cock before the end of the day.”
    She licked her lips. Her breathing changed as he caressed her. The pulse in her wrist pounded against his fingers. His touch affected Clara deeply. He knew his effect on her and intended to exploit it. The way he felt for her had taken him by surprise but he wouldn’t stop until he possessed her.
    “You want me, Clara.”
    “I know,” she whispered. The fight left her as she submitted to him.
    “Tonight, after work, I want you to come to me in my office. We’ll spend some time together. If you don’t want to be my companion by then, you’ll walk away with some cash for your troubles. There will be no hard feelings. You’ll keep your job as well.” He wouldn’t let her walk away. This opportunity he provided gave him time to tease her. Matthew intended to tempt her with the true pleasure of the flesh. The more she thought about him, the more she would want him. He guaranteed she’d be as addicted to him as he felt towards her
    “Will you do that?” he asked her. She nodded her head. They finished lunch together in silence. He escorted her back to the building.

5 thoughts on “New Release: The Taking of Clara

  1. Shauna says:

    I enjoyed the book. Super hot! I just really wish I knew it was a part 1. Any idea when part 2 is coming out? (I’ve actually held out reading owned by the Dom part 1 because I hate not knowing the end)

    • Hi Shauna,

      The next book should be released later this month for The Taking of Clara. I just posted on Facebook that I’m over half way through Owned by the Dom Part 2. Fingers crossed, it shouldn’t be much longer and then it is in the publisher’s hands.


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