Guest: Susan Hayes

Guarding Valentina: Book Three in the Paladin Protection Agency Series


[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, vampires, public exhibition, HEA]

Sometimes everything has to go wrong so that fate can make it right.

Valentina Farro is used to being the hunter, not the hunted, but when a vampire marks her for death, everything changes. Now one of Paladin’s fiercest warriors is fighting for her life and the lives of her Paladin family.

It should have just been another assignment, but nothing goes according to plan when the vampire Aedan Doyle is hunting leads him around the world and into Valentina’s life. A vampire hunter with supernatural abilities of his own, Aedan is determined to keep Val safe, no matter what the cost. He appoints himself as Val’s personal bodyguard and then he makes sure he’s guarding her beautiful body up close and personal, every chance he gets.

As the body count rises, Valentina and Aedan’s new bond is tested to the breaking point. Trusting each other with their lives is one thing, but can two solitary warriors find the courage to trust each other with their hearts?

Adult Excerpt:

She wriggled against him again, working her fingers between their bodies and under his clothing to wrap around his cock. “Mhmm,” she hummed in agreement. She managed to stroke a fingertip over the sensitive slit at the end of his dick, spreading the pre-cum over the head. The feeling of her hand sliding over his slick skin made his cock harder still, and he broke their kiss with a shuddering groan.

“You keep this up and I’m going to be inside you before you know it.”

“Promises, promises.” She pumped his cock with her hand as she nibbled her way down his neck to his chest, biting just hard enough to entice. “You need to be naked first.”

“So do you. So, as much as I am enjoying this, you need to let me up.”

She grinned at him in challenge as she fisted his cock from root to tip. “Make me.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” He surged off the couch and caught her in his arms on the way up. He lifted her high enough he could suckle one sweet nipple into his mouth, enjoying her low moans of encouragement. He let go of her breast with an audible pop and lowered her to her feet, his hands already tugging at the waistband of her pants. She was trying to get his shirt up over his head at the same time, and both of them laughed as they blocked each other’s efforts.

“I’ll go first,” she offered as she let go of his shirt and dropped to her knees, taking his pants and underwear down with one clean jerk. With his pants still around his knees, she leaned in and sucked his cock deep into her mouth, and his legs nearly buckled at the sensation that surged through his body. She finished undressing him one-handed as she cupped his balls with the other hand, rolling them between her fingers as her tongue worked its way up and down his dick.

“Jesus that feels good.” He rolled his hips, pushing himself deeper into the velvety heat of her mouth. She hummed something in response, and he could have sworn all the blood in his body flowed to his cock. He tore his shirt over his head and threw it aside, his hands already tangled into her hair before it hit the floor. She was tall enough that she had to bow her head even when she was on her knees, and the thought flashed through his mind he’d be able to bend her over and take her from behind without having to worry about any height issues for once. The image of her long, lean form bent in front of him sent a spike of lust hammering straight through him.

Her fingers stroked up the back of his thigh, a gentle caress that was a marked counterpoint to the powerful swirl and suction she was using on his cock. His balls tightened as she toyed with them, and he bucked his hips again. Her teeth raked lightly along his shaft, and he almost missed the moment she slid a finger between his butt cheeks and pressed hard, just breaching the rim of his anus.

“Fuck!” He groaned as the triple set of sensations nearly broke his control. His hands tightened in her hair, and she laughed at him, the vibrations setting off another flurry of pleasurable sensations. She swallowed him so deep he forgot to breathe, and when she wiggled her finger inside his ass again, he lost the battle to stay in control and came harder than he had in his life. He fucked her mouth as his orgasm washed through him, and he could feel her sweet lips tighten around him every time she swallowed another spurt of his cum.

He loosened his hold on her hair as his wits slowly returned, and she licked his cock one last time before looking up at him with an expression of smug amusement. “Pleased with yourself, are you?” he asked as he reached down to help lift her back to her feet and then scooped her into his arms without effort. She squealed in protest as he held her, her feet kicking out wildly as he looked around the room for the perfect place for what he had planned next. A large wing chair caught his eye, and he headed for it as she laughed and tried to wriggle free. “You’re not going anywhere. I’m not nearly done with you yet.”

He laid her carefully over one of the overstuffed arms, her head on the seat and her delectable ass stuck up in the air. “Don’t you move a muscle,” he warned her as he stripped her pants off and then stroked his hand down her back and over the curve of her bare bottom. The lips of her pussy already gleamed with evidence of her arousal, the scent of it just strong enough to tease at his senses. He laid his hands on the twin globes of her ass and kneaded them as he dropped to his knees and then nuzzled his face between her thighs. His tongue teased along the seam of her pussy, and he felt her quiver in anticipation, her thighs parting.
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Published by Author Sam Crescent

Sam Crescent is a USA Today Bestselling author who is passionate about romance. She resides in the UK, and loves creating new exciting characters that take her on a journey she never expected. When she's not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc.

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