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I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch for some time. I’ve been very poorly. The good news with my illness is the fact I’m sat at the computer for most of my days lol. I’m plugging my way through the next Owners book. James’s story is really keeping me in suspense. I hope to have it finished very soon.

In good news The Valentines: Adam has been accepted by Total-E-Bound and will be published by them later this year.

Also accepted are;

2025: Hope by Evernight Publishing

Expecting the Playboy’s baby by Evernight publishing.

I want to say a big thank you to your lovely comments about Owned by the Dom Part one.

New Cover Art!!!

just-friendsThey’d been friends throughout childhood but could they be lovers?

Leah, Chase and Mitch were the best of friends since they were young children. Nothing and no-one could tear them apart. Leah knows she is in love with her two friends. She never acted on it though for fear of destroying their friendship.

When they were younger, Chase and Mitch fought over who would have Leah. They agreed they would never make her choose between them.

One night after to many cocktails, Leah wakes up, naked in bed with Mitch. The commotion brings Chase to the bedroom. She has slept with both of her friends, the only problem is….she can’t remember any of it.

Love Death and Justice

I’ve also been made aware that, Love, Death and Justice has been reduced on Amazon. Here are the links and some more information about the book for you to check out if you wish.

Amazon (US): http://www.amazon.com/Love-Death-Justice-ebook/dp/B009CDWE5K/ref=pd_ybh_7

Amazon (UK): http://www.amazon.co.uk/Love-Death-Justice-ebook/dp/B009CDWE5K/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1361952138&sr=1-3

lovedeathandjustice_800Book one in the Love and Death Series

Love and death are always part of life, but now is the time to seek out justice.

Catherine Hart is running. She’s just witnessed her sister’s murder. She can’t run fast enough. Caught and thrust into Cyril Wood’s world of prostitution and chaos, she must seduce Lance Clay and get the deal her sister was striking, or die.

Nothing is as it seems. Her sister was hiding far deeper than she could imagine. Lance wants Clay’s head and is prepared to do anything to get what he wants.

Catherine is a gift to Lance and together they must fight for her freedom and bring Cyril down. But in this world nothing is as it seems. Is her sister really dead, and who is really controlling Cyril?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence that some readers might find objectionable.

New Release: Owned By The Dom Part One

Owned by the Dom Part One (The Owners 3) 


The Owners, 3

Part One of Two

James Castleden has had enough of the press surrounding him and his club. Ravage is his place to let loose. He is possessive and dominant. When the younger sister of the woman he used to date walks into his club, James is not ready for the instant attraction he feels toward her. 

Prudence Star fell in love with James seven years ago. She is no shy virgin and knows what he is. James does not scare her. She’s read the reports about his association with club Possession and she craves what only he can give. 

When their flirting deepens, James cannot stop the craving inside him to own, to claim, and to take Prudence as his woman. 

But Possession and Ravage are under serious threat. Dominic and Eugene were just the beginning. There is nowhere to hide and no way to keep his woman safe. The Owners have no idea who they’re really dealing with. 

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, caning


How could he fight this?

There was no one else in the world for him. James didn’t want to let her go. She moved his hand down to her left breast. Her full mound filled his palm. She was just the right size for him. Prudence took his other hand and placed his palm between her legs.

“I’m not going anywhere, Sir. I want you and will do anything to be owned by you,” she said.

Her words were not lost on him.

He removed his palm from between her thighs to sink his fingers into her hair. James brought her close to him as he thumbed her nipple feeling her tighten against him.

“Do you have any idea what those words mean?” he asked.

“I was listening to you, James. I want that, too, and I think you do as well.”

James didn’t argue with her. It was true. The possessiveness that swamped him, the aggression he’d displayed—he’d seen it all in his two friends.

“You’re so young,” he said.

“Who cares? I don’t. Age means nothing to me.”

James couldn’t fight it anymore. The longer they were together, the harder it was to deny himself. He hated other men talking to her, and he’d been the one to put her in this position in the first place. Through his own actions, he’d taken her own job away, giving her no choice but to accept what he gave her.

“I want you, James,” she whispered. Her blue eyes darkened with her arousal. The kisses they’d shared over the past few weeks had done nothing except ignite a flame inside them. He sensed it strongly within her as he did himself. James knew he was a fool to have allowed one kiss let alone all the others.

No other woman could tame the monster inside him other than the woman standing before him.

James slammed his lips against hers. There was nothing nice or subtle about taking her. He needed to rid every memory of the men she’d dated before him. Prudence was all his, and he was going to show her what it really meant to be owned by a dominant man.

“There is no backing out, Prudence. I take you now, and you’re mine. No one gets to touch what is mine.”

She cupped his cheek. Her fingers stroked his skin. “I’ve always been yours, James.”

Her words unleashed the monster within him. He pushed her back until she was pressed against the wall. In the next moment her blouse was torn from her body. The buttons sprayed around the room. He worked her bra off until her tits spilled out.

A groan escaped him. She was ripe and ready to be fucked. Her pale mounds were tipped with cherry red nipples. They were tight and pointing up at him. He dropped his head to one nipple, taking it into his mouth. Prudence cried out. He covered her mouth with his palm, pulling away from her.

“Be quiet. We don’t want anyone running in here wondering what I’m doing to you.”

Her gaze flashed to the door then down at him. James went to remove his hand. She placed her hand over his not allowing him to let go.

James smiled. “Don’t make a sound.” He went back to tonguing her nipple. James knew that no one would dare enter his office without his permission. They were both safe inside his four walls. He saw the arousal intensify in her gaze. She was turned on by the possibility of being caught.

He ran his tongue over her skin and glided the tip of his tongue around her other nipple. With his free hand, he fingered the wet bud he’d left.

His cock pulsed in his pants. The pre-cum leaked out of the tip and into his pants. He knew the first time with Prudence wouldn’t be enough.

Leaving her nipple, he moved down to unbutton her jeans and lower the zipper. He slid the metal zipper down before placing his hand over her mound. Her panties didn’t hide her arousal. She was soaking wet. Her feminine scent teased the air. She smelt amazing.

James let go of the nipple and dropped down before her. Prudence looked down at him as he eased the denim down her legs. Her mouth was uncovered, and he heard her moaning. The sound filled the air around him like the scent of her pussy did.

“You’re soaking wet for me, baby?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“Yes, what?” he asked.

She licked her lips, gazing down at him.

“Yes, Sir.”

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Troy’s Older Love Now On Amazon!

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Troy’s Older Lover is now up on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.


[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Older Hero Romance, M/M, HEA]

Troy Stone is in love with his boss. He knows he has no chance with Joshua. For one, Joshua “Josh” Hudson is not gay, and second, why the hell would the older man even look at him? He’s only a personal assistant.

However, a kiss soon leads to so much more.

Without thinking, Troy kisses his boss after an innocent night out. All too soon the kiss leads to much more than either man expected. When Troy has to leave to go back home, Josh goes with him for comfort. While he’s there he learns how much he feels about Troy and the happiness that can be gained.

But Troy pushes him away, and Josh has to decide if he’s willing to put both of their happiness to the test or to simply walk away from the unknown.



Troy accepted his lot in life, but he wanted love. He did want to settle down and find the right man to spend the rest of his life with. So, trawling the streets late at night, he’d gone into a secluded gay bar and bumped right into Josh Hudson. The rest of the night turned into a blur. He didn’t go home with his boss. What he did was spend the rest of the night into the early hours of Saturday morning talking to the guy. Josh ceased being his boss and became an everyday guy over the hours they talked. He learned so much about him.

The one thing he didn’t learn was why Josh had been in the bar. He hadn’t thought to ask at the time. Talking with each other without the constraints of work had been a pleasure Troy couldn’t deny himself.

Josh had walked him home during the sunrise. Neither touched nor spoke during the short, brisk walk. Talking had not been necessary. The closeness had been perfect. When they’d gotten to his place, Troy had taken out of his keys then, without thinking, kissed Josh on the lips. The touch had been small. Nothing big. Two lips against each other. One set of lips inviting the other for so much more. Troy hadn’t lingered over the kiss even though he wanted to. Josh’s lips felt perfect for the split second they were together. The electricity that had sparked between them left Troy wanting more. So much more. Out of all the men he’d dated, none of them ever left him wanting more. The other boyfriends or one-night stands had merely left him satisfied while the smallest kiss with Josh left him yearning for more.

All he could think about was meeting Josh again. Then, after a long, dreamless sleep, Troy had woken up and realised his mistake. He’d kissed his boss. Once the realisation set in, so, too, did the panic. He loved his job. The research, the clients, and answering the phone. He loved it and was damn good at what he did.

The elevator pinged, followed by the doors opening. Josh stood inside. He was on the phone, moving swiftly toward him. There was no change on his face even as Josh saw him. His boss stood right in front of him, said good-bye to whoever was on the phone, then looked at him.

“Bring my coffee and the morning mail into my office,” Josh said then walked around him.

Troy had expected words like “you’re fired” or “what the fuck were you doing?” All types of scenarios ran rampant in his mind.

Instead, he got an order for coffee and mail. Shaking himself out of his thoughts, he rushed to the lounge, grabbed a coffee then the mail.

He was about to walk into the office when he saw his hands were shaking. The coffee he’d made was spilling onto the floor.

“Shit,” he said. Putting the cup down on the desk, he grabbed some paper towels to start wiping up the mess he’d created.

Where was his usual efficiency? It was his boss, not a potential date or dinner with a client.

“Get yourself together, Troy, before you give him a great excuse to fire you.” The pep talk did little for his confidence. He cleaned the mess then went for another cup of coffee. Other people were milling around the office floor, waiting for the morning to pass. The law office could get busy, and there was always room for more researchers or staff. He shook his hands out to try to gain his composure.

“Are you all right, Troy?” Mandy asked. She was another personal assistant like him to another guy across the hall.

“Yeah, rough weekend.”

She came and put her hand on his shoulder. “Let me know if you need to talk. Stress is not good for the mind or the body.”

He liked her. She was a sweet little thing. “Will do.”

Mandy smiled at him, took a coffee for her own boss, then left the room.

“Get it together.”

His hands stopped shaking within moments. He took the cup, grabbed the mail from his desk, and entered the office where Josh was currently signing a piece of paper.

Troy put the coffee down then waited for Josh to put his hand out to take the mail. Nothing happened. He stared out of the office window overlooking the city.

When would the torture be over?




Josh leaned down and brushed his lips against Troy’s. There was no response from him. “Either tell me to go or touch me, Troy.”

A split second passed, and Josh knew Troy was going to ask him to leave. His heart felt heavy. The pain smacked into his gut, holding him down like a lead weight.

“I don’t want you to go,” Troy said.

Josh didn’t give him time to change his mind. His lips were on Troy’s in a heartbeat. He pressed him against the wall, holding him steady as he plunged his tongue into his mouth. Their moans echoed around the room. Troy finally put his hands on him. His touch went down Josh’s back, around his waist, and up to circle his neck. Josh caught the hairs at the back of Troy’s head and pulled his head back. There was a gasp, followed by the sweetest sigh Josh had ever heard.

The need to fight his own feelings was strong, and he pushed all negative thoughts to the back of his mind. He didn’t need the added pressure of feeling he was doing something wrong. How could something that felt so right be so wrong? It was perfect.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Josh said, brushing his lips down to his neck. He inhaled the sweet fragrance of Troy’s cologne along with his own unique body scent.

He gave Troy enough time to unbutton his shirt then peeled the fabric from his shoulders. Troy had thick shoulders that had more to do with size than muscle. Josh got his own physique from the amount of exercise he did. “You feel so good,” he said.

Josh touched the younger man’s body, wanting more but not knowing how to ask for more.

“Let’s go someplace more comfortable.” Troy took his hand, leading him through to the sitting room. The couch was only a two-seater, and he understood why from the size of the apartment. It almost made him ashamed at the size of his own three-story home. He sat down on the couch beside Troy. There was no sound to be heard. They were both naked from the waist up. Josh saw Troy had no tattoos at all, unlike he did. He loved getting a tattoo. The only problem was the eagle on his back. He’d requested Natalie’s name under the tattoo only to have it removed and coloured in several months ago.

“Why do you have a tattoo on your back?” Troy asked, almost as if he was reading his mind.

“I love getting ink. The only problem with my profession is the fact clients don’t like seeing ink on their lawyers. I have to refrain from it being seen.” He turned his hand over, showing the intricate design of a dagger plunging through a heart on the inside of his arm.

“Is that why you wear long shirts?”

“Yes. I don’t want to talk about my ink, Troy. Come here.” He crooked his finger, telling Troy to come closer. There was a smile decorating his lips. Josh moaned as the other man got closer. The feel of him pressed against his body was heady.

Their lips touched, and little fireworks went off inside Josh’s body. He’d never felt such a primal connection as he did with Troy. When they were together, the world faded. Even when they were working, Josh always felt like they were the only two people in the world. Was this destined to happen between them?

Josh did not believe in fate or destiny. He believed in emotions and action. What was happening between them couldn’t be explained. All he had to do was allow his heart to lead for a change.

For the first time in his life, Josh felt deliriously happy. He’d never felt like this with Natalie. Josh ran his fingers up and down Troy’s back. Goose bumps erupted on his own flesh. Troy put a hand on his chest and ran his fingers past his nipples and down to the flat panes of his stomach.

He moaned, kissing Troy, then paused as the other man’s hand touched his cock. The excitement made him release pre-cum into his pants.

“I’m sorry,” Troy said.

“No, it’s all right, go ahead.”

He watched as Troy unbuttoned his pants. The zipper was lowered. Josh wore a pair of black boxer briefs. He lifted up for his pants to be pulled down. Troy went to the floor before him. Josh saw his cock was thick and outlined by the boxer briefs he wore. “We can stop if you’re not ready for more.”

Josh shook his head. He was more than ready. Everything that had ever happened in life he’d dealt with. He wasn’t lying when he said he’d regret walking away from Troy.

“I’m ready.” He pushed his boxers down his legs, watching as his shaft sprang straight up for attention.

This was it. Once they crossed this next line, there was no turning back. Usually, he’d feel a slight twinge of fear at being plunged into the unknown. Most of the other times in his life he was alone when dealing with the unknown. This time, he wasn’t alone. He had Troy. His very loyal personal assistant.

“I want you, Troy.”



Guest: Susan Hayes

Guarding Valentina: Book Three in the Paladin Protection Agency Series


[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, vampires, public exhibition, HEA]

Sometimes everything has to go wrong so that fate can make it right.

Valentina Farro is used to being the hunter, not the hunted, but when a vampire marks her for death, everything changes. Now one of Paladin’s fiercest warriors is fighting for her life and the lives of her Paladin family.

It should have just been another assignment, but nothing goes according to plan when the vampire Aedan Doyle is hunting leads him around the world and into Valentina’s life. A vampire hunter with supernatural abilities of his own, Aedan is determined to keep Val safe, no matter what the cost. He appoints himself as Val’s personal bodyguard and then he makes sure he’s guarding her beautiful body up close and personal, every chance he gets.

As the body count rises, Valentina and Aedan’s new bond is tested to the breaking point. Trusting each other with their lives is one thing, but can two solitary warriors find the courage to trust each other with their hearts?

Adult Excerpt:

She wriggled against him again, working her fingers between their bodies and under his clothing to wrap around his cock. “Mhmm,” she hummed in agreement. She managed to stroke a fingertip over the sensitive slit at the end of his dick, spreading the pre-cum over the head. The feeling of her hand sliding over his slick skin made his cock harder still, and he broke their kiss with a shuddering groan.

“You keep this up and I’m going to be inside you before you know it.”

“Promises, promises.” She pumped his cock with her hand as she nibbled her way down his neck to his chest, biting just hard enough to entice. “You need to be naked first.”

“So do you. So, as much as I am enjoying this, you need to let me up.”

She grinned at him in challenge as she fisted his cock from root to tip. “Make me.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” He surged off the couch and caught her in his arms on the way up. He lifted her high enough he could suckle one sweet nipple into his mouth, enjoying her low moans of encouragement. He let go of her breast with an audible pop and lowered her to her feet, his hands already tugging at the waistband of her pants. She was trying to get his shirt up over his head at the same time, and both of them laughed as they blocked each other’s efforts.

“I’ll go first,” she offered as she let go of his shirt and dropped to her knees, taking his pants and underwear down with one clean jerk. With his pants still around his knees, she leaned in and sucked his cock deep into her mouth, and his legs nearly buckled at the sensation that surged through his body. She finished undressing him one-handed as she cupped his balls with the other hand, rolling them between her fingers as her tongue worked its way up and down his dick.

“Jesus that feels good.” He rolled his hips, pushing himself deeper into the velvety heat of her mouth. She hummed something in response, and he could have sworn all the blood in his body flowed to his cock. He tore his shirt over his head and threw it aside, his hands already tangled into her hair before it hit the floor. She was tall enough that she had to bow her head even when she was on her knees, and the thought flashed through his mind he’d be able to bend her over and take her from behind without having to worry about any height issues for once. The image of her long, lean form bent in front of him sent a spike of lust hammering straight through him.

Her fingers stroked up the back of his thigh, a gentle caress that was a marked counterpoint to the powerful swirl and suction she was using on his cock. His balls tightened as she toyed with them, and he bucked his hips again. Her teeth raked lightly along his shaft, and he almost missed the moment she slid a finger between his butt cheeks and pressed hard, just breaching the rim of his anus.

“Fuck!” He groaned as the triple set of sensations nearly broke his control. His hands tightened in her hair, and she laughed at him, the vibrations setting off another flurry of pleasurable sensations. She swallowed him so deep he forgot to breathe, and when she wiggled her finger inside his ass again, he lost the battle to stay in control and came harder than he had in his life. He fucked her mouth as his orgasm washed through him, and he could feel her sweet lips tighten around him every time she swallowed another spurt of his cum.

He loosened his hold on her hair as his wits slowly returned, and she licked his cock one last time before looking up at him with an expression of smug amusement. “Pleased with yourself, are you?” he asked as he reached down to help lift her back to her feet and then scooped her into his arms without effort. She squealed in protest as he held her, her feet kicking out wildly as he looked around the room for the perfect place for what he had planned next. A large wing chair caught his eye, and he headed for it as she laughed and tried to wriggle free. “You’re not going anywhere. I’m not nearly done with you yet.”

He laid her carefully over one of the overstuffed arms, her head on the seat and her delectable ass stuck up in the air. “Don’t you move a muscle,” he warned her as he stripped her pants off and then stroked his hand down her back and over the curve of her bare bottom. The lips of her pussy already gleamed with evidence of her arousal, the scent of it just strong enough to tease at his senses. He laid his hands on the twin globes of her ass and kneaded them as he dropped to his knees and then nuzzled his face between her thighs. His tongue teased along the seam of her pussy, and he felt her quiver in anticipation, her thighs parting.
Buy Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/guarding-valentina
You can check out Susan’s other books, including the rest of the Paladin Protection Agency series at Siren-Bookstrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/susan-hayes

Guests: Reggie and Kasi Alexander

1.       Tell us about yourself.

We are a writing team that consists of a real-life Master and slave. We practice power exchange 24/7 and are passionate about educating the public about BDSM, polyamory and power exchange. Our first series (“Becoming sage,” “Saving sunni,” “It’s Only Kinky the First Time” and “Learning the Ropes”) was under the names Kasi and Reggie Alexander, published by Omnific Publishing. Our second series, “Clifftop Fantasies” and “The Masters of Falcon’s Fantasies,” with the third installment about to go out is being written under the name Cassidy Browning and is published by Siren Bookstrand.


2.       What genre do you write and why?

We write realistic BDSM ménage romance. We are polyamorous (there are three of us) and we practice BDSM and power exchange, so we know those lifestyles intimately and want to promote more public awareness and acceptance of them. Plus they’re hot!


3.       What made you become a writer?

Both of us (Reggie and Kasi) have always wanted to be writers. When we started a Master/slave relationship, Reggie decided it would be a good way to help Kasi achieve that goal, so we began a writing schedule and started brainstorming our first book, “Becoming sage.” It was also very cathartic, because it helped us work through some of the more difficult emotions involved in becoming poly and doing M/s. We found we really enjoyed team writing so we kept at it. When Kasi was laid off her job of 12 years (for writing alternative romance), we decided to use the time to write as many books as possible and see if we couldn’t turn it into a full-time career.


4.       Tell us about your recent book or series.

We are very proud of our “BDSM Ménage Fantasies” series from Siren. It deals with a woman who inherits a large house on the California coast. She moves there with her boyfriend and they turn it into a BDSM bed-and-breakfast. The first book, “Clifftop Fantasies,” tells the story of how she discovers BDSM and makes the decision to incorporate it into her business, including becoming submissive to her father’s assistant Karl. The second book deals with a rock star, Daphne Monroe, whose career is faltering. She meets Decker, a Dominant who pairs up with her manager Finn and together they take her in hand. The third book, which is almost ready to go to the publisher, is about Sami Peters, a massage therapist who’s lost her self-confidence and her career. She goes to Clifftop under protest, only to meet Crash and AJ, two football players who are curious but a little wary of BDSM as well. They all learn more than they expected to.


5.       What have you found to be the most challenging?

Definitely the marketing aspects of writing! We are getting a little faster at the actual writing, but we have found that our major weakness is marketing the books once they’re published.


Fun questions: kasi will answer these for us


1.       Does size matter?

Are we talking books or penises? J I’ll go with penises and say yes and no. Personally I don’t like them to be huge, but I’ll admit a bigger one is definitely nice to look at and play with. As far as sex is concerned, though, it certainly isn’t the most important factor!


2.       Christian Grey or Gideon Cross?

I haven’t read the Crossfire series, so I don’t really know what Gideon Cross is like. I did read 50 Shades, and I thought Christian Grey was a little on the neurotic side for me. Plus, no knives???? Seriously, how much fun can you have without knives????


3.       Flowers or Chocolate?

Chocolate!!! I don’t really care much about flowers. Chocolate is MUCH more fun to play with!


4.       E-book or paperback?

That is a tough one. My personal philosophy is I can afford more ebooks, so I can read more. Then, when I find an author I really like I buy their books to have in my hands. It works out well and I don’t have stacks of books sitting around to try to get rid of. The only actual books I get are the ones I’ve loved.

Becoming Sage

Becoming sage cover- web version small

With a failed marriage behind her, Jill Marten was looking to start a new chapter in her life. She had no idea that running into her old friend Jessie would unlock a whole new world. When she accepts Jessie’s invitation to a party, in order to “try something completely different,” it awakens a need to discover her place in a new community. Jill begins her journey into submission, bondage, and polyamory, even as she questions everything that she has been taught about love and relationships. Once she opens the door to a life she never imagined, a peek through the keyhole is no longer enough and she must learn what it means to become sage.

Buy Link:  Omnific PublishingAmazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / All Romance E-Books

Saving Sunni

Saving Sunni

Jessie Chambers—“sunni” to the local BDSM community—needs to grow up. Her master, Sir Rune, has told her to get a job. Her sister slave sage is struggling through college, serious as ever. sunni goes to the local goth/kink store, The Fringe Element, and is immediately embraced by its quirky owner as the newest member of her “little family.” But almost immediately things start to get complicated. sunni’s ex shows up, claiming he’s found God and that God wants them to get back together. A video of sunni and Sir Rune doing a scene at the club winds up on television and all kinds of trouble ensues. sunni must figure out a way to restore her relationships, keep her master from getting deported, take over running the store, and stop everybody else from trying to “save sunni.”

Buy Links: Omnific Publishing / Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK)

Clifftop Fantasies 


When Allie Walker inherits her father’s huge, beautiful house on the California coast, she knows it is the chance of a lifetime. Now she can start the bed-and-breakfast she’s always dreamed of—with the help of her boyfriend Brad McCarthy and the sexy, mysterious handyman Karl Masterson. But no sooner do they open for business when mistakes from Allie’s past come back to haunt her and she begins to suspect that her father had his own shocking secrets. Now Allie must reconcile herself with her past, deal with the photographer who seems to want to bring up things she’d rather not talk about, decide what to do about the sexy woman that is showing interest in Brad, and how to deal with the fact that her father was a leader in the local BDSM community. And then there is her growing attraction to Karl and the way of life he represents.

Buy Links: Bookstrand / Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK)

 Falcon’s Fantasy 


After a wonderful review in Exotic Travels Magazine, the BDSM bed-and-breakfast Clifftop Fantasies has been invaded by the charming but undisciplined rock star Daphne Monroe. She has brought her rowdy bandmates and her harassed and overworked manager Finn to film her newest video. Little does she know that she is on a crash course with the troubled and grieving pilot Decker. Will her self-destructive tendencies be stoked by badboy Blaze or will she be tamed by the combined efforts of Finn and the quiet Dominant Decker? Add in an illicit affair with an up-and-coming politician, her appetite for chaos and an unsuspecting leather community and you’ll share in Falcon’s Fantasy.

Buy Links: Bookstrand / Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) /

Menage Erotica Nominee

Hi All,

I had some good news over the last week. The Bad Boys’ Virgin Temptress is up for an award for the menage romances in the erotica category.

Look, here is my personal logo.



I was wondering if you enjoyed my book whether you’d swing by and cast your vote: http://marywhispers.blog.com/?p=1397

Here is more details of the book nominated.


Product Description

The Law Castle Bad Boys, 1

Cheryl Fisher is a virgin on a mission. She’s spent the better part of her life caring for her sick mother. On her death bed, her mother made her promise to live life to the fullest and to never take one moment for granted. In order to fulfill her promise, she goes in search of the two men she can trust with her body.

Noah and Drew have had their eyes on Cheryl for a while. Both men know they want to share her. When Noah learns the truth about her virginity, he’s shocked by the possessive feelings he has towards her.

Together, they must show Cheryl that there is more to them than their bad boy reputation. They want her with them forever, and they will do everything in their power to fight for her.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, spanking.


“You look fucking beautiful, angel.”

She blushed and went to cover her tits. He moved the short distance and pulled her hands away from covering her body. “Never try to shield yourself from me.”

He palmed her breasts, watching her eyes dilate and her lips part as her breathing changed to pants.

“Do you like what I’m doing to you?” he asked. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Drew fucking his fist. It had been a while since they’d shared a woman together, and the raw need he felt for the woman in front of him was reflected in his friend.

“Yes,” she said in response to his question.

“Tell me to touch you.” Noah wanted to hear her demands from her lips.

“Touch me, Noah.” His name on her lips sounded heavenly to him. Going to his knees in front of her, he took the edge of the cotton panties she wore and pulled them down her legs. Her pussy was covered with trim red pubic hair, telling him she truly was a real redhead.

When he had her naked and gasping he would take off his leather pants. The need to have her begging him to fuck her was strong. She lifted her feet, and he threw her panties away before he stood in front of her once more. She was biting her lip, tilting her chin back as he pulled her lip from between her teeth. He then claimed her lips as he caressed down her body, testing the weight of her breasts in his hands, going down and tracing circles in the swell of her tummy, settling on her mound at the apex of her thighs. Sliding a finger between her slit, he felt her wetness instantly. She was dripping.

“You’re so wet,” he said watching her face heat from a delightful blush. He hadn’t seen a woman blush in years. “Open your thighs. I want to feel your cunt.”

Noah groaned and wished he could take the words away. He didn’t want to speak crudely to her, but it was who he was. She opened her thighs, giving him easier access. Running his finger down to her entrance, he inserted a finger inside her, feeling a barrier but not thinking much of it. She was tight, hot, and wet. Slipping in a second finger he heard her wince.

“Has it been a while since you’ve been with a man?” he asked.

She mumbled something, and he felt a thrill go right down his spine from the pleasure of knowing he would be her first man in a long time. Removing his hand, he pushed her to the edge of the bed while Drew moved closer, climbing onto the bed behind her. Noah spread her legs, kneeling on the floor in front of her. Her cunt leaking out her cream was one of the most erotic views he’d ever seen. Using his thumbs, he pulled her lips apart for him to see her swollen clit peeking out of its hood. She looked red, swollen, and good enough to eat. Noah swiped his tongue from her cunt all the way up to her clit, swirling round the nub and back down.

He heard her scream, and glancing up, he saw Drew had turned to her side and was tonguing her nipples. Noah could only imagine that the dual sensations of their tongues would be driving her crazy. This is why he loved sharing her with his best friend. He got to see his woman lose control while still being able to touch her. An extra set of hands and lips were much better than doing it all alone. Pressing both of his thumbs against her clit, he watched what Drew was doing to her.

Her gaze kept shifting from Drew to him and then back again, her eyes growing wider with every passing second.

“Do you like this, Cheryl?” Noah asked.

“Yes. Touch me more. Please. I need to be touched.”

He licked her pussy, running his fingers through her hair trying to enhance every pulse of sensation.

“Touch me, baby,” Drew said.

Noah glanced up to watch her wrap her small hand around Drew’s large cock. The end was wet from his cum. The excitement was obviously becoming too much for his friend. Smirking at the look of pain on Drew’s face, Noah went back to licking the nicest cream he’d ever tasted.

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New Release: Time to Play

Time to Play (Allusifa Siblings 1)


The Allusifa Siblings, 1

One night of hot sex was never supposed to be complicated.

Simone hates men who cheat. When she catches her current boyfriend with another woman, she finds the nearest bar and spends the night with a mysterious and alluring stranger.

Come Monday…

Callum Gallagher is looking for a thief. Someone is stealing his money and making it look like Simone is the culprit. He knows it cannot be her. Callum enlists her help with a little persuasion.

She never expected to meet her mystery man or to be attracted to him and his brooding friend. Cole Turner gets under her skin unlike any other man. When their innocent kisses take on a whole new meaning, will she be able to resist both men?

After witnessing the disaster of her parents marriage, Simone cannot bring herself to trust any man with her heart. Will Cole and Callum break the ice surrounding her heart?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, sex toys, spanking


“This is just a city, Callum. Nothing special about a city.”
He ran a finger down her arm watching her nipples harden in their reflections. Her body caught his attention. She had a nice rounded stomach and full, spankable ass. She was not self conscious. She wasn’t trying to cover her body from his view. Simone was happy in her skin, and he found it a turn-on to finally see a woman happy with herself.
Moving his hand around her body, he cupped one of her tits in his hand. The weight filled his hand. She looked so sexy as her head fell back onto his shoulder. One of his hands had his drink. He used the other to play with her body.
“Do you like being my toy?” he asked, running his hand down to her mound. She was neatly trimmed. He wondered if she went bare at any time.
“Providing you give me what I want, I don’t care what you do,” she said.
Her eyes closed when he eased a finger between her glistening pussy lips. She was soft to the touch. Dripping wet from her orgasm. He wondered how she’d look with his seed mixed in with her own release.
“We’re strangers, Simone. No one will ever know what happened here.”
“I know.” She opened her legs wider. The heels she wore made it easier for her to open. He watched in the reflection as he teased her clit. The little nub looked swollen with need. The drink in his hand was hindering his play time.
“Hold this,” he said, handing her the glass.
Simone took the glass from him. Callum opened the lips of her pussy, taking a good look at her reflection. He wanted his tongue inside her and to taste all that warm cream he saw coming from her.
Callum moved further down pressing the tips of two fingers inside her cunt. Her moan echoed off the walls. Once she had two fingers inside her, he added a third, watching her take all of him. His cock thickened inside his pants.
“Stand up.”  She did as he told her. He took the glasses from her hands then placed them on the floor.
Next, he removed his own pants until he stood behind her naked. Grabbing another condom, he placed it over his stiff cock. He pressed on Simone’s back, making her ease forward against the glass. Her ass was in the air with her cunt on display. Callum eased the tip of his dick along her slit, feeling her shiver with each move. When he bumped her clit, she cried out in pleasure.
In one single thrust, he pressed inside her tight cunt, feeling her walls grip him like a fist. With her hands against the glass of the window, he pressed his length inside her cunt. Holding her hips, he pulled out then slammed inside.
“I want to hear your screams, Simone. I want to hear you beg for my cock.”

Guest: Stacey Espino

 Espino Banner_LG

1) First, tell us a little about yourself so the readers know who you are? 

I’m a married mother of five living in northern Canada. I write erotic romance for Siren and Evernight Publishing.

2) What made you decide to write? Was it something you accidentally began? Or what you wanted to do? Or annoying character who refused to leave until their story was told?  

I’ve been writing since I was a pre-teen. It’s always been a creative and emotional outlet for me. It’s a dream come true to be doing what I love for a living.

3) I love hearing about first acceptances as an aspiring writer and now that I am e-published, I still love hearing about them. So tell us about that first acceptance.  

My first acceptance was for Fearless Desires (Immortal Love) from Siren Publishing. It was a joyous day and the beginning of my writing career. My first book/series still holds a very special place in my heart. I hope to continue the third book as soon as I’m able.

4) Tell us about your current release? Where can readers buy it from? 

My next releases are Threesome and Climax for Six. All my books are available at http://www.bookstrand.com/stacey-espino and www.evernightpublishing.com. You can also find them at Amazon and several other online book sellers. Many of my books are also in print.

5) What are you currently writing? 

I actually have over half a dozen projects on the go. I wish I had a clone! I’m focusing on my Iron Spur Ranch series at the moment.

6) What inspires you most when you write? 

I like damaged characters—they are real and complex. When I can become emotionally invested in them, I am able to put more passion into my writing.

7) What experiences have you had working with your publisher/s?

I am very happy writing for Siren and Evernight. My experiences are wonderful.

8) What are you reading now?

Since I’m getting caught up on my writing, I have nothing on my nightside table at the moment. My to-read pile is huge, and I still get a thrill when I look at all the books on my shelf I’ve yet to read.

9) What are your guilty pleasures? 

Reading, writing, animals, Starbucks green tea lattes, chocolate, and vanilla-scented products.

10) What would be your advice, if any, for other aspiring authors? 

Know your game plan and stick with it. Keep writing, improving your skills, and challenging yourself!

This is for you to talk more about yourself, leave your blogging details, site details and generally promote yourself. 

You can find me at:



Latest Release


Romance on the Go

It seemed to happen overnight. After thirty-seven years, Eve’s sexual peak decided to rear its ugly head. Only she was very, very single and couldn’t get a man in her bed if she tried.  To add to her dilemma, the big office party required she bring a boyfriend she didn’t have.

Eve takes a risk and asks the man she’s been crushing on to masquerade as her date for the party. Only he has some requests of his own…and they aren’t G-Rated. With her libido on overdrive, who is she to say no to his erotic games?

When the party’s over, will they return to being strangers or dare to take things beyond the bedroom?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex

Buy Links: Evernight Publishing / Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / All Romance E-Books / Bookstrand


The other man turned and directed his attention to her. He looked hungry despite his stoic expression. She swallowed hard, not sure if she should back away or beg him to dominate her. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she waited for him to speak. “I’ve told Branson to stay away from you…for your own good.” He stepped closer. “You’re the kind of woman a man could lose his soul to.” His voice was a low octave, on the cusp of a whisper. “But since we both have eyes for you, there’s really only one solution.”

“A threesome,” she blurted like a student rushing to provide the correct answer. As soon as she spoke, every muscle in her body tensed. Time stood still as she replayed her answer over and over in her head, wishing she could turn back time and not make a fool of herself. But an idea had been planted in her consciousness, one infecting her like a virus. What would it be like to experience a real threesome, two cocks filling her body?

He seemed to be pondering her answer, as if it never occurred to him. Was he playing with her? After slipping off his dark suit jacket, he set it on the back of the sofa. He wouldn’t shift his gaze from her, like a predator sizing up its prey. He was sexy as hell, slowly licking his upper lip. Such perfect lips. She noticed the slight stubble along his jawline and dark shadow above his lip. In fact, her mind was working on overdrive, absorbing every detail from the beauty mark on his neck to the small white scar above his eyebrow. Everything turned her on.

“Have you ever taken two men, Eve?”

Oh shit. The mere idea of a threesome terrified her at first thought. It wasn’t the norm, was something society would frown upon. If her mother could see her now… Eve didn’t even want to think about it. She was on her own in the world, an adult, free to make her own choices. Did she want to go through with this? After reaching her sexual peak, she’d been ready to do just about anything for some basic satisfaction. These men offered her a trip to heaven and back with no cost, no obligation.

“No!” she snapped, feigned being insulted. “I mean, no. That’s crazy talk. Who do you think I am?” She was stammering and knew it. Eve blamed her nerves. “What kind of woman jumps into bed with two brothers?” Saying it aloud made her pussy moisten. Brothers.

“So you want to leave?” asked Branson.

“I–I didn’t say that.” She wanted to scream for them to get on with it, to help her see the stars, but she didn’t want to appear overly eager. Growing up, she’d been drilled to keep a good reputation, to never appear slutty. But this was what she wanted, and it was her decision to make. Whether it was the right or wrong one, she’d deal with the consequences later.

“Feisty.” The dark-haired Adonis paced around her, sizing her up. He undid his golden cufflinks, slowly, and set them on the side table with care. “Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea of yours, Branson.”

 Coming Soon