Guest: Melissa Keir + Giveaway

1) Tell is about yourself.

Today I’m a wife and mother in a blended family like The Brady Bunch—only no Alice! I’m the one who has to do all the housework. My two children are adults now so we can enjoy spending the day shopping or having dinner together. My two step-sons are teenagers who still live at home.

I’m also a full time elementary school teacher who has about twenty years of teaching experience. Teaching every grade from preschool through sixth grade has given me a lot of insight into children and parents. I truly adore working with the children but the education field has changed so much in the last few years, that it is more about test scores than positive relationships.

I have two furbabies- Calleigh and Grissom who I dote on. They are my snuggle bunnies at night and really make me laugh.

But most of all, I’m a reader who loves a good story with characters that I can relate to!

2) What genre do you write and why?

I write contemporary romances with a little sizzle. I love to write stories about people that I’d love to meet, grab a drink with or hang out with. My characters are real people who must find love in today’s society.

3) What made you become a writer?
I’ve always wanted to become a writer. In fact, I’ve always written. When I was younger, I wrote the sappy love poems or scary murder stories while trying not to be bored in school. When I was working as an editor and book reviewer, I thought to give it a try. I’d already been writing poems and blogs. But I wanted to pen a story about people like me who had faced some issues but still found love. Luckily some publishing houses gave me a try and I’m still loving the ride today!

4) Tell us about your recent book or series.

The Wilder Sisters is a series of books about five sisters who were born and raised in a small Ohio town on the coastline of Lake Erie. They all left town shortly after their graduations and really hadn’t been back except for their mom’s funeral. Now that their dad is facing Alzheimer’s, the girls are slowing coming back to town and finding out that their dreams may be closer than they think. Currently Beach Desires is out with Secret Cravings Publishing. A Christmas Accident was released December 15th and the book “Forever Love” that starts the series will be available through Secret Cravings in January. I’m working on the last two books in the series.

5) What have you found to be the most challenging?

I love the authors. They are so helpful and supportive. I also really enjoy the edits. (I know people think I’m crazy for liking them). However, I think that the most challenging part of being an author is getting your book recognized. There are so many wonderful authors who have fabulous books but among those millions it is challenging to showcase your own books. It takes time and determination. I’m lucky that my stories are beginning to gain a following and that people enjoy my writing style.
A Few fun questions.

Does size matter?

It must in some things or else why super-size!

Christian Grey or Gideon Cross?

Can I go for Roarke in the Eve Dallas series instead? He’s got money, darling good looks and the accent to die for!

Flowers or Chocolate?

Why not both? Or maybe some jewelry!

E-book or paperback?

I love both! It depends on if they are a part of my “keeper” shelf or not.

A Christmas Accident

Pregnant couple
Sherri Wilder Davison wants nothing more than to spend time with her father over the holidays, but fate has a way of changing her best-laid plans.
Adam Davison is willing to do anything to make his pregnant wife happy. He will face hell to have her home for the holidays.
When a holiday storm causes an automobile accident that puts the lives of those she loves on the line, can a Christmas miracle save them?


Looking over at Adam, I’m amazed that such a handsome man could love me. Stubble showed on Adam’s rugged face. I liked the way the short growth of beard rubbed on my face when he nibbled on my ears. Adam’s dark brown hair was cut short, emphasizing his deep blue eyes and strong nose. The small dimple on his chin made him seem more approachable and much less serious. His tall stature and muscular body always made me feel precious yet delicate, like a porcelain doll, but Adam never treated me like anything other than a desirable woman.
“How are the roads? Do you think we can stop so I can use the bathroom? Your son is pushing on my bladder.” Wiggling in my seat, I tried to alleviate the uneasy pressure.
Adam looked over at me with a dreamy expression on his face. His gaze settled on my stomach as it undulated. “Sure, I could use some coffee. How are you feeling? Little Pea looks active tonight.”
“I’m okay except for the kicks to the bladder. I swear he’s practicing his temper tantrums so he has them right when he comes out. Oh Ricky, we are in so much trouble,” I replied with a silly high pitched whiney Lucille Ball-type voice, then smiled.
I am thankfully in the third trimester of my pregnancy. I’d passed the dangerous stage where many women miscarry as well as the dreaded morning sickness phase that sucks the very life out of a body. Now I had abundant energy and looked forward to finally getting ready to meet our son. We still had two more months to go but I already felt like a beached whale, not to mention the walking with a waddle. Adam loved talking to my stomach, he’d even been reading storybooks to our peanut each night.
Adam and I had eloped to Hawaii five years ago during our Christmas vacation. We’d kept our wedding private, only us. Today we are closer than most married couples, enjoying the same things, especially our cottage home on the Huron River, old movies, television shows, and snuggling up with a blanket on those cold Michigan nights.
While we both loved our families, neither one of us enjoyed traveling which became the basis for the fight. I’d won the the argument after the announcement of my father’s recent diagnosis. I’d spent hours on the phone with my sister, then on the internet gathering information on Alzheimer’s. The dementia had already begun to kick in when Dad accidentally set fire to his home. Luckily, Syndie had already moved in with Dad and got him out of the house in time. My need for family had only become stronger since I’d learned about my pregnancy and the arrival of the first grandson.. I didn’t want my baby to miss out on his remaining grandparent.
Fear about my father never getting to meet or know my little peanut became a constant in my mind. Adam and I had distanced ourselves from our families over the years. We were always so happy spending time with just each other, we’d just never considered what those choices did to others. Having a baby changes things. My sister’s wedding invitation plus my dad’s diagnosis, well, both convinced me that we needed to get back to Ohio. Christmas seemed like a perfect excuse.
After pulling into the gas station, Adam stopped the car next to the pump. I grabbed my purse. “I’m going to use the bathroom, grab your coffee, then get a snack while you fill up. Is there anything else you want?” I walked over to Adam’s door as he let himself out.
Adam bent down to kiss my belly, making my muscles clench. How does such a beefy man do that yet still look so masculine?
“Why don’t you also grab me some pretzels. I don’t know if the coffee will be good on my empty stomach. But with the way the snow has been falling, I want to make sure we can take the turnpike rather than Route 2.”
Route 2 is known as Death’s Highway. The area of Route 2 between Bono and Sandusky claimed dozens of lives due to the large semi-trucks in addition to the awkward two lane road. People couldn’t see what was coming around the next bend so head-on collisions were frequent. The horrible blizzard-like conditions from Lake Erie only made the road more treacherous.
After grabbing the coffee, pretzels and some crackers for myself, then paying for them, I headed back to the car. The snow made the car hard to see from the door of the gas station. Driving in this mess wasn’t a comforting thought.
“Adam, the weather looks really bad. Maybe we should turn on a local radio station to check on the road conditions.”
Making slow progress, we listened to the bleak weather bulletin. Little did we know one single radio announcement would change our lives forever.
“A crash has closed down part of the Ohio Turnpike just past the Route 53 exit. It’s recommended travelers take an alternate route.”
Adam’s voice sounded bleak as he responded to the news. “I guess we have to take Route 2, probably adding some time to our drive. Maybe you had better call Syn and tell her we’re still on our way but running late. We don’t want them to worry.” As he shifted the car into four-wheel drive, I pulled out my cell phone and made the call.

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11 thoughts on “Guest: Melissa Keir + Giveaway

  1. Melissa, I love your book cover and premise! The Wilder Sisters series sounds quite impressive. Congratulations on your teaching career. I am a former teacher- high school- but many years ago– then went into librarianship. Best of luck with the book.

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