Been Awhile + Giveaway

Hi all,

Since October 18th, I’ve decided to live my dream and try to make a go of it as a full-time writer. This is for one year, to see if I can make a living out of it. For many years I’ve dreamt of becoming a full-time writer, and being able to live that dream at the moment is amazing. I can’t begin to tell you how happy it has made me.

Most of my days are spent writing while others I have to promote my releases. Promotion is such a hard task but it does feel like a necessary one. I love writing and creating characters that I hope my readers can relate to. I also write about full-figured women as I’m one myself.

It has been a very busy few weeks. I’m getting round to all my series to try and bring you more books. I think I’m addicted to writing. On November 26th, the next instalment of my Unlikely Love books will be available to buy. Seducing Her Beast is revisiting Wayne and Lily but 12 years on from Blackmailed by the Beast.

At the moment I’m working on a new writing schedule for next year, as I’m also going to attempt longer stories and bring new series to you.

I have not hosted a giveaway in awhile and I wanted to celebrate becoming a full-time writer and my recent releases. So for a chance to win simply leave a comment and if possible I was wondering if you’d spare the time to like my Amazon Author page:

Here are the books I’ll be giving away. One e-copy book of each and I’ll select the winners using


What is your favourite series?

Which book do you want to read next?


Thank you so much for stopping by.



63 thoughts on “Been Awhile + Giveaway

  1. Susan platt says:

    I love all your books that I have read! The ones I have not are on my wish list! The Owners are my absolute favorite and I am waiting for the next book in this series! I am so glad you are going to live your dream!

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

    • The Owners are a personal favourite of mine. I wanted to write a series about possessive men by nature and how they went about finding and keeping the woman for them. I’m pleased you liked them as well. I’ll be writing James’s story very soon.

      Sam 🙂

  2. Dropped over to Amazon and ‘liked’ your Author page and all the Unlikely Love series. This is an awesome series and I am so happy you are going to continue with the series.

    Wishing you continued success, Sam, now that you are writing full time. 🙂

  3. sunshine kath says:

    Can’t wait to start reading your books…I have tweeted and fb’d will go to amazon uk and like your author page too….good luck !

  4. I have been eyeing Bend To His Will every time you post the cover on facebook. But I’m also trying to make a go of writing full-time which has meant reading has taken a bit of a backseat. I hope to read more over the holidays though because I plan to take a week off!

    • Hiya Paloma,

      I know what you mean. I use to read all the time where as now I rarely finish a book. It can be frustrating but I love writing so damn much. Good Luck on full-time writing. I’m enjoying it :-).


  5. Jamallah Bergman says:

    Hey Sam, dropped on over and liked your author page ( I was #30 :D)

    I would love to read Bent to His Will…it looks and sounds hot!

    jamallahbergman73 at gmail dot com

  6. belindaegreen says:

    Hi Sam, I am so happy for you that you are getting to live your dream doing something that you love! Congrats again, lady!

    You asked what is my fav series—so far that is New Species by Laurann Dohner. It had such an impact when I happened upon the series. So far she has not disappointed. I also like The Men of CCD by Marie Rochelle. Good reading.

    Well I am trying to finish up the books that are on my reading list on Goodreads that are kinda old. I keep getting sidetracked by other books. 🙂 So the next up is Cooking for Love by Candace Shaw. I am also on tap to read the next book in your Owners series. I want to see what’s happening with Stephen…..sigh! I need a clone.

    Thanks for the opportunity Sam. Mucho success! 🙂

    Belinda G

  7. Jessica Hansen says:

    I have loved everything I’ve read by you. My favorite though is Blackmailed by the Beast. I am looking forward to reading The Valentine’s series. I am so happy you are living your dream.

  8. Congratulations on being a full time author! I know you’ve got a great career ahead of you because I absolutely love, love, love your books and so do lots of readers!
    My favorite series though is Cape Falls. I love the books that have older men and younger women and you write it so well! I’m really looking forward to reading William’s story. Oh my gosh that cliff hanger at the end of “Mine to Keep,” you’re killing me, I want to know what happens so badly!
    I hope you keep writing because I know I’ll keep reading!

  9. I have read most of the books published by Evernight Publishing and enjoyed them all. I need to read Bend to His Will yet.

    Thank you for all of the great books!

  10. Cheryl Stanford says:

    I’ve read two of the three books you have on this page, and enjoyed them ….a lot!! However, the fellow pictured on the book Billionaires Bargain is on so many books that I’ve read lately….I wonder, what is his appeal???? Actually, I’ve seen other models that are a lot more appealing to me than him, but he just keeps showing up on all these covers….he’s such a “cover whore”….lol

  11. Lisa says:

    Love “The Owners” series but have read many others. One of the best is “Scarred Beauty”! Liked your Amazon page.

  12. Patty Smith says:

    Hi Sam. Congrats on writing full-time! That’s awesome! I went on amazon and liked your author page. I’d be thrilled to win any of the ebooks you’re giving away. I love that your heroines aren’t petite and perfect. My mom and step-mother were both slim, petitie women. Not me. I took after my maternal grandmother, a brilliant woman, but not a small one. It’s wonderful to read about voluptuous, sexy women.

  13. Shauna says:

    I’ve really enjoyed all your books at Evernight Publishing, probably then the Siren books. I’ve bought Bend to His Will, but haven’t had the time to read it yet. But my absolute favorites are the Valentines from total e-bound. Robert was the first books of yours I read and totally hooked me. I was totally hooked on your writing after the Blood Bond ceremony. Sophie standing there in her white gown was utterly erotic. I guess the series might not have done well since there hasn’t been a book after William. But I would truly love a book to wrap it up!

  14. Shauna says:

    Just read what I wrote and my grammar is terrible. Ughhh, don’t post at 1:30 am! Congratulations on becoming a full time author.

  15. Ann Q says:

    Congratulations for taking this big step and having confidence in your abilities, Know that you will continue to be very successful. Just love your writing, and can see that you have a large following.

  16. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for the give away – I have read sleeping with the boss but not the other two books — I liked your amazon author page which was easy to do as I think you are a great author and enjoy your books — The book I am waiting for the most is the Rockwood pack — I would love a full series

  17. Michelle says:

    l love the owners series,can’t wait for the next soon as i see you have a book coming out i get have become,one of my must have author

  18. Michelle says:

    i love the owners series ,when i find out you have a book out i get it ,you are author i must get ,please keep up the great work .

  19. marcie says:

    I love The Owners and want to read the Billionaires series. Love your work and glad that you’re going to give full-time a shot. I think you’ll be a huge success and will work to get your name out there.

  20. Peggy says:

    Hey Sam, I don’t like you…I LOVE you! 😉 Liked the Amazon authors page and LOVE all your books. But the first book ,of yours, was “Belonging to the Steer Brothers”. That one got me hooked on you!! 🙂

  21. Tammy says:

    Hi Sam, I love all your books especially your Cape Falls books. I really hope you plan on continuing the series…. pretty please 🙂

  22. DebraG says:

    Hey Sam, I was reading the comments and I have not read any of your books. Looks like The Owners or Men in Control is where I should start. Good Luck with your endeavor!!

  23. Teresa Kleeman says:

    Hi Sam,
    First of all I have to say congratulations on making a go of being a full time writer. I always enjoy talking with you at the conference in Cincy.
    I’ve liked your page and wanted to get your advice on which series to start. I love my paranormal and all or anything romance. Can’t wait to get your feedback on which series to start of your books.

    Teresa K.

  24. Teresa Kleeman says:

    Sorry Sam, I always get you and Sam Cheever mixed up for you both have the first name Sam. I’ve never had the fortune to meet you yet and I hope some day we can.

    Teresa K.

  25. Julianne says:

    I liked your amazon page, #52. I haven’t read any of your books yet. I do like the covers of the two you are giving away. Very nice!!! Since I haven’t read any books yet, I’d be happy with any book. I’d love to read anything.

  26. rubyswan says:


  27. DelAnne says:

    I look forward to Seducing Her Beast. I have enjoyed the unlikely lovers series. It is one the few I have been able to get my mother to read. Thanks for allowing me a chance to catch up on some old friends.

  28. Sadia says:

    I am a huge fan of your work. The stories always manage to draw me in and keep me awake to finish reading it. I can’t wait to see what comes out next.

  29. Beautiful blog- been working on mine-ugh… Tough tech project-Lol. Reading Sleeping with the Boss- love it. I’m going to finish it today while the storm rages outside. Thanks for the Tweets.

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