Guest: Jennifer Simpkins

1) Tell us about yourself.

Jennifer SimpkinsOkay, let’s see…I live in Tennessee with my husband of almost ten years, my six year old daughter, and our two dogs. For the past six years I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. It’s by no means perfect, and a far cry from glamorous, but my life is pretty great at the moment.

In the spring and summer…and most of the time up until the fall, my life revolves around softball and baseball. If I’m not running the kiddo to her softball practices and games, and I’m not writing, I’m most likely catching a New York Yankees game on television. We’re passionate when it comes to the sport.

You can find her here: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

2) What genre do you write and why?

I write contemporary romance that are heartfelt with a little bit of spice sprinkled in. I take it as a challenge to be able to take everyday life and come up with fresh twists to put on it. I especially love small town romances—which is how the Patience Series came about.
3) What made you become a writer?

Like a lot of writers I can say, I can’t remember a time I didn’t want to do this. Writing was my first love, but after I got married my dream changed to desperately wanting a family. In fact, I wanted a house full of kids. We’ll save why I only have one kid for another time. Let’s just say an excessive amount of all-night crying has a lot to do with it. But I do consider myself truly blessed to have been able to be home with my daughter. Like most jobs though, it was not always rainbows and butterflies. I mean come on; there was only so much Nick Jr. I could handle. That’s when my first love came back into play. At my niece’s urging I started writing again…and I loved it. After writing my first chapter—which ended up being part of chapter nine in Forgiving Patience—I was hooked. That was three years ago. Earlier this month Forgiving Patience was released with Secret Cravings Publishing.

4) Tell us about your recent book or series.

Forgiving Patience is book 1 in my Patience Series. Book 2 will be released in March of this year.


Patience is a small town in Tennessee. If you were to visit you would be welcomed with some special people who go to bat for those they care most about…and of course there’s always the chance you could find yourself wrapped up in a sizzling-hot romance.

Everyone there has some type of story, and I’m excited to share them.
In Forgiving Patience you will be introduced to Anna Kelly and Jake Lawrence. Here is a blurb:

Anna Kelly had no intention of returning to her hometown of Patience, Tennessee. At eighteen, feeling powerless from an abusive childhood and heartbroken from her high school sweetheart, she needed to put distance between her and the small town. Now, eleven years later she’s invited to her best friend’s wedding and has no other choice but to return. Though she feels much stronger the second time around, nothing can prepare her for when she sees her ex again.

After a baseball injury, Jake limped back into Patience, damaged and angry. Throwing himself into remodeling Anna’s childhood home has given him purpose again. He is just getting his life back together. He can’t risk sending it all back to hell again, but the woman who broke his heart has whipped back into town…and she wants her house back. In hopes of reminding Anna of what she ran away from all those years ago he makes her an offer she can’t refuse—three dates, that have Anna rethinking Patience…and the life she was supposed to have with Jake.

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5) What have you found to be the most challenging?

Lately, what I have found to be a struggle is managing my time. But of course, I probably wouldn’t have this problem if I stayed off Facebook. Another thing is I tend to write better at night. It’s crazy, I know. I have all day free, yet I can’t seem to get anything done until ten o’ clock at night.
A Few fun questions.

Does size matter?

Ummm….of course. *blushes*

Christian Grey or Gideon Cross?

Sorry, I can’t say, because I haven’t read either series.

Flowers or Chocolate?

Chocolate is the answer to everything, isn’t it?

E-book or paperback?

I’ve just recently gotten on board with reading off of an e-reader. I know, I know, I’m late to the game. For me there is just something about holding a book in my hands. When I’m having a slow writing day I will go and pick one out a book I’ve already read, open it up to a random page, and start just start reading. I find this to be very relaxing. It’s just not the same on an e-reader. I will always pick a paperback over an e-book.