Why Do I Write?

I feel this may be a long post but bear with me and I’ve got a little surprise at the end. I hope it is worth your time. I haven’t really spoke much about why I write or anything to do with the themes of which my books fall under. I guess in this post I’m going to rectify that.

So over the last few months I’ve had several releases out with several publishers. The main bulk of my work has been published through Evernight Publishing. I know that the main themes of my stories fall under the Rubenesque and May/December romance categories. My work is always erotic and will always have a romantic element in the story. That is who I am, an erotic romance author. I’m a full-figured woman myself and find writing about the fuller woman comes naturally to me as I am one. I suppose I could write about slimmer women but there are many authors who write about the slimmer type. A full-figured woman is what I know love to create on the page.

May / December themes is simply down to the fact that I like the older man. These stories are for my characters to overcome the hurdle of an age difference. I love reading about this type of boundary within a relationship and exploring it myself has been a dream come true.

I love possessive alpha males who are not afraid to go after what they want. I find reading and writing these types of males fun and exciting.

I know that several of my releases has featured virgin heroines as my main characters but that is how they feel to me. I like to get to know my characters before I begin writing. I understand that not every woman is a virgin when they find their Mr. Right, these are simply how the characters come to me when I write. Not all my work will feature a virgin heroine, only the ones who I feel need to be this way in my story.

To be honest the only reason I write is because I love doing it. This is no great secret to most people. We writers love to create characters and worlds for others to enjoy. For the longest time it has been a dream of mine to have my work published. What writer hasn’t? When I got that first acceptance I was in absolute shock, it didn’t sink in for a good long while. I’m now a published writer and feel I can explore so many different genres with my work. My imagination has never been limited. There will be pieces I intend to write that do not feature virgin heroines but mature women who know what they want.

When I’m writing I don’t like feeling held in place with boundaries. By writing erotic romance I feel I have way more freedom to explore so much more. I can’t wait to become a full-time writer so that I can share more of my work with you guys.

I write because I love exploring characters and giving myself over to the world of fantasy. To me books have always been my escapism. I don’t like to read realistic books where it gets to the nitty gritty of the world we live in. I have the news and the world outside my front door for that. I love reading the type of books where for several hours or minutes I’m transported to an entirely different world where I can read what happens to other people.

When it comes down to it, I write because it is a passion of mine and dream come true to be published. I’m simply a person who is living her dream.

Thank you for listening to me talk. I know it is quite a long post.

Sam 🙂

Now, for your surprise. I’ve had two releases in the last couple of weeks and I’m going to do a giveaway for both of them.

The Bad Boys’ Virgin Temptress                Mine to Keep

All you have to do is leave me a comment with your email address for a chance to win. Tell me about your own dreams and what you like about books. I’m intrigued to know everything. I’m a writer, it is one of my many flaws :-). 

53 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?

  1. Ah, Sam, fab post! Why do I write? Hmm, because I love it, plain and simple. Like you, I love to lose myself in a good book, always have done. I equally love losing myself in writing the next story. I think as writers we are incredibly privileged that our characters trust us in telling their story, and it never ceases to amaze me, how one day they don’t exist, and the next, I wake up with my next hero on my shoulder, demanding I tell his story.

    It nearly always tends to be the hero, occasionally I get the heroine first, but the hero usually takes over. Dang demanding Alphas 😉

  2. Hi Sam

    Thanks for the chance to win Mine to keep — I love how characters come to life in books and prefer reading since it is left to the individuals to create their vision of the characters and it makes it the best when our imaginations take over and we can be taken away from reality for a while 🙂 — Thanks for sharing your gift of writing

    • Hi Catherine,

      Thank you for stopping by. I love creating characters and working through a story with them. There was a time where I refused to write because I’d know how a story ends. I’ve since learnt my lesson LOL.

      Good luck.


  3. Sam thank you for sharing your inner musings with us, telling us what makes you tick. I too am a plus size woman and am married to a man 9 years older than me. I love your books because I can relate to all your heroines. The alpha male, totally does it for me. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  4. As writing allows your chance to “escape” reading offers me that same portal. Having dealt with a disabled mom since the age of 15 and now as I have entered my forties seeing the decline of her battle cancer, I have NEEDED that escape. With the works of writers such as you in my hand, I can for a moment in time allow myself that freedom to let go of lifes issues/problems. Books have at times been that companion. A place you can and often find yourself entering that particular world and being free. But to dream…..they are simple, a happy, LONG and healthy life w/ those I love dearly. Its the little things we have learned to now appreciate. Yes, to know that “perfect” woman isn’t a size zilch…thats the REAL WORLD. The world I live in everyday! Keep the words coming……thanks for that escape. Your work is amazing

  5. Laura B says:

    I love your books and have read three of them so far. I am definitely interested in reading more of your work. Thank you!

  6. kendra kallus says:

    I am a mother of 2.5 (baby due in a few months) and i love reading. For me reading a story is a break from everyday life and a chance to emmerge into a different world. I cant wait for more of your storries!

  7. Willa Edwards says:

    Very good post Sam. I agree with you on all fronts. The only thing I can’t believe is that you don’t write full time. With the amount of releases you have, how do you find the time to read, let alone work another job? We’ll never be able to keep up with you if you write full time 😀

  8. Mina Gerhart says:

    Wow, what yummy covers!
    Thanks for the cool contest & interesting background to your writing.
    I like a book that’s logically? written, I hate heroines who simper & wait for SOMEONE to claim them. Sooo uncool. I’m a bigger than plus size woman (for now 😉 ) and LOVE the optimistic love for a bigger woman. I also like when the ages are closer or even if the woman is a cougar.

    Mindy 🙂

  9. Ann Q says:

    Books for me are a source of information , give inspiration, provide relaxation,and allow complete escapism from our often mundane day to day lives. Thank you for writing these books that allow all those processes to happen.

  10. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the informative article. I also write about full-figured women, though I am not one. I think love happens to people of all shapes and sizes. Best to you!

  11. Colleen says:

    I’ve read any of you’re books. We do however seem to similar tastes. I prefer my heroine full figured and the hero alpha. Don’t know what it is about me and alpha guys but they are so yummy!

  12. wendy says:

    Sam, it is so nice to get to know you better. I just love reading your books and now the inspiration behind them. “LOVE” like you if I want the real world I will turn on the news or walk out the door, but I love my fantasy world better, to bad I can’t live in 24/7.

  13. JoAnna B says:

    Like you I like to escape the real world. The day to day grind of the day job taking care of the kids. Thanks for sharing.

    Beckerjo at Verizon dot net

  14. I haven’t read any of your work, yet, but do look forward to checking your books out as they seem right up my alley. As for my dreams, well I dream of being an author, and a fairly diverse one at that. I have plans for YA books, romance books, even a fantasy book. I just hope I can live up to these dreams I have. What do I like about books? I like living vicariously. Whether it be a fantasy world that just takes you on an adventure, or a romance book that lets you “experience” things you never would or could otherwise. Books let you live more than one life.

    Anyway, I could talk about books all day, so I’ll leave you with that. It’s nice to meet you Sam 🙂

  15. Lovely post, Sam! I think we all write because we love it. There’s a lot of work that goes into writing books and getting them published, you have to really have a passion for it to keep going. I’m just as passionate about reading as I am writing, though. So it’s hard to manage my free time between them 😉
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  16. myreadingobsession says:

    Well, my dream is to continue to learn new things for the rest of my life, I don’t necessarily want to teach but I love to know things. I am a huge history geek but really I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.
    Right now I am happy with my blog and my reading. That’t the thing when I read I learn things, the writer does the research I benefit with the knowledge. Thanks for a chance in your giveaway! Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com

  17. Hi Sam, I know what you mean about the feeling when you got your first acceptance. I just got mine in late May from Secret Cravings Publishing, and it certainly did take awhile for it to sink in. I’m not sure it has sunk in yet, even though I got the book cover and have submitted the first round of edits. The book comes out in October as eBook and then March as print, and to be honest it’s a dream come true. My writing is from the standpoint of mythology or fairy tales, as those are my favorite things. Thanks for being a good inspiration.

  18. Nadia A. Marcat says:

    Hi Sam

    I love your writing style; can’t wait til you are a full time author so we will be receiving oodles of novels… I read them so fast as they a damn addictive….

    Purchased Mine to Keep; the day you emailed regarding release date; I adored Gabriel and Amy’s story.

    Nadia A. Marcat | Snr. Accounts Clerk, Finance
    The Law Society of New South Wales
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    P Please consider the environment before printing this email.

  19. Beth Wharton says:

    Sam, I have read a few of your books and like your “real world” heroines and your alpha males. Thanks for the give-away! I’ve had my eye on both of those books!
    Beth hotreaderbethy(at)hotmail(dot)com

  20. Patty Smith says:

    Hi Sam. I found a blurb for your book “Mine to Keep” on The Romance Reviews website, which led me to look at more of your books, and they all sound delicious! All of that led me here to your blog. Now, to answer your question, though it may sound trite, I dream about getting all of these characters in my head written down so that others can meet them.(One day…) I’ve always read, but my grandmother introduced me to romances when I was 13. She had a huge collection of Harlequin and Silhouette romances, and her question as she handed me my first romance to read was, “Do you want one your father would like you to read, or do you want one of the good ones, with all the sex in it?” I chose the sexy one, and that choice has remained constant, though my books nowadays are much hotter than those my grandmother collected. I’ll read most sub-genres of romance, but I absolutely require a hot alpha hero and a strong heroine. My biggest pet peeves in books are poor editing (I’m the type of geek who gets stuck on the errors), bitchy heroines or mean heroes, lack of physical descriptions of the main characters (I can’t picture them in my head if I don’t know what they look like!) and I absolutely can’t deal with cheating by the hero or heroine in the current relationship. I’ve read a few books where the one of the main couple suddenly has sex outside the relationship, and I’m the one who felt betrayed! I get so caught up in my reading that I get stupidly upset by the cheating, the story is ruined for me, and usually I’ll never read that author again.Now I’m off to purchase several of your books for my Kindle…
    Patty Smith (patriciajsmith@elmore.rr.com)

  21. Caly says:

    Hi Sam, thanks for this opportunity.
    I’d love to write, I do sometimes and maybe someday i might be like you but for now i read. and the reason I do so LOVE to read is that, with many authors, like yourself , reading is easy. I easily get sucked into their world, their feelings and yes their x ;-). the characters are easy to relate to and those heroes are incredibly HOT!! they are dominant but totally respect and treasure their woman. (I so love that term). I really enjoy the virgin ones because very rarely do people come into the relationship that way but it does happen. Shows that some women have more self control (unlike the rest of us horny ones). I have read Mine to Keep but I’d really like to read the other one.
    Caly (sey.calypso@gmail.com)

    • Caly,

      That is how I started out, by reading. I did nothing but read and I never thought of picking up a pen even though I was filled with so many stories.

      Writing has become a pleasure of mine. I love it


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