New Release: Bend To His Will

Bend To His Will

Neal Haney has had to keep Sandy Breeden at arms length. He doesn’t want to taint her with his life style. He dabbles in domination, and nothing gets him hotter than the thought of seeing her ass shine red with his hand print. But there are forces at play and people’s lives to consider. He will not succumb to her no matter how hard the temptation.

Sandy has wanted Neal ever since she turned eighteen. Seven years later and he still refuses to have anything to do with her.

They circle each other waiting for the other to show signs of weakness.

Neal can’t stand it anymore. Sandy and her body drives him to take her.

Neither anticipated the passion burning between them. However, Neal’s jealously tears them apart. When he finally opens his eyes to what he wants, could it be too late?

Story Excerpt


“I don’t think you’re fine. The shit I said was uncalled for.”

“Neal, you only said you didn’t want to be seen with me. Don’t you think you’re overreacting a little?” Sandy placed a hand on her hip. His gaze trained on the action.

“Why can’t I control myself when I’m around you?” he said and seconds later her arms were pinned over her head.

A gasp escaped her lips followed by a moan as he thrust his pelvis against her stomach. “You feel what you do to me?”

Her eyes closed as she bit her lip. The electric burn from his touch shot straight to her pussy.

“I want you so damn badly,” he growled.

His lips brushed over hers. The gentle touch shocked her as the grip on her hands tightened. “Do you have any idea what I want to do to you?”

Speechless, Sandy shook her head.

“You think you want me, angel. I’m bad news,” he warned. Her heart rate sped up at the challenge he set. She knew there was more to Neal than he let the world see. Was that the reason why she was so attracted to him?

“I think I could surprise you,” she whispered. “Tell me what you want.”

The grip on her hands tightened.

“Do you feel how easy I can hurt you? No one knows I’m here. I could break you.”

“You wouldn’t hurt me.”

His hold loosened. “No. That’s why I have to leave.”

As quickly as he placed her up against the wall, he was gone. Leaving her begging for more.


Adult Excerpt

“Fuck it,” he said. The next second he held her in his arms. The rough fabric of his clothes bit into her skin. She moaned as the pleasure from his touch heightened her arousal. “I’ve got to have you.”

Taking hold of her hand, he led her into the sitting room. He bent her over the back of the couch and forced her to hold on. “Don’t let go,” he warned.

She gave a nod of her head to show she understood. He curled her hips into his, then spread her legs wide open. A hand cupped her mound. “You’re so fucking hot.” Two fingers thrust inside her cunt, the invasion pleasurable. She’d been using a vibrator for too long. “Fuck me, Neal,” she said.

A hand landed on her ass with a whack. She yelped and turned to him. “What are you doing?”

“You’re my woman now, Sandy. I don’t take orders, I give them. Turn around.”

When she hesitated for a split second, Neal placed her back into position. He wasn’t brutal, only a little rough. Why wasn’t she protesting? Usually she hated any type of manhandling. Neal touched her and she went up in flames. Whatever he wanted, she willingly gave him. The power of his body sent a yearning through her. Neal would be in control and she was more than happy to give it to him.

Should she be frightened? No man had ever had any semblance of control over her. She was a free woman. An independent woman, who could come and go as she pleased.

Her train of thought cut off at the sound of his zipper coming down. “This first time is going to be quick, Sandy. I’ve denied myself for too long. Now I have to take what I want.”

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