Guest: Jamallah Bergman + Giveaway

1. Tell us about yourself?

Well my name is Jamallah Bergman I was born in New York but I reside in Atlanta with my daughter and family. I am a friend to the end with those I meet and I can say that I’ve talked and met some really great fellow authors on Facebook. Some say I am silly, which I can tell you I am very silly at times. It makes me feel good to know that some of my antics make others around me feel just as good.

2. What genre do you write and why?

I mainly write about Interracial, some Contemporary and Erotica. I mainly write about Interracial because it’s something that I am very much interested in as far as in real life. I always see beyond people as far as their race and that’s what makes my stories pretty good. Everybody can relate to what I write about no matter if the hero is white and the heroine is black.

3. What made you become a writer?
Well I can say that I’ve been a writer forever. I’ve always been scribbling something down on paper when I was a kid about my thoughts and dreams that occupied my head on a day to day basis. I get that from my dad, he was very much into the Arts as far as writing poetry and drawing (which mind you my daughter does a lot of drawing herself as well and is really good at it too). I always felt like I had a story that needed to be told and when I got older and my stories got a bit more in debt, my stories showed that.

4. Tell us about your recent book or series?

My latest book, “Sorry…Wrong Number” is Book one in the Wrong Number series.
This story is probably the most provocative one I’ve written to date. It basically about something that basically happens to us daily…..someone getting a phone call that ends up being a wrong number. But in this story, I went one step further as we find out what happens when the ‘wrong number’ goes a little bit more than expected. And what happens between Marcie and Jonathan is completely unreal as the conversations that they have are epic.

5. What have you found to be the most challenging?
Well as of late, the most challenging part has been trying not to stop writing. I am constantly in ‘writer’s mode’ and the stories keep flowing. Which honestly is great, but something I would love to get the chance to sit down and read some of my fellow author’s books. But as of late, I haven’t had the chance to really do that, been way too busy writing these stories that I keep thinking about. So in a way, it’s good to be writing.


· Does size matter?

Hell yes it matters,lol
· Christian Grey or Gideon Cross?

Like I said, I haven’t read either book so I wouldn’t know which to pick.
· Flowers or Chocolate?

Flowers (main reason for this because I’ve never had a man give me a bouquet of flowers so honestly I’d love to get some flowers anyday)
· Ebook or Paperback?


All good things have a beginning and with this story, it all begins with a call. Marcie Reynolds thought nothing of grabbing the phone that evening but she never thought that once she answered and heard the amazing voice on the other end that anything would happen, since the fact that the man had the wrong number.

Jonathan Sutton thought he had the right number and after the second time he calls, he couldn’t help but be enthralled after listening to the sweet voice on the other end. Soon he strikes up a conversation with the girl who calls herself ‘Joan’ and quickly sparks fly.

Watch as Marcie and Jonathan make what seems like something as innocent as a phone call into something that neither one of them will never forget.


He whisked her off to a restaurant called Linden’s, an out of the way café that was not crowded during the day, which gave them time to be with one another. They were seated at the secluded table Jonathan had requested for more intimacy between them. As they sat there, he touched her hands, running her fingers along his own as he traced the inside of her palms. He was so delicate with his touch, causing goose bumps to form over her entire body. She looked up into his eyes as he softly nuzzled her cheek with his own and she heard him sighing into her ear.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been dreaming about this moment with you, Marcie.”

Just hearing Jonathan saying this caused her body to shake from the way his voice made her feel, or maybe it was his stubble, which felt good against her skin.

“If there weren’t other people in this restaurant, I’d take you over this table right now,” Jonathan whispered. Marcie tried not to laugh, but ended up doing just that in the quiet restaurant.

“You are a devil, you know that, Jonathan?”

“A big ol’ horny devil is what I am, Ms. Marcie.” He took her hand and laid it on his hard cock and watched her shoot him a look of amazement and surprise. He smiled. “This is all yours, Marcie, all yours for the taking and I’ve wanted you to take it for days. Now that I’ve got you, I don’t plan on ever letting you go.”

His voice was deep and sensual and Marcie could feel herself about to lose it completely as his breath grew hotter against her skin. It was causing her panties to get wetter by the moment, but thankfully, the waiter brought over their lunch. While they were eating, he would not let Marcie’s hand stop resting on the front of his pants. She could feel the heat radiating from him; it caused her to become even hotter than she already was at that moment.

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