A Problem With The Muse

I know many people have different views on having a muse but I very much have one. I rely on her a lot to help me with my writing. She is part of me, so please don’t go thinking I see another woman inside my head or anything like that. I know my muse is part of who I am, and I like to think of her as the part of me that is free from convention. What I mean by this is when I write a story I like to be free without fear or concern about what I’m writing. My muse allows me to work through this to create the stories I write.

I have a curious mind. I have always wanted to know more. When I pick up a book I feel like a voyeur. I love to watch the romance develop and the reactions of them on the page. I’ve been very passionate about romance for a very long time and being a write allows me the privilege to explore this passion.

So, I can waffle on all day about my love of romance and the curiosity of my mind but to get back to the focal point of this post.

My muse has been causing me some problems. Nothing as scary as writers block, more like writers overload. I have so many stories to tell and always feel there is not enough time to write them. I submitted a story to Evernight that I completed last week and after every finished story, I spend a day or so figuring out what to write next. This process has taken a little longer than normal because I have so much to write about.

I like to take time to allow the characters to come to me and then the one that is pulling the hardest gets their story wrote. When I have six different characters from six different stories all wanting their book written, it causes a problem. I’m only human and that amount of stories could send me into hiding for weeks.

This has been the problem I have to deal with at the moment. I have to take time to write notes on all the stories bombarding me all at once. However, this weekend I had a breakthrough and will be getting back to writing immediately.

I wanted to give you all a quick update on what was happening in my life. My muse is being tamed as we speak and I’ll have more stories coming your way soon.

Have a great week.

Sam 🙂

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