Guest: Doris O’Connor

1) Tell us about yourself. 
Thanks so much for having me here today, Sam 🙂 I’m a mum of nine and happily married to my very own alpha hero for the last 23 years. A writer of all things naughty, I like to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.

You can find Doris Here:

Website / Blog / Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest
2) What genre do you write and why?

I have a very unpredictable and insistent muse, so I write both Contemporary and Paranormal Erotic romance, and I write across several sub genres in that. I’m a panster, so I never know what’s going to happen, when I sit down to write. It’s always an adventure!

3) What made you become a writer? 

I’ve always spun stories in my head for as long as I can remember. As a teenager I started countless novels, did some fanfic, and then as an adult life got in the way. Then in September 2010 a friend entered a writing competition, and I thought to myself, it’s now or never. I didn’t get anywhere in that competition, but I have been writing ever since. My debut novel Lure Of The Blood released in November 2011, and I have accrued quite a backlist since then J

4) Tell us about your recent book or series. 

Too Devious To Tame is book three in my Giovanni Clan series about an Italian family living in the UK, and their complicated love lives. This is Cousin Giorgio’s and Jemima’s story. Readers will have met them in book two of the series, where Jemima caused all sorts of trouble for her twin sister Elise, and it became clear that Jemima and Giorgio had history.

5) What have you found to be the most challenging? 

Time is always an issue for me. My youngest is only 17 months old, and in the whole ‘mummy needs eyes in the back of her head stage’. So my writing time is curtailed to his naps, and evenings, when he’s asleep. It means I don’t get a heck of a lot sleep when in the middle of a story.

Writing Too Devious To Tame brought a unique set of challenges with it. I originally started this series back in November 2011. Book one and two were written very quickly and then I stalled on book three. It has a different feel to it, due to the dangers my hero and heroine find each other in, and I couldn’t do the story justice until now.
A Few fun questions. 

Does size matter?

LOL, what a question. In romance, definitely. We want the fantasy as readers, don’t we, so my heroes are always, tall, and in proportion 😉
In real life, well, let’s just say I’m spoiled.

Christian Grey or Gideon Cross?

Gideon Cross

Flowers or Chocolate? 


E-book or paperback? 

E-book. I love the instant access, though I like reading the paperbacks too.



When Giorgio Giovanni tracks the troublesome Jemima down in a hospital bed in Italy, he has one thing on his mind—revenge. However, the fragile woman he encounters is not the devious female he remembers. When it becomes clear that she is in danger, he risks everything to keep her safe.
Left for dead, Jemima wakes up in hospital, terrified, and with no idea of her identity. The angry man, who comes to claim her, is the only link to a shared past she can’t remember. A past that threatens to destroy them, and all she has ever held dear.
With danger all around them, and their sexual chemistry off the scale, can they find their way back to each other, or is the past too devious to tame?


Tears clouded her vision at the concern in his voice, and he swore and moved to untie her.
“No, I’m fine, really. Leave it. Show me how it should be, please. Help me to forget.”
He stared at her for the longest time, one large hand, hot and heavy on her belly, his gaze so intense it took her breath away. When he finally smiled, it lit up his harsh features. She didn’t catch the murmured Italian words he mumbled under his breath, but the kiss that followed had her curl her toes into the bed with the effort to not release herself from her bonds and bury her hands in his hair to make him hurry up and fuck her.
He was breathing as heavily as she by the time he released her, and she bit back a moan when he simply ripped the rest of her dress off her. Her bra and knickers followed the fate of her dress, until she lay in front of him naked, wet, and wanting. He ran his knuckles slowly up and down her tummy in ever widening circles, and then reached across to the ice bucket with a slow grin.
“Shut your eyes for me, cara.” His voice had dropped an octave, and her stomach dropped right with it, seeing him hold a couple of ice cubes in his fingers. She shook her head and bucked off the bed, when he flicked his hand over her breasts. Ice cold drops of water fell on her skin and trickled between the valley of her breasts. He licked the drops away, his warm tongue taking away the coldness left by the water.
“Shut your eyes, trust me. This will be so much better for you when you can’t see what I’m doing.” He kissed a path down her quivering tummy, and she blinked back tears at the tender way he caressed her abdomen. He paused to drop a long kiss just above her pubic bone, and his hot breath teased her wet folds. Her clit tingled, and she shut her eyes, as he renewed his request for her to do so. She couldn’t see what he was doing, but the bed dipped as he adjusted his weight again. His hot mouth closed over one of her nipples at the same time as the other was subjected to an ice cube being circled around it.
She gasped at the intense sensation, and Giorgio swapped sides. The difference between his warm mouth and tongue and the ice cube sent her body into spasms of need. She writhed under him, and he laughed. Again and again he repeated the process all along her body. A path of ice, followed by the warmth of his tongue as he licked the icy trails away, leaving fiery awareness in its wake. By the time he finally reached her pussy, she was hovering on the brink of orgasm. She whimpered her need when he pushed an ice cube high into her channel and then proceeded to lick around her clit, careful to never touch her when she needed him most. The melting ice cube mixed in with her own juices and trickled slowly out her hole. Her pussy clenched, and she didn’t recognize the needy voice pleading with him to please do something.
He blew against her slit and shouldered her legs wider.
“Così bello, e tutto mio.” He followed the words with a kiss, and she screamed when he pulled her clit into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it, at the same time as he pushed another ice cube into her empty channel. Her walls closed around the slippery object, and spasmed wildly as the first quivers of her orgasm hit. Giorgio groaned into her core and stepped up his sweet torture on her clit. When he pushed two fingers into her core, and massaged her sweet spot, the intensity of her orgasm hit her with the full force of freight train.
“That’s it, tesoro, fly for me.” He caught her scream of release in his mouth, and she could taste herself in the passionate kiss he gave her, dimly aware of him withdrawing his fingers and replacing them with his cock. Thick, hard, and so very long he filled her completely as he pushed into her swollen core, until he was seated to the hilt. She wrapped her legs around him and dug her feet into his calves to give him better access and to take him as deep as she could. He started thrusting, every move driving him deeper into her, and tumbling her right over the edge again, as her inner muscles contracted around his thick member. Faster and faster he pumped, his harsh breathing in her ear the most erotic sound ever, his hands and lips seemingly everywhere, arousing every little bit of skin he touched until her whole body was a mass of sensation. Again her body climbed toward that peak of sheer joy, and this time Giorgio was with her every step of the ecstatic journey they took together. Her eyes flew open, and she drowned in the rolling depths of emotion she saw reflected in his, as they came together in their explosive release.
When her body finally stopped shaking, she could taste the salt of tears in her mouth. Giorgio kissed them off her face, and he released her from her bonds, and pulled her into his embrace. She had to smile at his grumbled, “If this is pretending, then I hate to see what will happen when we do this for real.”

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Snow Day and Night Owl Top Pick + Giveaway

Hi all,

Well the snow is melting now and I feel sad to see it go. I’ve always loved watching the snow fall and seeing the beauty as it lays all around is lovely to see. This past week in the UK, we’ve witnessed a lot of snow fall. At least to me, this is a lot of snow.

I went out walking in it and took a couple of pictures, not many because I kept falling on my butt. I’m going to share them with you now.

My camera is awful so you’ll have to forgive me for the quality. Just admire the beautiful scene 🙂

Snow Day 1

Snow Day 2

Snow Day 3

It was that thick in places that I struggled to walk in it.

Scarred Beauty is a Night Owl Top Pick

Scarred Beauty was reviewed by Night Owl Reviews and they gave it a top pick. Here is the link to read the review:

To celebrate the lovely review, I will be giving away two copies of Scarred Beauty. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment. 


Imperfection, 1

Noelle Evans has lived with a vicious scar down the side of her face since she was in a car accident ten years ago. She doesn’t know what it is like to be touched, desired, or loved.

Isaac Welch is rich and stuck in a rut of loveless sex with gold-digging women. The moment Isaac meets Noelle, sparks begin to fly. He is intrigued by this startling beauty who has helped his brother.

What started as a game soon turns to blinding passion. Isaac tries to fight his growing feelings for Noelle, but she is about to learn the truth about their meetings. Will she ever be able to forgive his betrayal, or will Isaac be left with only the memories of his time with his Scarred Beauty?

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking.

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Guest: Jennifer Simpkins

1) Tell us about yourself.

Jennifer SimpkinsOkay, let’s see…I live in Tennessee with my husband of almost ten years, my six year old daughter, and our two dogs. For the past six years I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. It’s by no means perfect, and a far cry from glamorous, but my life is pretty great at the moment.

In the spring and summer…and most of the time up until the fall, my life revolves around softball and baseball. If I’m not running the kiddo to her softball practices and games, and I’m not writing, I’m most likely catching a New York Yankees game on television. We’re passionate when it comes to the sport.

You can find her here: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

2) What genre do you write and why?

I write contemporary romance that are heartfelt with a little bit of spice sprinkled in. I take it as a challenge to be able to take everyday life and come up with fresh twists to put on it. I especially love small town romances—which is how the Patience Series came about.
3) What made you become a writer?

Like a lot of writers I can say, I can’t remember a time I didn’t want to do this. Writing was my first love, but after I got married my dream changed to desperately wanting a family. In fact, I wanted a house full of kids. We’ll save why I only have one kid for another time. Let’s just say an excessive amount of all-night crying has a lot to do with it. But I do consider myself truly blessed to have been able to be home with my daughter. Like most jobs though, it was not always rainbows and butterflies. I mean come on; there was only so much Nick Jr. I could handle. That’s when my first love came back into play. At my niece’s urging I started writing again…and I loved it. After writing my first chapter—which ended up being part of chapter nine in Forgiving Patience—I was hooked. That was three years ago. Earlier this month Forgiving Patience was released with Secret Cravings Publishing.

4) Tell us about your recent book or series.

Forgiving Patience is book 1 in my Patience Series. Book 2 will be released in March of this year.


Patience is a small town in Tennessee. If you were to visit you would be welcomed with some special people who go to bat for those they care most about…and of course there’s always the chance you could find yourself wrapped up in a sizzling-hot romance.

Everyone there has some type of story, and I’m excited to share them.
In Forgiving Patience you will be introduced to Anna Kelly and Jake Lawrence. Here is a blurb:

Anna Kelly had no intention of returning to her hometown of Patience, Tennessee. At eighteen, feeling powerless from an abusive childhood and heartbroken from her high school sweetheart, she needed to put distance between her and the small town. Now, eleven years later she’s invited to her best friend’s wedding and has no other choice but to return. Though she feels much stronger the second time around, nothing can prepare her for when she sees her ex again.

After a baseball injury, Jake limped back into Patience, damaged and angry. Throwing himself into remodeling Anna’s childhood home has given him purpose again. He is just getting his life back together. He can’t risk sending it all back to hell again, but the woman who broke his heart has whipped back into town…and she wants her house back. In hopes of reminding Anna of what she ran away from all those years ago he makes her an offer she can’t refuse—three dates, that have Anna rethinking Patience…and the life she was supposed to have with Jake.

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5) What have you found to be the most challenging?

Lately, what I have found to be a struggle is managing my time. But of course, I probably wouldn’t have this problem if I stayed off Facebook. Another thing is I tend to write better at night. It’s crazy, I know. I have all day free, yet I can’t seem to get anything done until ten o’ clock at night.
A Few fun questions.

Does size matter?

Ummm….of course. *blushes*

Christian Grey or Gideon Cross?

Sorry, I can’t say, because I haven’t read either series.

Flowers or Chocolate?

Chocolate is the answer to everything, isn’t it?

E-book or paperback?

I’ve just recently gotten on board with reading off of an e-reader. I know, I know, I’m late to the game. For me there is just something about holding a book in my hands. When I’m having a slow writing day I will go and pick one out a book I’ve already read, open it up to a random page, and start just start reading. I find this to be very relaxing. It’s just not the same on an e-reader. I will always pick a paperback over an e-book.


New Release: Learning to Forgive

Learning to Forgive (The Sinclair Men 3) 


The Sinclair Men, 3

There is no boundary when it comes to love and lust.

David Sinclair has been in love with Molly ever since she walked into his life. The problem is, the Sinclair line is destined to only love one woman. At least, that is what he believes. When he gets Molly pregnant through one night of passion, he does the right thing and marries her.

After twenty-five years of being in his dead wife’s shadow, Molly demands a divorce. When David refuses, she has no other choice than try to make it work. She is in love with him and wants nothing more than for him to whisper those same words.

Can David rectify the sins of his past? Will he be able to move on and accept that Molly is the woman he loves? Or will her fail and finally know what loss truly means?


“I’m not nervous.”
“You know, you never got me a present this year,” he said, stopping when he stood in front of her.
“That’s because I’m here for you to unwrap.” She licked her lips looking every bit as cute as she did sexy.
“You’re my present?” he asked.
“Yes, do you want to unwrap me?”
“Nothing would give me more pleasure.” He opened the sash holding the robe together. It fell open revealing a beautiful red corset that pushed her breasts up and pulled in at the waist.
His cock went instantly hard. He’d never seen anything so beautiful. The corset attached to a pair of stockings, and she wore the smallest pair of knickers he’d ever seen.
“Is this all mine?” he asked, teasing a nipple.
She gasped, her head falling back onto her shoulders exposing the line of her neck. David pressed a kiss to each full mound loving the feel of them against his face. Her warm scent filled his head. Her robe fell in a heap on the floor as he cupped her waist bringing her closer.
“You’re all mine,” he said.
“Yes. Always.”
He pulled her large breasts out of the bodice so they spilled over the top. “Come here,” he said, moving backwards to sit on the centre of the couch. She straddled his lap, and he took full advantage of her swinging breasts. David suckled her nipples feeling them harden at his touch. Always so responsive.
She cried out, loving the feel of him touching her.
“I want you, so much,” she said.
I know what you mean,” he said.
David sucked each of her nipples until they were hard peaks. He couldn’t bring himself to remove her corset. He unzipped his jeans, pulled the length of his cock out, then pressed the tip to her entrance. She cried out when he plunged inside her tight, wet cunt.
Her fingers dug into the flesh on his shoulders. With the fire roaring in the fireplace behind her, David took her pleasure and gave his own as well. There was no stopping the passion that had ignited between them.

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Book Review: A Measured Risk by Natasha Blackthorne

First, here are all the details for the book I’m about to talk about.


Book one in the Regency Risks Series

He is her most dangerous temptation, the only man she has ever trusted and now he is demanding her submission. Dare she take the risk?

Emotionally scarred in the horrific accident that took her husband’s life, Lady Cranfield is imprisoned by her lingering terror of horses and carriages. Lady Cranfield longed to be closer to the fascinating Earl of Ruel. She sensed intuitively that he could teach her how to overcome the terrors that held her in bondage.

And now she’s willing to risk almost anything-her reputation, even her virtue-to find out. But what he proposes startles her.

When the shy, studious and socially awkward young widow approached him, Ruel instantly sensed she would be the sweetest, most submissive experience of a lifetime-if only he can gain her total and complete trust. He makes her a non-negotiable offer. His help in return for her submission and obedience.

But Lady Cranfield grew up neglected by her ducal parents, raised by servants and then later ignored by her handsome, charming husband. She’s learnt to protect her heart at all costs and she trusts no one but herself.

How can the jaded Earl of Ruel break through her self-protective defences and show her how to love when he has spent his lifetime avoiding that tender trap?

Reader Advisory: This book contains anal Sex, spanking, BDSM and brief F/F touching. This is a work of historical fiction, it is not meant to be an accurate portrayal of or guide to how people recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or of modern BDSM or D/s lifestyles.

Buy Links: Total-E-Bound / Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / All Romance E-Books / Bookstrand / Barnes and Noble

Excerpt is below my review. 

My Review

I’ve always been picky when it comes to my historical reads. I find some of them can begin to sound the same. I’ve only found a few authors and books that are wonderful. So when I stumbled on A Measured Risk I didn’t have the first clue what to make of it. I mean, this has BDSM elements with spanking and even some brief F/F action and I’m not one for F/F.

Can I please reassure you, this book was bloody brilliant. I can’t even begin to praise it enough. From the moment I opened my kindle and began reading, I had to finish. The lead, Lady Cranfield or Anne was such a wonderful character. I really felt her confusion and the fight she was faced to gain control of herself. She had gone through a traumatic experience and was doing everything she could to fight the fear she’d developed. I really like the way she was described. Anne was not a simpering little lady but a woman who knew her own mind. Her biggest problem was the fear from the accident. She was stuck in a place she didn’t want to be, surrounded by people who didn’t much care for her.

Enter Jonathon Lloyd, the Earl of Ruel. Now, his character was perfect. He was exactly what Anne needed. The way his protectiveness is portrayed is believable He’s intrigued by Anne and when she asks for help, his ultimatum of spending a month with him, was hot. Even for a historical erotic romance, Jonathon was pure male and super hot.

He pushes Anne but for the good. Not only is she dealing with the traumatic experience of what happened to her, she has closed off her passionate nature. She doesn’t know what it is like to let lose and to feel.

While reading I felt connected to Anne and I felt how trapped she was inside herself. The frustration to let herself feel. It was a wonderfully descriptive book but not overly so. I didn’t find myself skipping parts as the author was not repetitive.

The BDSM elements were light but necessary and helped the story to move along with Anne’s development. The relationship between Jonathon and Anne was superbly described. They fought each other at every turn. Their love grew gradually throughout the book. They were first intrigued by each other and their attraction for one another brought them closer together.

I love dominant alpha males and Jonathon was brilliant.

A Measured Risk has become one of my all time favourite historical erotic romances. I got so much from the characters and the storyline. The author is extremely talented. The BDSM is light for readers who a little daunted by this genre. This is a perfect mix of passion, dominance and submission.

I do not wish to ruin the story line. I was pleased I picked this book and will have it forever on my kindle. Well written and wonderful escapism.

A highly recommended read.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are 18 years of age, or over.
If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.
Copyright © Natasha Blackthorne, 2012
All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Total-E-Bound.
Excerpt from A MEASURED RISK:
“Why did you run away?” His deep voice settled in her belly, rich and warm, like crème brûlée on a cold winter’s night.
“Because I wanted you to follow.” She tried to sound sophisticated and seductive, but her voice choked off on the last word.
Ruel placed his hand on the shelf above her head and blocked her path to the door. His tall, solidly muscled body leaned over her, surrounding her with the sumptuous, sinful scents of tobacco, Scotch whisky and something masculine and undeniably dangerous. A slow, sensual smile stretched his hard mouth.
He appeared different. Softer. More approachable.
At the change, her insides seemed to flip over.
“Well, sweeting, getting us off alone was a very inspired idea.” He touched one of her fallen ringlets. “I am bored to distraction with endless hunting and fencing.”
As he slowly wrapped the curl around two fingers, he brushed her collarbone. Fiery sparks tingled down her spine, so intense that she shivered and her nipples beaded, pressing against her stays. By some instinct she hadn’t even known she possessed, she arched her back, presenting herself for his assessment.
His eyes shone so vividly blue against his bronzed face that they resembled cornflowers. She swallowed tightly and wished for a long drink of claret. This more personal side of him suddenly seemed far more hazardous than his usually fierce exterior.
Well, no matter. There was nothing to fear. She would allow only as much contact as need be to get to know him a little. Since being torn from her lonely yet secure life in Ireland and thrust into society at age sixteen, she’d spent her time allowing people only as near as was comfortable. She was an expert at emotional evasion.
It should be easy to regain her control.
But now, as late afternoon sun rays played over his pale hair, turning it to the colour of winter wheat, all her carefully rehearsed words flew away.
Say something—anything—else he will think you’re a bird-wit.
An intimate smile, one that invited her to play, tugged at his mouth.
“In a situation like this, alone with a gentleman, it’s perfectly normal for a lady to feel some apprehension.” His hushed voice, barely audible above the piano and boisterous singing from down the corridor, accentuated their isolation. He brushed his fingertips over her cheek and his gaze became so piercing that she had to lower her eyes. “She will invariably ask herself if he will try to kiss her.”
She jerked her eyes back to his face. God, he couldn’t mean to—Not yet, surely… Peculiar, heated chills swept over her. She tried to take a step back, but found her arse flush against the bookshelf.
He leaned closer; so close that his Scotch-scented breath tickled her face. “And just in case you are wondering, Lady Cranfield—the answer is most assuredly yes.”
She should demand that he put his arm down so she could pass by and leave. She really should. But she couldn’t stop looking at his hard mouth and wondering what it would feel like upon hers. He was so close to her, his breath blew on her lips. If she moved but a fraction, she’d be kissing him.
Kissing him.
Dear God. Her breath began to come very fast and short. Her throat went tight with a suppressed moan.
His eyes burnt as brightly as aquamarines. He looked so fierce. If he kissed her, if he dared… Oh God, it would be so harsh. That cruel-looking mouth could express itself no other way.
Excitement rushed through her, sending tingles to every point of her body, even her toes.
But no, he wouldn’t. Not yet.
He kept leaning closer. He didn’t close his eyes. Instead, he seemed to focus all the harder upon her.
Heart pounding and unable to move away, she braced herself for his assault.
His lips brushed hers, barely. A gossamer caress.
He lifted his head.
It was done.
And it hadn’t even begun.
He held her chin, appearing so cool, so unaffected. His kiss had seemed to sear her. An urge to put her fingers to her lips arose in her. She resisted it, for it would give away too much of how she was affected.
Never show your feelings.
He traced his thumb along her lower lip, slowly, deliberately, as he studied her with eyes that now glittered with something powerful and predatory. Heat pooled in her pelvis, low and spreading even lower.
She went weak all over, as if she’d lain in a sunny window seat for too long. Her knees almost buckled. She forced them to lock. To be strong.
It should not have affected her so profoundly. It had just been a peck—not a true kiss at all. William had poured out all of his skill upon her and hadn’t garnered even a tenth of the reaction in her that this man’s peck had.
Ruel traced her jaw line with his fingertips. Unthinkingly, she leaned in to his touch.
“Of course, once he has kissed her, then it’s his turn to wonder…” His voice sounded unnaturally loud to her ears. “How will she respond? Will she withdraw, or can he ignite some hidden fire?”
She sensed that he was toying with her. She’d didn’t understand flirtation—why had she imagined she could carry this ruse off? Was he making advances in order to have a laugh with Francesca and her simpering friends later? Hurt blossomed in her chest. She resented him for that. She ought to feel indignant, superior, uncaring—anything but hurt.
“Please don’t make sport of me.”
She cringed. Was that quavering, pleading voice really hers?
An infinitesimal pause. “Now, why on earth would I do such a thing?” His voice was as smooth as velvet.
“To please your vanity,” she replied, trying to regain her wits.
“Here.” He placed her hand to his chest. The contours of his muscles were hard, powerfully developed. Even more so than she’d expected. His body heat radiated through the satin and, beneath her hand, his heart beat was rapid and strong.
“Is that vanity?” He put a finger under her chin, giving her no choice but to face him. “Is it?” He gentled his grip.
The warmth in his voice settled over her like luscious hot chocolate. Melting her insides to quivering burgoo, rendering her speechless, unable to move.
“My dear, lovely Lady Cranfield, I am going kiss you again.”
Then he touched his mouth to hers, more firmly this time. Delicious, steady pressure. Her lips trembled and she clutched his lapels. He lifted his head. At the loss, a throaty, pleading moan sounded in her ears. Had it really come from her?
Clearly, now was the time for her to reassert some control over her reactions. To put him at a more comfortable distance.
“Kiss me back.” At the commanding edge in his voice, hot, sweet honey pooled in her belly.
No. Focus.
What had she wanted to ask him? Focus? Dear God, what rubbish. She could scarcely remember her own name, much less anything else. What madness had made her think she could maintain control over him?
He traced her mouth with his tongue. Deliberately; lingeringly. This time she couldn’t hold back a moan. She had grown to dislike it when William kissed her opened mouthed. It had always seemed such an overheated, messy thing. But where was her coldness now? She was burning to know what it would feel like to know Ruel’s full kiss. She had to know—just once—or she would surely die.
Just once. Certainly once wouldn’t hurt.
Tentatively, tremulously, she opened her mouth.
He thrust inside, his tongue like a bold blade of flame as it touched hers. He tasted of whisky and something smoky, too sensual to be borne. Fire burst within her, spreading over her breasts. Of their own volition, her hands slid up his muscled arms and she gripped his shoulders and moaned again.
She twisted and pressed her breasts against his chest, trying to increase the sensation on her taut, aching nipples. However, her stays prevented it. Her frustration vibrated deep in her throat, another longer, more intense moan.
The sound startled her and, for a moment, it was as if she was staring down at the two of them. She didn’t recognise herself, but she couldn’t stop kissing him back. Couldn’t stop rubbing her breasts against him.
Who was this uninhibited strumpet? His breathing changed, growing heavier. He cupped her face with his large, long-fingered hands, angling her head. She went even more boneless and allowed him to move her as suited his wont.
He probed more forcefully with his tongue, went deeper, compelling her to open further, to melt against him more completely. He slid his hand to her neck and threaded his fingertips through her hair. He lifted the heavy mass off her neck. Cool air rushed over her nape. In one quick movement, he tightened his hold and, with gentle but firm pressure, he pulled her head back. Her shocked gasp came out as a mere whimper, muffled by his demanding mouth.
No man had ever handled her like this. She’d never even suspected a gentleman would handle a woman—even one of his whores—like this. If she had any sense left, she ought to be frightened, offended—enraged.
Instead, her nipples pebbled painfully and heat twisted through her insides.
He tore his mouth from hers. As she gasped for breath, a sense of loss hit her so intensely that she felt disorientated. She stood there, leaning against his hard body, panting open-mouthed, with her head pulled backwards by his grip.
He studied her and tightened his grasp, pulling more harshly this time. A violent shaft of desire stabbed her, womb-deep.
Warmth, and what looked very much like satisfaction, shone in his gaze.
He laid his other hand along her collarbone in what could only be called a blatant, sexually possessive manner. The skin crinkled around his eyes. He was smiling, ever so slightly. Something had just happened. She didn’t understand what it was. If only she could think, she would be able to reason it out. However, liquid warmth pooled in her lower pelvis and flowed out between her legs in a gush that came so suddenly she gasped. Her sex throbbed as if it were a beating heart.
Coherent thought was impossible.
He shifted and throbbing heat seared her, even through their clothing.
His erection.
Its long, thick, tubular weight was more substantial than William’s.
Ruel brushed his fingers against her back. Tugging, pulling.
Undoing her laces.
She froze and placed her hands on his chest. “Don’t.”
The gown slipped and she automatically clutched the dark purple silk to herself.
He took hold of her wrists, easily circling them with the forefinger and thumb of each hand. “Let the gown fall away.”
He used the voice. The one from the dreams she only reluctantly admitted to herself. The very confident, commanding tone that the nameless, faceless man used in her nocturnal fantasies. Her secret lover who would press her down and—
“I want you to remove the rest of your garments and then I want you to lie on that crimson divan and display yourself for me.”
She threw a glance at the divan, her favourite spot in this whole house. The image his words conjured—her, lying naked on the crimson velvet, open for his perusal—burnt into her brain. Her inner muscles contracted several times—hard. The folds between her legs swelled and grew slicker.
Of course, despite her wayward dreams, she didn’t really want to do something like that.
Couldn’t possibly.
She barely knew Ruel. Yet there was that innate sense that she could trust him. That she could give in to his whims and it would be safe. A secret shared between them. Temptation tingled through her, increasing with every beat of her heart.
She had never been reckless in her life. A trembling began in her legs.
She turned back to him. His features were tight with desire, his stare commanding and compelling. She wanted to be reckless with this man.
“The door is locked. The others aren’t going to come in here—the gentlemen are all occupied with fencing and the ladies are busy with their watercolours.”
She’d never allow herself the luxury of surrendering to this. For this was pure emotion and it would be giving him too much of herself.
“I won’t do it.” She had intended to make her tone resolute. That thready, pleading voice couldn’t possibly be hers.
“It would please me.” His firm tone sent a new wave of lassitude through her limbs.
Need twisted in her lower stomach and a fresh cascade of wetness slicked her intimate folds. It slid down her inner thighs.
Wait—How had they come to this moment? Where the devil was the reserve and sexual coolness that had driven William into other arms? This virtual stranger held some kind of special power over her. God. It was unthinkable. It was terrifying.
“No.” Her strident denial echoed jarringly in her ears.
He released her wrists.
She pulled the gown up high and clutched it tight. She wanted to run. She should run. But his large, strong body still stood between her and the exit. Would he really attempt to stop her if she tried to flee? Her heart pounded at the thought. Because she knew that if he put his hands on her and stopped her, especially if he did it as forcefully and firmly as he’d behaved thus far, she’d melt for him.
What a revelation! She’d never suspected such a creature existed in her secret heart, waiting for someone to come along and draw her out.
“You’d better leave now.” She pushed the words past her shaking lips.

New Release: Troy’s Older Lover (M/M)

Troy’s Older Lover


[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Older Hero Romance, M/M, HEA]

Troy Stone is in love with his boss. He knows he has no chance with Joshua. For one, Joshua “Josh” Hudson is not gay, and second, why the hell would the older man even look at him? He’s only a personal assistant.

However, a kiss soon leads to so much more.

Without thinking, Troy kisses his boss after an innocent night out. All too soon the kiss leads to much more than either man expected. When Troy has to leave to go back home, Josh goes with him for comfort. While he’s there he learns how much he feels about Troy and the happiness that can be gained.

But Troy pushes him away, and Josh has to decide if he’s willing to put both of their happiness to the test or to simply walk away from the unknown.

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Josh leaned down and brushed his lips against Troy’s. There was no response from him. “Either tell me to go or touch me, Troy.”

A split second passed, and Josh knew Troy was going to ask him to leave. His heart felt heavy. The pain smacked into his gut, holding him down like a lead weight.

“I don’t want you to go,” Troy said.

Josh didn’t give him time to change his mind. His lips were on Troy’s in a heartbeat. He pressed him against the wall, holding him steady as he plunged his tongue into his mouth. Their moans echoed around the room. Troy finally put his hands on him. His touch went down Josh’s back, around his waist, and up to circle his neck. Josh caught the hairs at the back of Troy’s head and pulled his head back. There was a gasp, followed by the sweetest sigh Josh had ever heard.

The need to fight his own feelings was strong, and he pushed all negative thoughts to the back of his mind. He didn’t need the added pressure of feeling he was doing something wrong. How could something that felt so right be so wrong? It was perfect.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Josh said, brushing his lips down to his neck. He inhaled the sweet fragrance of Troy’s cologne along with his own unique body scent.

He gave Troy enough time to unbutton his shirt then peeled the fabric from his shoulders. Troy had thick shoulders that had more to do with size than muscle. Josh got his own physique from the amount of exercise he did. “You feel so good,” he said.

Josh touched the younger man’s body, wanting more but not knowing how to ask for more.

“Let’s go someplace more comfortable.” Troy took his hand, leading him through to the sitting room. The couch was only a two-seater, and he understood why from the size of the apartment. It almost made him ashamed at the size of his own three-story home. He sat down on the couch beside Troy. There was no sound to be heard. They were both naked from the waist up. Josh saw Troy had no tattoos at all, unlike he did. He loved getting a tattoo. The only problem was the eagle on his back. He’d requested Natalie’s name under the tattoo only to have it removed and coloured in several months ago.

“Why do you have a tattoo on your back?” Troy asked, almost as if he was reading his mind.

“I love getting ink. The only problem with my profession is the fact clients don’t like seeing ink on their lawyers. I have to refrain from it being seen.” He turned his hand over, showing the intricate design of a dagger plunging through a heart on the inside of his arm.

“Is that why you wear long shirts?”

“Yes. I don’t want to talk about my ink, Troy. Come here.” He crooked his finger, telling Troy to come closer. There was a smile decorating his lips. Josh moaned as the other man got closer. The feel of him pressed against his body was heady.

Their lips touched, and little fireworks went off inside Josh’s body. He’d never felt such a primal connection as he did with Troy. When they were together, the world faded. Even when they were working, Josh always felt like they were the only two people in the world. Was this destined to happen between them?

Josh did not believe in fate or destiny. He believed in emotions and action. What was happening between them couldn’t be explained. All he had to do was allow his heart to lead for a change.

For the first time in his life, Josh felt deliriously happy. He’d never felt like this with Natalie. Josh ran his fingers up and down Troy’s back. Goose bumps erupted on his own flesh. Troy put a hand on his chest and ran his fingers past his nipples and down to the flat panes of his stomach.

He moaned, kissing Troy, then paused as the other man’s hand touched his cock. The excitement made him release pre-cum into his pants.

“I’m sorry,” Troy said.

“No, it’s all right, go ahead.”

He watched as Troy unbuttoned his pants. The zipper was lowered. Josh wore a pair of black boxer briefs. He lifted up for his pants to be pulled down. Troy went to the floor before him. Josh saw his cock was thick and outlined by the boxer briefs he wore. “We can stop if you’re not ready for more.”

Josh shook his head. He was more than ready. Everything that had ever happened in life he’d dealt with. He wasn’t lying when he said he’d regret walking away from Troy.

“I’m ready.” He pushed his boxers down his legs, watching as his shaft sprang straight up for attention.

This was it. Once they crossed this next line, there was no turning back. Usually, he’d feel a slight twinge of fear at being plunged into the unknown. Most of the other times in his life he was alone when dealing with the unknown. This time, he wasn’t alone. He had Troy. His very loyal personal assistant.

“I want you, Troy.”